Release Notes: HotFix  PM v.

Release Notes

Hotfix v.

In this hotfix, only one bug fix was added, because it was considered important for our Enterprise Cloud clients.


ProcessMaker v. 2.5.1

Command to apply the Hotfix:

./processmaker hotfix-install <hotfixfilename>

HotFixed bugs list:

Known Issues:

A workaround to apply the patch in the case ProcessMaker is installed in a different folder to "processmaker" is to extract the content of the hotfix file in some temporary folder, inside that temporary folder enter to  "processmaker" folder and copy the entire folder content where ProcessMaker is installed on the server (overwrite files), then run the command to apply the patch to force the server cache be cleared.        



This issue reported is working properly on Linux, but on Windows is not, it will be checking for ProcessMaker version 2.5.2 only for Windows installations.

This hotfix includes the following bugs: 12467, 13341, 12104 y 11836, however, for the  “Service service value based assignment” option the problem still persists, this will be fixed on version 2.5.2 with the resolution of the bug 13376.