Attendee: akr, hsbt, ko1, matz, naruse, nobu

deprecated constants

Matz: OK

open flags

matz: ok

“x” for open

matz: ok

Introducing IDL will

  GOOD: improve performance

  BAD: increase required knowledeg to hack Ruby

Introducing the primitve “, y)” calling C function “foo” with two VALUEs “x and y” seems good primitive only in prelude.rb. Now, it is only for prelude.rb, not for all C-extensions.

akr pointed out that it will introduce incompatibility compare with C implemented function and Ruby with C function because therea are interrupt timing in Ruby. For example,

  class IO

    def, &b)

        fd = C.sysopen(...)

        f =


this code can leak `fd’ if some exception is occur before making IO object (IO object will free fd). In this case, we need to make C functions to make IO objects.

Also, additional TracePoint will be introduced.

status of RubyCI and the expectation of its restoration (usa)

about the necessity of r51384 (it takes toooooo looooong time to run test-all) (usa)


[Feature #8919] Queue as embedded class: please determine whether or not it should be introduced. (glass_saga)

Matz: seems good.

Nobu: how is SizedQueue? They share same codes.

… no conclusion. Koichi will try.

Feature #10600: [PATCH] Queue#close

Matz: seems good.

akr: What happens on pushing/popping closed Queue?

ko1: there are discussions on ticket. I’ll take it.

[Feature #11297] Allow private method of self to be called (a_matsuda)

Matz: seems good