#9 - Into the Nexus: "Learn to Abathur"

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!


Data Mined Heroes

Likeliness based on how much data was found.


Datamined List of Abilities


Murky Nerf?

One of the ideas we were kicking around internally was to further incentivize hunting Murky's egg was to reveal Murky if his egg is killed for some period of time, like say, 10 seconds. That makes it so putting Murky down after finding his egg more feasible. We also feel that because Murky could be "alive" so often, his ability to harass with March of the Murlocs was too strong against unguarded structures. So, we are taking a look into that balance as well. The goal is to keep that moment as awesome as possible, though.


Building the Nexus: The voice of Gazlowe

Blizz put up a new video today interviewing the voice actor of Gazlowe, Travis Willingham. Other credits include voicing the brother Reggie in the new Infamous: Second Son, Knuckles in a lot of the recent Sonic games, and Talon in League of Legends.



Types of Buildings

Howdy Nexxagons:

After hearing the show, I've been trying Abathur and having a lot of fun, not an expert yet, but I'm loving making the difference for my teammate getting a kill (or mirroring them, and wreaking havoc with double Ulty's).

My simple question, what is the cushion on top of the core health bar?  Is it a shield?  





Blizz Dev Tooltip posted: “We are improving how you gain XP while using Symbiote. While we're at it, we can take a look at his clone too.”



Iskande (Pronounced Iss-Khan-Day)

Hey Guys!

Love the show, really excited for more Garrett and Dills, and liking Kyle too! (He's new to me). I have a question and a cool game story about Nova for you.

Question: Is there a way to scroll up in chat and look at what someone had previously said in game? I can't seem to figure out what button it is or where to click. The chat is there temporarily and then it disappears to never be seen again.

Story: I was playing in Blackheart Bay as Sgt. Hammer and was jumped by a Nova outside our base. She bursted me down to about 5% life and I started to book it back to our base (which is to my west). Our E.T.C. jumps in to stun her, but accidentally knocks her closer to me but to the south-west. I run north up and around our Fort as she casts Triple-Tap. As I run around the fort, all three hits from Triple-Tap hit the fort and I live! Science!

Thanks and love the show,



Hello Nexxagons:

After all the Nova talk I was inspired to play a few rounds as her.  I keep hearing you guys talk about the Ulti Triple Tap, but not much about Precision Strike.  When you guys talk about "Hearthstone" you talk about cost vs. benefit of cards.  Precision has an UNLIMITED RANGE, this seems a valuable trait to me.  Depending on your play style couldn't an ability you can hit anywhere on the map, give a high dps skill a run for it's money?  

Thanks for heads up on Heroes,



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