Numeracy Leadership Feedback


Nic and James


Staff meeting on Multiplication and Division

Identified need, Anticipation, Links to pedagogy

  • Really good to pull this together in such a short timeframe.
  • Good preparation for handout and e-version of session content

Assemble handout in several parts, rather than one chunk in case you don’t use it all then it is fresh for another session (which is what happened this time)

  • Identified singular topic of interest/need/relevance for most staff


Immediate start.

Clear overview for session.

Maths challenge for teachers to start.

  • Challenges to rise to….. – big picture
  • Mixed groups of class levels as working groups
  • Gave plenty of time to work together on real problem
  • Both on the move around groups while they worked on tasks
  • Checked in with each other about “What next?”

Need a different question instead of “Does anyone want to share?”

  • Accepted and worked with several different approaches/models
  • Acknowledged difficulties for some people to start
  • Taught the division strategies in several ways as well


Looking at strategy framework progressions vertically

Balanced programme (3 circles) using KSA planner and school resources

  • Realistic word problem – mixed groups with robust discussion and lots of questioning. If the session had to end here it would still have been worthwhile
  • Both on the move again, and watching time
  • Recap from all groups recorded – good to focus on the questions for teacher to ask
  • Good pace – not too slow or glossing over

Need clearer difference between stage 0 & 1 for multiplication

Already aware that not going to do even half of what was planned

  • Lots of “argumentation” and questioning each other in discussion
  • Good questions from both of you to provoke teacher thinking and explanation.
  • Mixed groups to trial KSA planning. Everyone very focussed and committed to the learning task. Ran out of time to do this justice.

To save time, could have “bookmarked a couple of tasks in each resource then handed books out and asked them to choose one of the 2 to work on.

  • Timely to go back to 3 circles slide to debrief the planning part even though incomplete

One question too far with the OTJ bit (would be better saved for another time along with the other tasks)


Short on time – selected key slides

  • What do you want to strengthen?
  • Handout in 2 parts

Need a clear end point/conclusion with punch

Thanks James and Nic

Good start to this process for 2017

Dinah & Don Harvey, Advisers Plus Limited, P.O. Box 12-079, Ahuriri, Napier, 4144                2/03/2017