Wednesday - 12th February 2014 :-)



Traditional Czech Cuisine


1.       Pečená vepřová krkovice po selsku, křimické zelí, bramborový knedlík


Juicy neck of pork roasted with caraway and onion, stewed Křimice sauerkraut

Thickened with potatoes, home-made potato dumpling


2.           Svíčková na smetaně, houskové knedlíky, brusinky


Home-style beef of eye of round, root vegetables and fresh Bohemian cream,

cranberries, home-made yeast dumplings


3.           Šťavnatý hovězí guláš, špekový knedlík


Juicy goulash made of beef calf and dark beer and hot pepper, served

With dumpling and bacon according the traditional recipe


Chicken Meat Dish


4.           Steak z kuřecích prsou s houbovým ragout, šťouchané brambory

Chicken breast steak with mushroom ragout with mashed potatos



Meatless Dishes


5.       Spätzle s grilovanou zeleninou

Spätzle with grilled aubergine, zucchini and tomatoes





Welcome Dinner includes one beverage according to your choice and sekt drink.




                    Nonalcoholic beverages e.g. sparkling watter, Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, wide choice of juices etc.

                    Beer e.g. Pilsener Urquell, Gambrinus etc.


Note: It is NOT necessary to order the beverages in advance!