Digital Photography Shooting Assignment Rubric

Needs Improvement



Creativity/Originality (composition, creatively correct exposure, story, lighting)

The photo is not very creative and uses little to no photo techniques

The photo shows some creativity and uses some photo techniques like composition, exposure, and lighting

The photo effectively uses techniques like composition, lighting, and exposure to achieve a creative and unique photo

Technical (exposure triangle, lighting, focus, clarity, file type)

The photo contains many technical errors

The photo contains some technical errors

The photo is technically correct. It has proper exposure, lighting, and is clearly focused

Story, Meaning, Mood, Subject

There is no story in the photo

The story, subject, mood, or theme of the photo is not very clear

There is a clear story, subject, mood, or theme in the photo


The photo shows little quality and effort

The photo shows quality and demonstrates some effort

The photo shows excellent quality, looks professional, and there is obvious effort


The photo does not use the technique or skill being learned

The photo uses some techniques and skills

The photo uses the technique or skill being learned


Directions were not followed, most requirements were not met

Most of the requirements were met, some were not met

The photo(s) meet the requirements of the assignment