Being Fragrance-Free at CML

Soryu has several allergies and sensitivities, including dust, mold, certain foods, and also synthetic fragrance; these allergies are debilitating for him. If you attend our events, or visit CML, we need your help to ensure Soryu's safety. Please be fragrance-free when visiting CML, and at all CML events. Thanks in advance for your co-operation!

At our events, or before arrival as a guest:

As a guest, after arrival at the Center:

What are the ingredients and products I need to avoid?

Synthetic fragrance can be found in:

My clothes have traces of synthetic fragrance on them from my personal hygiene, cosmetics, or cleaning products. How do I remove those traces before my visit?

Baking soda and the sun both work to reduce or eliminate the presence of fragrance.

Note that washers and dryers, like your clothes, will carry traces of the synthetic fragrance; try to find and use a washer/dryer that has not been affected by synthetic fragrance, or, if that is unavailable before your stay, make sure to expose your clothes to sunlight for as long as possible. You may also need to use the CML washer/dryer after your arrival.