United Berger Picard Alliance Code of Ethics

Promoting the Standard of the Breed, UBPA members agree to:


•        Use the United Kennel Club breed standard for the Berger Picard to assess the suitability of dogs' temperament and type for exhibition and for breeding.                  

•        Display good sportsmanship and conduct themselves in a manner that gives credit to the UBPA and the breed.

•        Provide honest and accurate information on the characteristics and properties of the breed to interested individuals.

•        Encourage and promote public awareness of pet ownership.

•        Ensure that in all dog-related activities, the dog's welfare takes precedence over considerations of breeders, trainers, owners, organizations, sponsors, and officials.

•        Participate in activities and programs sponsored by the UBPA to the best of their ability.

UBPA members who breed agree to:

•        Maintain clean living conditions and good health, including proper veterinary care and socialization of all dogs/puppies.

•        Encourage buyers to have a vet examination and a return policy (48 hours) for dogs of unsound temperament or with health problems.

•        Refuse stud service to any bitch in poor health, of unsound temperament, or too young (no younger than 18 months, preferably 24 months of age or older), without health testing results (hips and eyes, at a minimum), or lacking the necessary breed characteristics as set forth in the Berger Picard standard.

•        Allow a repeat service if the bitch fails to conceive. A mutually agreed upon contract between the stud owner and the bitch owner should be available concerning the stud fee and the return of a fee.

•        Breed only with a definite goal for improvement in mind.

•        Accept responsibility for the dogs sold throughout their life.

•        Have a sales contract for each party that includes health guarantee (including any known genetic defects), three-generation pedigree and UKC registration papers.

•        Provide a copy of the Berger Picard Breed Standard to each buyer.

•        Provide UKC registration for all puppies produced.

•        Encourage new owners to attend training classes and give them a complimentary membership to the United Berger Picard Alliance.

•        Refuse to sell to or recommend breeders who do not conform to the standard or to the ideals expressed in this code.