Weebly Web Site Rubric - 50 pts

When you are starting out in a new field, a great way to get experience is to volunteer. Below are links to lists of non-profit organizations. Choose one that you are interested in. Use Weebly and the Web design skills you’ve learned to create a multi-page Web site for the organization you choose. Your site should have original content/design, but you can look at their existing site for ideas. These should be professionally made and tested for errors.


Forbes Top Charities


- Minimum of five Web Pages

- Info/content about organization

- C.R.A.P design

- Appropriate color theme

- Accessible for all users

- Clear working navigation

- External links

- Internal link

- Images

- Audio or Video (YouTube)

- SEO - Advanced page settings filled out (hide from search)

- Weebly features/tools

- No watermarked/copyright images (cite sources)

- Send me your Weebly username and password (can make it generic) & link to published version of your site

**Points awarded/lost based on the creative computer assignment rubric.