Local Businesses have been struggling recently.

You may not have noticed this, as Leamington remains a very busy town. But taxes, rates, rents and general running costs have all risen dramatically in the past year, while the government’s compulsory pension scheme is adding yet more pressure on Independent businesses.

(Even whilst writing this letter, a restaurant group, which has a location nearby, has collapsed resulting in 540 lost jobs nationwide.)

The government introduced a ‘Small Business Tax Break’, but this has simply put more pressure on the ‘Middle’ sized businesses to make up the shortfall of lost government revenue.

Since the National Living Wage was introduced, wages have increased by almost £2 per hour.

We’ve had a dairy industry disaster, forcing the price of butter up almost 73%, cheese will follow.

The Brexit vote panicked suppliers importing and exporting, along with gas & electric supply costs increasing by almost 13%

You see where we’re going with this….



Moving on.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves here at The Tame Hare to compare the average cost of a meal from a selection of ‘Chain’ restaurants in Leamington Spa. The Top 5 are as follows

1.       £83.50

2.       £82.38

3.       £82.06

4.       £81.20

5.       £78.00

(The above price is the average for 2 people eating a Starter, Main Course & Dessert plus a Bottle of House Wine)

We come in at £85.50

Expensive eh?


What we’re trying to emphasise is that for a very small premium over what you might pay at a chain restaurant, you can pay us a visit, have some creatively prepared local food, that’s had love, skill and care put into the preparation and all served in a relaxed environment.

But not for long!!


With this pricing in mind, we have chosen to completely change our offering.

We will be offering a new menu, giving you more choice, lower prices and we’re hoping being more competitive will entice you in.

We will be launching this menu 1st August and running it until the end of September.

Please keep your eyes open on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates (if you are signed up to our email campaign then you will also receive an email shortly)

We have a hard-core of loyal customers who keep coming back to us, so why not join that club?  

Be a trend-setter, discover something different, spread the word.

Please remember that when you’re choosing an independent restaurant:

You are NOT helping a CEO buy his 3rd holiday home,

You are NOT helping a large chain add to the £multi million turnover they make in a year.

You ARE helping people, individuals, make their dreams come true.

You ARE supporting something the chain restaurants can not give you - food which isn’t available anywhere else, rather than the same formulaic menus.

You ARE supporting the diversity and individuality of your local town, in a time of increasingly homogeneous high streets

You ARE supporting your local economy, NOT just contributing to a national corporation

You ARE giving us a leg up and a push in the right direction.

We will ALWAYS listen to what you have to say, because YOU mean that WE can stay open and make YOU happy.

We would love to know what you think so please feel free to send us an email using the link below.

Thank you all for your continued support.

The Tame Hare

97 Warwick Street

Leamington Spa


Social Media: @thetamehare

Website: www.thetamehare.co.uk

Email: enquiries@thetamehare.co.uk

Phone Number: 01926316191

Reservations: www.resdiary.co.uk/restaurant/thetamehare