The digest system is a group of organs that help the food break down small enough to enter the bloodstream. If you didn't have a digestive system constipated ( can not poo)

The whole system starts in the mouth the mouth helps to break the food down enough so it can go down the oesophagus


The oesophagus  is the way the food get in the stomach.  The oesophagus is not fragil. It is a tube with muscles all around it they push the food to the stomach this is called peristalsis


The stomach is surrounded by gastric juice. The food stays in there for 3-4 hours

Small intestine

The small intestine is the last place that breaks the food. The gall bladder puts it’s accessed into the small intestine it breaks the fats

Large intestine (colon)

The colon is the place that the faeces gets hardened. The colon tells the brain that i need to faeces in the toilet.

By Jimmy.b