The J.K. Yearick Center & Howard Fire Company


Date of Event: _____________________________                Type of Event: ____________________________

Arrival Time: ______________________________        Number of guests attending: _________________

Person(s) to contact regarding this rental agreement:

Name _______________________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________


Telephone Number: ___________________________________________________________

Facility and Services Needed (check all that apply)                Additional Equipment Needed:

Security Deposit: __________ (Due immediately to secure the date, accompanied by signed Rental Agreement)

Rental Amount:   __________ (Due 60 days prior, $50.00 cancellation fee regardless of cancellation date)

Clean Up Fee:      __________

Extra Charges:    __________

TOTAL DUE:            __________

Cancellation Policy:

        (a) 100 days prior to the event full refund.

        (b) 60-99 days prior to the event 75% refund.

        (c) 59-31 days prior to the event 50% refund.

        (d) 30 days or less to the event NO refund.

Will we be Catering your event?          YES          NO          Unsure (must know 1 month in advance)

If so, please provide a time to begin your catering: ________________

I/We have been furnished with a copy of all Rules and Regulations, and have read and understand them.  I/We agree to rent the facility on the date and time specified, and agree to abide by all rules and regulations set forth.  I/We also understand that we are responsible for any and all damages that may occur during the time we have contracted for the facility.  Furthermore, we agree to hold harmless the Howard Fire Company and all its volunteers from damages and injuries that occur while on the premises, or due to the serving of alcoholic beverages.  Rentals are booked from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight.  All music must be ceased by 11:00 p.m. and building must be vacated by the rental party at 12:00 midnight.

__________________________________________        __________________________________________

Scheduling/Marketing Coordinator                    Date         Renting Party Signature(s)                                 Date