Notes “LIVE” vol. 2



“the core of the earth is made of iron,

& blood contains iron,”

blue crystal

“Underground Weather”: 1968 → 2068,

an algorithmic speculative fiction

💧WATERxRIVAL (right-click, open in new tab/window)

from speculative, to coding and training my own AI (RIVAL), then to some kind of middle-ground, the relationship(s) we already have with algorithmic systems, that we are surrounded by and interacting with algorithmic systems all the time. The algorithmic systems are being “fed” our cultural material, and giving it back to us, after processing, interpreting, maybe a kind of digestion, definitely a kind of synthesis, with some kind of “autonomy” that is actually strongly (in)formed/shaped /controlled by those that program these systems. I claim that it is essential that (as a creative worker, cultural worker) another phase of work (interpretation, transformation, synthesis) is enacted with the outputs of these systems. suggesting that we can’t accept these results at-face-value, or that the results of/from algorithmic systems shouldn’t be accepted as the end result. Agency occurs when humans (re)interpret media from algorithmic systems, this is when a dialogue occurs, (referred to previously as “extrapolation”)


& auto-generated captioning

dramatization, referred to previously as “ritual”

to (re)enact the algorithmic, synaesthetic deep interfacing with the algorithmic

embodied mind with technological appendages

folding in and out of one another (mountain-fold / valley-fold, as in origami), creating resonance, intuitive modes of thought that are difficult to process … thinking of this as trance-symbolic-energy


blue crystal



AI misrecognition → “recursive extrapolation” from these images; what does the AI think is similar, from my previous art-work/archives

I, whoever that is, am always interacting with data created by the Collective You, whoever that is, and by interacting with and supplementing the Collective You, will find meaning.

I am doing this in a dialog with algorithmic systems.

relationship to John Henry.

man vs. machine,

human responsibility and agency in relationship with algorithmic systems

What can this machine even actually do? “Mimic the appearance of meaning(fulness)” [ ? ]

Actually getting into the code, when initially I thought it would all be speculative (read her also imaginary )

types and lines (trajectories?) of “sense” / “meaning” that are unknowable or inaccessible to the algorithmic

complicated metaphysical questions about “meaning” in a material & immaterial universe

multiple abstraction layers,

Machine Learning is good at categorization/classification (and how this also means secret) of unstructured data, pattern recognition, analysis, “prediction”,

waves / bones / electricity


what is “meaningfulness”?

origins in language? origins in the origins of language?

diagrammatic composition / syntactical composition

The Passage of Light can be Bent: Horror (as a genre), the post-post, and narratives of consequences, …



1-800-TH3-N04H !

that’s one-eight-hundred


artificial artificial intelligence

speculative performativity