Island Terrace, a skilled nursing home since 1957.

We provide 24-hour care for people who can no longer

live at home or independently, and who require

24-hour nursing every day.

We are not an Alzheimer facility.

The Tolles Family owns & operates Island Terrace.

We live here too!

William Storer Eaton built his private summer estate here in 1912.  Mr. Eaton was a famed oarsman and yachtsman, a philanthropist and financier, a cranberry grower and developer. When he owned the island, he also owned the entire 700 acres on the west side of Pocksha Pond (a Wampanoag name).

Besides owning six yachts including the 120 ft “Taormina” and numerous racing shells, Mr. Eaton housed five antique automobiles here on the island. In the 1870-1880s Mr. Eaton was a regular in the Head Of The Charles race, winning first place seven years in a row. He practiced on Pocksha Pond, his boathouse now being the pump house the feeds the southern cranberry bogs.

While Mr. Eaton was still owner, Pocksha Pond became a protected water source for Quittacas Water Works, and remains a water reserve today. In this stunningly beautiful natural habitat, once ruled by Wampanoag King Philips, eagles soar, osprey catch fish, deer, foxes, raccoons go about their lives, careful not to disturb the occasional skunk. This is one of the Audubon Society designated bird-watch and counting areas.

A few years after Mr. Eaton’s death his executors sold the 700 acre property to the Decas Family. The Decas Family was only interested in the cranberry farm, so sold the eight-acre island and mansion to Grant and Lucille Tolles in 1957.

When the doors first opened in 1957 as a nursing home, Island Terrace had one Resident who paid $8 per day. We grew. In the early sixties the first addition was built.  We grew. In 1969 the North Wing was added. We grew. In 1985 the East Wing was completed, expanding kitchen and dining space, as well as adding more Resident rooms.

In 2014 we started reconstruction of most of the entire facility.  Watch us grow again to better serve our Residents, Lakeville, and the surrounding communities.