Ms. Besecker’s Syllabus

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Class Rules 

*Two basic rights and responsibilities exist in this classroom.  They are:  

Attendance and Absences:  

Your regular attendance is crucial for your success in this class.  Excessive absences can interfere with participation, discussion, notes, etc., which can hurt your grade.  If absence is unavoidable, I do maintain an extensive website that can always be used for helpful references (helpful videos, notes, etc.) and to obtain assignments for that day. If absent on test day, you will be required to test on your first day back to class.

Tardy Policy:
Do not be tardy to class.  It is considered a tardy if you are not seated in your
assigned seat, working on the warm-up, when the bell rings.

Class Materials (Daily)

  1. Chromebook (or other laptop) - fully charged and ready to use when bell rings. (bring charger)
  2. Pencils, pens, highlighters, etc.
  3. A notebook for note-taking
  1. sometimes notes can be taken on your device, but not always.
  1. Notecards - *recommended* - helpful for studying

Notes Policy

Practice Policy

Assessment (Test/Quiz) Policy

Redo/Retest Policy

Grading Procedures

The grading for this class will be the traditional grading system.  We will be using a rewards based system instead of the traditional punitive system.  100% of the grade will be based on an average of all  assessment and performance task scores.  Practice/Homework will be assigned and collected but will be extra credit.  An average of all homework scores will be used to earn up to 10 percentage points which will be added in at the end of each semester.

Note:  Even though the practice is extra credit, the expectation is that you will do it on a consistent basis.

A        90-100

B        80-89

C        70-79

D        60-69

F         0-59