Email, Jerry Strickland, communications director, Attorney General Greg Abbott, Nov. 14, 2013

4:12 pm

From Jerry Strickland, Office of the Attorney General, State of Texas:

“From Waco to El Paso, Victoria to Dallas, elections administrators throughout the state reported the same result – no problems whatsoever at the polls.   As someone who was required to sign an affidavit at his polling place, Greg Abbott can confirm it was no problem whatsoever to do so.”  



Voter ID Law Posing No Problems Locally, Official Says

Waco Tribune

By Stephanie Butts


“The first election in McLennan County under the Voter Identification Law concludes Tuesday, and no problems have been reported during early voting or with absentee ballots, officials said.”


“I’ve had a few calls just because they’ve seem something in the news…but I haven’t had any of my polling places call me because there was a problem, Van Wolfe said.” 

-- Kathy Van Wolfe, McLennan County Election Administrator


Showing valid ID not a problem for El Paso voters

El Paso Times

Editorial Board

Oct. 30, 2013


“El Paso County election officials say they've encountered no problems as voters begin to cast ballots while being required to show a valid ID.”

--El Paso Editorial Board


Voter ID law no problem in Crossroads

Victoria Advocate

By Jennifer Preyss

Oct. 27, 2013


            “Early voting has not been compromised in the Crossroads by Texas' new voter identification law.”


“Victoria County Elections Administrator George Matthews said voters have not been kept away from the polls.”


Texas SOS: Elections and Voter ID Law Going Smoothly


Oct. 28, 2013



“We haven’t had any issues to speak of.  It’s gone very smoothly.”

--Texas Secretary of State John Steen


“So far so good for Ector County Elections Administrator Mitze Sheilble, too.”


“I’m very pleased,” Sheible said.  “I’m always pleased when it goes nice and smooth and there’s no problems.”

-- Ector County Elections Administrator Mitze Sheilble


Texas voter ID law makes it harder for women to vote, Democrats claim

The Guardian

By Tom Dart

Oct. 29, 2013


“Alicia Phillips Pierce, communications director for the Texas secretary of state, John Steen, told the Guardian: "We've had a week of early voting and we haven't seen anyone turned away from the polls for a similar name. On the whole, we're not hearing any reports of problems. More than 100,000 Texans have voted and things seem to be going smoothly."”



Official:  No problems with Voter ID law in county

Marshall News Messenger

By Austin King

Oct. 25, 2013




No ID, No Problem

Daily Times

By Marivel Resendiz

Oct. 11, 2013


“The Department of State Health Service adopted a rule that will wave $20 of the fee charged when requesting a certified birth record copy needed to apply for an Election identification Certificate.”



1 of 7 early voters in Dallas County being forced to sign affidavit to verify ID

Dallas Morning News

By Tom Benning

Oct. 29



“At least one out of every seven early voters in Dallas County has had to sign an affidavit verifying his or her identity as part of Texas’ new voter ID law.”


“Though no one in Dallas County has been prevented from voting — or even forced to cast a provisional ballot — because a name discrepancy…”