Visual vs. Kinesthetic in Basketball

Dominique Mosby

College Writing 2

March 25, 2014

Purpose: I want to raise the question which is more effective between visual and kinesthetic. How is visual and kinesthetic different in basketball. Is visual effective when it comes to basketball? Is kinesthetic more appropriate to use while playing basketball. Because of my purpose I am going to use photographs to try to show the difference. Looking at the pictures should give a person a feel of what the topic is about. I am showing different photos on basketball watching vs participating/ visual vs. kinesthetic. Hopefully the matches the photographs taken for this essay.

Medium and production: I am using photos for this essay and need to focus on basketball. I need to show the visual of in game basketball versus watching basketball. I need to focus on shooting, dribbling, and defensive stance.


Ethos: N/A

Pathos: N/A

Logos: My essay is based on comparison. I am going to put a photo of playing basketball next to watching basketball. I am also going to put captions as questions so show the argument. I have different sets of photos comparing different basketball shots and movements.

Arrangement: Writing about logos made me see I was doing my argument based on comparison. A title page and multiple slides which have two pictures for comparison.