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Google Calendar: Adding an Event
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Adding an Event to Google Calendar

  1. Go to Google Calendar and log-in using the UFL e-mail address you submitted for calendar access.
  1. If you have not already registered, see Create a Google Account
  1. You will now be on the main screen of Google Calendar. All your calendars will be on the left side of the screen:

  1. On the calendar on the screen, click on the date your event begins.
  1. A pop-up event editor will appear, click “Edit event”

  1. Fill in all fields as follows (see image below):
  1. Choose the calendar the event should appear on
  2. Enter the description
  1. you must include HTML code if you want active links
  2. <a href=”link address”>link text</a>
  1. Remove e-mail and pop-up reminders
  2. Choose “Show as available”
  3. Choose “Public” privacy
  4. Uncheck “guests can see guest list”
  1. But keep “guests can invite others”
  1. Save the event

The event is now added to the calendar.

Format Example

Copying an Event to Another Calendar

Please Do Not Copy an Event to Another Calendar Unless the Event is Relevant to that Calendar

If you have multiple calendars and need to copy the event to a new calendar:

  1. Click on the event.
  1. This will open the main event editing page from the previous steps.
  1. Above the event title you will see a drop down menu called “More Actions.”
  2. Choose the calendar you want to copy the event to
  1. You will need to reset available/busy, privacy, and guest list options again