AATOMA.COM is a Web-based Trade Association represent a broad variety of producers, manufacturers, suppliers in retail marketing, and service professionals such as Import-export Brokers and Product-sourcing Specialists from both sides of the Pacific: Asia-Far East and North America - together comprising the largest established and fastest growing consumer markets.

Our objective is simple: To assist our members from  Asia and North America develop new markets for their products, and conversely, to help other members with their search for quality products.

Within a business atmosphere based on personal friendship and trust, our Retail-Members can benefit from access to special pricing directly from manufacturers and wholesale distributors, of the sort typically reserved for large chain stores.  

Free Trade and Free Markets promote Peace, Understanding, and Mutual Trust. We know an indisputable and plainly obvious fact: Free Enterprise, Private Property, and Free Markets have created more individual wealth for the masses than any other economic policy in the history of mankind.

Our members retain their good standing by pledging to lend assistance to fellow members, to support each other, and offer sincere business advice whenever sought.