May 23, 2017

JTSD Families,

        In an effort to protect learning time, and maintain connectivity, JTSD has opted to allow second grade through fifth grade students to take their Chromebooks home over the summer, rather than completing a Chromebook collection and re-distribution. Instead, we will:

More information is below to answer some questions that you may have. If you need any further assistance, please contact me at

Thank you,

Ryan Mahn

Instructional Technology Facilitator


What if I have a 6th grader or I know that my child is not returning to JTSD?

Our collection date for 6th grade and non-returning students will be June 16th. More information will come home soon relating to that process.

What if my child’s device is damaged over the summer?

If something happens to your device, don’t panic. Your One2One coverage for this year will cover you through the first day of school next year. Please head to this link: Complete the form letting Mr. Mahn know that we need to begin the repair process at parent orientation.

What if I know my child won’t be using their Chromebook or I don’t want them on it over the summer?

Summer is a great time to disconnect from technology and enjoy the outdoors and your family. Please remember that you are in charge of the device when it is at home. Feel free to set aside a special spot for the Chromebook when students are not having screen time. If you know you don’t want to use it, leave it in your child’s backpack or another safe place until you start prepping for school in August.