Patrons may use library services if they owe less than $10.00 provided they pay a percentage of their overall fines and fee. Restrictions include, but are not limited to:

1.     Access to public access computers

2.     Access to wireless internet service

3.     The privilege of bringing personal computer equipment into the library

4.     Attending library sponsored workshops, events within the library facility

5.     Using library materials

6.     Using library equipment – copiers, printers, faxes

Lost Items

If a patron has lost an item or return it in an unacceptable condition (refusal of an unacceptable item lies at the discretion of the branch manager of the branch to which the item belongs), they must pay the replacement cost of the item. The replacement cost will be the lowest “new” price of the same or similar copy of the lost item, plus the processing fee and any other associated fees.



  .10 per day for print materials; maximum = 3.50

  .10 per day for music CDs; maximum = 3.50

1.00 per day for video materials; maximum = 5.00

1.00 per day for audiobooks, books on disk, Playaways, etc.; maximum = 5.00


Long Overdues

Processing Fee = 2.00 per item

Long Overdue Return Fee = 5.00 per item


Computer Printouts and Copier

  .20 per page for b&w – per side

  .25 page per page for color (where available) – per side

$1.00 page/ledger - b/w or color – per side

*All pages must be bought, regardless of accidental printing. Price may not be lowered.

*Patrons are encouraged to provide their own high quality paper to ensure the quality and volume desired. When patrons provide their own paper, the printing cost remains the same. This option is only available for paper of legal or letter size.


Scanning (when/where available)

$.75 per page

Actual printing charges are in addition to the scanning charges.

Scans may be copied to a patron’s flash drive or e-mailed to the patrons’ e-mail address only.



1.00 business card size

1.50 photo size

2.00 letter size



1.00 page sending or receiving

1.00 to send/receive cover sheet

A complimentary fax cover sheet form and fax confirmation page are provided when/where available.



Provided for use free of charge by library when and where available.


NOTE:  Each sheet produced by the library’s printer/copier as a result of a patron’s equipment activity must be paid for by the patron regardless of intent.  Patrons are encouraged to ask library staff for assistance in order to prevent the unintentional production of such copies.





Policy’s Procedural Implementation

Long Overdue Return Fee

Patrons are obligated to return all long overdue materials, as these are the property of the Copiah-Jefferson Regional Library (CJRL) system.

CJRL is not obligated to refund any charges associated with the return of long overdue materials.

If a patron returns a long overdue item, any CJRL staff member may substitute the replacement cost fee on the patron’s account with a long overdue fee, if the item being returned is still of value to the library.  The assignment of value is based entirely on the discretion of library staff.   Common reasons for not providing a substitute charge are:

CJRL staff members may not waive the entire cost of a long overdue item returned to the library, without applying a long overdue fee for the same item.

To issue a replacement charge:

  1. Waive the entire replacement charge for the item.  
  2. Add back the $5.00 long overdue charge to the account, making sure to associate the fee with the item being credited.
  3. Process subsequent payments.