July 27 Meeting Notes Housing Messaging Work Group from Sheila Kiscaden


Yesterday the Housing Messaging Work Group met and began to scope out how we can develop some effective and consistent messaging about the importance of housing to the Rochester/Olmsted communities.

John Buhta, Jennifer Woodford, Carrie Mosco, Virgina Merrit,  Meaghan Ridler, Major Frye, Nancy Peterson, Tina Nunemacher-Tews, and I participated in the discussion.

Meeting Notes/Summary:


We outlined a definition of our work group's purpose/outcome:

  - to develop key messages that can be used by all housing advocates to build business, philanthropy, and public sector support for strategies to increase housing choice and access for all: workforce, low income, senior, special needs populations.


Draft concepts: All our workers and residents can choose to live here.

                       Housing is the foundation that builds a healthy, vibrant community where all can choose to live.

Other issues discussed:

Preparation for August 24 meeting:

Participants agreed that everyone would do 3 things:

       - Take and hour to watch the Frameworks webinar "Why Housing Messaging Backfires and What We Can Do"

             (See the message from John Buta, which follows for the link to the webinar and the link to the full report.

       - Download and review the full Framework Report: "Why Housing Messaging Backfires and What We Can Do"

       - Come to the August meeting with tidbits and/or stories that illustrate the difficulty working families have in securing

          affordable housing in Rochester/Olmsted County. ( These will be used to develop stories and personas that can be used

          to focus on the impact and need for housing choices for all.)

Nick Campion, David Dunn, Steve Borchardt will be invited to attend the next meeting.

The video produced by KTTC for the May Housing Summit will be shown at the August meeting, if it can be secured.