Reading with Troy

 Have you ever wanted to make a wish and it to come true? Well if you have this little boy named Albert has found a swing yes a swing not a well or a jug a swing that you can do any wish that you want… “mum” Albert said do we have any money for a costume” “no” mum said “oh ok” I’ll wish for one at the swing” “ahhhh Albert you know you need to stop talking about that swing it's not magic or something” sure” bang the door slammed shut “ i'm going to prove her wrong” firstly I wished for a duck just because then i wished for a costume bang whoosh pop a little man appeared “I fear that you have unleashed great danger  upon this world”said the Man “who are you”Albert asked “I a the wish master” “can't just wish it away” “no” the man said it's  already happened “what's already happened” “ahh come with me” swish a door appeared, as we walked out I noticed we were outside a castle but not a nice castle it was pure evil there were orks everywhere bang I'm back by the swing I quickly wished for some swords and a army of goblins then we set of to destroy the castle swinging my sword and shield the little man came with us he sort of,looked like a dwarf from hobbit. the first orks we saw were hunters hunting for dear we hide in the bush as they walked past then we ambushed them they tried to get help but we tied them to a tree it was a long walk to the castle but when we got there we snuck up to the top then saw the crystal that keeps them alive we saw guards and archers then the little man creamed because he got poked with a spear by the goblin then the orks saw us they kept shooting at us as we jumped down I swung and swung my sword and hit them, after a bloody battle I leaped at the crystal with my sword and smashed it into a million pieces the castle vanished and we were back by the swing I tried to wish but the magic was gone I was hungry so I went in side and asked for tea but mum said you just walked outside the she asked would you like a sandwich.