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Sent: Friday, December 16, 2016 1:59 PM

Subject: COMMUNICATION SOAPBOX UPDATE: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Re: CANCELLATION NOTICES that should have gone out about today: Inter-agency Council on Homeless (ICH) Communications etc. etc. etc.


This e-mail thread came up in the e-mail search that I did a few moments ago for an u related reason. It is a reminder of the fact that I am on an ICH communication soapbox. This thread ended well with the ICH becoming better at cancelling meetings.

In keeping with the gratitude expressed by me in a message that appears further down in this thread, I'll mention other ICH communication gains that have been made since I began this thread in September 2016. Then I'll mention other matters that still need work. I'm glad that:

1 -- Laura Zeilinger gave IMMEDIATE answers to the homeless and their advocates on December 13th at the ICH meeting. She has generally been very responsive and accessible for as long as I've known her (since July 23rd,2007). However, her behavior stands in sharp contrast to that of many others in government. For that reason, I thanked her on 12/13/16.

2 -- After thanking Laura Zeilinger, I reminded her of something she used to do that should be done again -- especially since it would satisfy the concern that Theresa Silla often raises of the ICH not publicizing or even sending a follow-up e-mail that let's many people or the directly-affected individual know when their concern has been addressed.

Laura would attend a then bi-monthly ICH meeting when she was assistant director of DHS and would hear the concerns raised by homeless people. She'd return two months later with a report of how those concerns had been followed through on.

On 12/13/16 Laura Zeilinger told me that she would assign someone to do this thing that she used to do.

QUICK REMINDER: At the 2/3/16 ERSO meeting Eric Sheptock related the way that CCNV residents inundate him with questions about CCNV's future to Kate Coventry's account of how she gets inundated with questions about the budget following its release. Eric elicited a promise from Kristy Greenwalt to have DHS personnel meet with CCNV residents. Eric prodded her until he received word on April 12th, 2016 that the meeting would occur on April 27th, 2016 -- which it did.

Eric received word on June 21st, 2016 that a position might be created in DC Government that would enable him to assist homeless people with obtaining employment. He continues to prod the appropriate people concerning this matter.

That said, you can trust and believe that Eric will remind Laura Zeilinger of this promise. Eric trusts that she'll follow through.

(ALL: Either your word is as good as a promise or it means nothing.

3 -- Eric asked that Scott McNeilly bring 25 printed copies of lists containing the names of ICH members to the December 13th, 2016 ICH meeting. It was with the hope that new attendees would be able to obtain copies which they could use to familiarize themselves with ICH members. Eric arrived at the end of the pre-meeting along with four new attendees and another woman who'd not attended in quite some time. All copies were gone. This is an indication that people want and need hard copies of this information.

Thank you, Scott McNeilly. Your effort worked too well. Not a problem though. We just need more copies the next time. Thanks again.

Other communication matters that the ICH need to work on include but are not limited to:

1 -- Publicizing their successes and when they actually follow through on a complaint or concern that was raised (especially those raised by the homeless)

2 -- Creating a grievance procedure at shelters and other homeless services such that homeless people aren't required to give their complaints in writing to the people whom they're complaining about and hoping that the message will be handed up to that person's boss.

3 -- Creating ongoing communication between the homeless and the ICH, a need that can be satisfied by the ICH obtaining the $12,200 budget that it discussed vying for in August 2014 so that it could be used to assist advocates and homeless reps from different shelters at attending meetings.

4 -- Printing at least 50 copies of the list of ICH members and putting them on the information table at quarterly meetings. Theresa Silla might want to keep 10 copies with her during all committee meetings too.

I'll bring these matters up continually until they're followed through on. Others should feel free to clamor right along with me for these things.


Eric Jonathan Sheptock (website)

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Dec 15, 2016

From: "Greenwalt, Kristy (EOM)" <>

To: Eric Sheptock <>; Reginald Black <>; "Robert Warren (" <>

Cc: "Silla, Theresa (EOM)" <>

Sent: Monday, August 15, 2016 3:46 PM

Subject: FW: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Re: CANCELLATION NOTICES that should have gone out about today: Inter-agency Council on Homeless (ICH) Communications etc. etc. etc.

Hello, Eric (and others) -


Thank you for the feedback.  I wanted to take a moment to offer some additional insight about the ICH meeting calendar.  The ICH Executive Committee (which is comprised of the co-chairs of the various committees) met last December to review the 2017 calendar. We decided at that time that not every committee needed to meet monthly – it’s really driven by the volume and timing of work throughout the year.  For example, the Strategic Planning committee is more active during the months following the end of the fiscal year (as we are getting year end data) and during the budget cycle.  The schedule for Housing Solutions is driven to some extent by the Consolidated NOFA and when feedback is needed for that process.


Instead of trying to predict in advance which months to meet over a 12 month cycle, the group decided to keep the monthly schedule (so the time would always be blocked out), but cancel meetings if/when the agenda is particularly light.  We do this because we have 16 different committees and work groups responsible for implementation of the Homeward DC plan, and many people participate in multiple groups.  Accordingly, we want to be respectful of everyone’s time.  That's why we ask folks to keep an eye on the ICH events calendar. The co-chairs also send out reminders approximately one week prior to each meeting.  If folks don’t have ready access to email and aren’t getting messages in time, we are definitely open to your suggestions about other ways we could get the word out. I certainly understand the frustration of showing up for meetings that have been cancelled!






Kristy M. Greenwalt

Director, Interagency Council on Homelessness, EOM

Interim Family Services Administrator, Department of Human Services

64 New York Avenue NE

Washington, DC 20002




Sent: Monday, August 15, 2016 3:31 PM

To: Greenwalt, Kristy (EOM)

Subject: Re: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Re: CANCELLATION NOTICES that should have gone out about today: Inter-agency Council on Homeless (ICH) Communications etc. etc. etc.




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From: Eric Sheptock <>

Date: Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 9:04 AM

Subject: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Re: CANCELLATION NOTICES that should have gone out about today: Inter-agency Council on Homeless (ICH) Communications etc. etc. etc.

To: Eric Sheptock <>, Theresa Silla <>, Laura Green Zeilinger-SWEETHEART <>, "brenda.donald" <>, robertwarren53 <>, Reginald Black < >, Eric Falquero <>, "kathy.haines" <>, Kate Coventry <>, Gregory Wragg < >, "rashad.young" <>

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to whoever is posting meeting cancellations on the ItCH website. I went to the site just now and saw the word "***Cancelled-***" in front of a couple of postings. Though it means certain work is NOT BEING DONE, it represents better communication. Speaking of communication, I compliment more than I complain, thus this communique. That's a good way to be.

That said, even as I commend your stepped-up cancellation process, I know that Robert Warren and Reggie Black are fuming at the fact that these cancellations are taking place. I feel their pain. I'd offer some Cry-netol if I had some. Now that we've gotten better at cancelling, let's make like a sharp-shooting police and try not to have to use our skill. Thanks again.


From: Eric Sheptock <>;

To: Silla Theresa (EOM) <>; Zeilinger Laura (DHS) <>; Donald Brenda (EOM) <>;

Subject: CANCELLATION NOTICES that should have gone out about today: Inter-agency Council on Homeless (ICH) Communications etc. etc. etc.

Sent: Thu, Jun 23, 2016 7:36:22 PM




Can we create an automatic notification system for the ICH website so that meeting cancellations can be sent completely and only from the website (not via e-mail)???


I went to the LOWG committee meeting this morning, as did Linda Miller from Open Arms, and found out that another last-minute cancellation had been e-mailed out. I checked the ICH website just before 10 AM today and the meeting was posted as though it was still taking place. It's easier to check the website than it is to do an e-mail search.


Robert Warren, like myself, is quite frustrated with all of the cancellations. However, I would add that we need to get better at doing cancellations when they DO occur. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how I, on the one hand, got an inaccurate auto-message cancellation notice that was generated by the website simply by being removed from a mail list but can't get an accurate cancellation notice from that same site. This is a "thing that makes me go 'Hmm'".


In lieu of the LOWG meeting, I postponed following up on a job lead this morning. (Honestly, I had another reason which alone wouldn't have caused me to postpone but together with the LOWG meeting led to my decision.) in addition to changing my plans in order to attend a cancelled meeting, I also invited others who are not on the ICH mailing list but couldn't make it, fortunately. There could have been 3 more people in attendance, having made a blank trip. (I texted them the link after 9 AM this morning to remind them of the meeting, having done the same last week.)


So, can we work the website over in a way that allows you and/or others to post actual and accurate cancellations on the site and have the site to automatically send notices to all on the mail list???


Thank you. (Feel free to forward to KG.)


Eric Jonathan Sheptock

Cell phone: (240) 305-5255 

425 2nd St. NW

Washington, DC 20001-2003  My Blog

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Asking an advocate for the poor to be nice is like asking a soldier to fight a war without a weapon.


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Sent: Friday, June 17, 2016 5:18 PM

Subject: FIXED TYPOS: Inter-agency Council on Homeless (ICH) Communications etc. etc. etc.




ich | District of Columbia Interagency Council on Homelessness


ich | District of Columbia Interagency Council on Homelessness



1 -- Fixed typos

2 -- [Added content]




This meaty message is going to lawyers for the homeless and advocates (and maybe some media friends). You might want to read it in its entirety:


I fully understand the response from Theresa (below in this thread) and have no gripe with her on the matter of me having received an e-mail (also below in this thread) that said the June 14th Full ICH meeting was cancelled when, in fact, it wasn't. For those of you who are not regular ICH meeting attendees, she explained that I was taken off of the e-mail list for official ICH members and the system interpreted that as a meeting cancellation and sent me an auto message saying the meeting was cancelled. Hopefully she still has me on the general public/stakeholder list. However, this seemingly innocent mishap has brought to light a couple of issues.


My friends who accuse me of being too friendly toward government should be happy to know that there is some serious tension between myself and certain employees/appointees in DC Government. That said, I was considered for an unpaid position on the ICH. Then some tension arose between the ICH director and myself beginning in late-October 2015 when she censored a blog post of mine in which I was digging for answers about the future of the CCNV Shelter (and which I actually edited in accordance with our conversation).


She then called me during Snowstorm Jonas (Snozilla) to tell me that I shouldn't have called a different administrator who was as accommodating as possible. Other disrespectful and condescending things that she has said and done to me since then eventually elicited an angry reaction from me. I cursed her out via voicemail for discussing my situation with a non-governmental person in early May after telling me during our one-to-one meeting on March 9th that she wouldn't discuss MY situation with ME any further. After telling me on March 9th that it was in the hands of Steve Walker of MOTA, she spoke with a formerly homeless man two months later about my appointment.


That brings me back to the matter at hand. As per Theresa's email, I was made an ICH appointee at some point; but, someone forgot to tell ME and Theresa removed me from the list of officials that I was never told that I'd been put on. There is supposed to be a swearing-in ceremony which I was never informed of. I see a pattern here of government officials discussing my situation with everyone except me. Hmm. Again, Theresa is not at fault; as, she only does as she is told. She is a good woman. In any instance, there are the two issues of my appointment to the ICH and of communication. Both need addressing.


In lieu of my appointment, I've never been upset at the prospect of not being appointed. I've always said that, if appointed, I would speak nicely from the table; but, if not appointed, I would speak more poignantly from the audience during public comment period. All things considered, all I get by being appointed is about three or four more minutes to speak at the quarterly meetings than I would otherwise get. But, by DC Gov. extending good will toward me by way of a seat at the table, they'd give me a reason to be nicer.


I AM indeed upset about the broader messages sent by me not being appointed. Steve Walker of MOTA (Mayor's Office of Talent and Appointments -- also Spanish for "weed") emphasized to me that I should align myself with the mayor's plan. When I said that I don't go to meetings to fall in line but rather to bring problems and demands to the powers that be, he fixed his explanation by saying that I'm expected to align myself with whatever decision the body arrives at democratically. I received messages from multiple people in DC Gov that were to that effect -- that I should cooperate with the mayor, support the group decision (not stating my disagreement or different ideas thereafter) and that I should act "professionally" -- albeit for free. Hmm. It's also worth noting that the ICH's new process for appointing homeless and/or formerly homeless people comes off as a token effort insomuch as the well-paid members don't seem to have any understanding of or tolerance for the rugged street talk and unprofessional manner of the homeless people who they say they want at the table.


Being as I speak in calm tones 99.9% of the time, it stands to reason that my intellect, speaking ability, writing ability and willingness to talk on TV and radio are some of THE REAL REASONS that government folk prefer that I not be at the table (as if I can't say the same things from the audience). Then again, I explained during the confirmation process what my focus was and continues to be:


1 -- The future of CCNV


2 -- A shift towards splitting our attention and housing resources between the disabled and able-bodied homeless, as opposed to focusing mainly on the disabled (as has been the case for about eight years, or at least until Relisha Rudd went missing)


3 -- Connecting able-bodied homeless people to living-wage jobs.


See my testimony here: Eric ICH Appointment


Eric ICH Appointment



Another reason that government folk have for disliking me is that I often push for what they consider to be difficult conversations. I make no secret of the fact that I am anti-capitalist (like 2017 VP Bernie Sanders). I often mention how that DC government's refusal (until Obama signed WIOA into law) to do enough around employment for the homeless was in fact aiding gentrification by failing to initiate a process that would enable low-income workers to remain in DC. I've pointed out that various non-profits would rather house the disabled because the disabled will remain in the system where they'll get ongoing case management, medical services and mental health services. Non-profits that have case management contracts with DC Gov can continue to make money off of the disabled until they die; whereas, the able-bodied homeless will exit the social service system completely after being connected to living-wage jobs and affordable housing. The able-bodied homeless are not lifelong cash cows for the non-profits.


Miriam's Kitchen, a non-profit that feeds the homeless, has a case management contract to look after formerly-homeless people who have been housed and which offers a few other services is a prime example. I've been told by some of their clientele that people have had fist fights and been allowed back in. On the other hand, I had a verbal argument in March 2006 and received a lifetime bar. Much of the clientele at the feeding program is mentally ill. I'm not. Once the mentally ill fighters get housed, Miriam's can make money visiting them. [So, Miriam's seems to be willing to tolerate violence from the mentally ill for whom they'll get case management contracts; while barring a sane person for an argument and while the ICH doesn't tolerate an unpolished though non-aggressive form of communication -- straight talk.] Were I connected to a job and housing, Miriam's couldn't make any money off of me. Go figure.


Miriam's Kitchen has even taken to blackmailing a Black male. Bob Glennon began working there in 2012 -- six years after my argument. in 2015 I spoke to a group of school-age kids from two churches. Bob's wife, Ashley Goff is a pastor at one of those churches and was a chaperon for the group. When I was paid several days later for making the speech, the man who paid me told me that he'd heard about my lifetime bar and disagreed with it. This means that an employee [or director]who was there in 2006 told Bob who told his wife who told the man who paid me who told me. Word gets around.


On June 15th, 2016 I had a conversation with someone who'd had a conversation with someone who began working at Miriam's Kitchen in 2015. Though our conversation was not about Miriam's Kitchen or this employee thereof, they were mentioned to me by this man in an instance where I never expected to hear them discussed. I was talking about how WIOA (the Workforce Innovations and Opportunities Act) was forcing DC Gov to do what myself and others had been calling for since as far back as 2006 -- to assist able-bodied homeless people at getting connected to living-wage jobs. I did my spiel about how non-profits prefer that the gov focus on the disabled. At this point, the man I was speaking to said that he'd been visited by someone from Miriam's Kitchen who brought up how DC Gov is shifting its focus toward assisting A-bods in lieu of WIOA. He didn't say that the Miriam's employee was "worried"; but, I'll be watching various non-profit personnel closely so as to get a feel for whether or not they're worried that this new focus is going to diminish their bread and butter.


Miriam's Kitchen is not the first to blackmail this Black male. I was asked by a friend to attend a meeting at HUD (Housing and Urban Development) headquarters in July 2009. At the end of the meeting, the public was invited to the mic to make comments. I got in line. At one point there was the person on the mic, two more people and then myself in line. A HUD executive said, "We have time for two more comments", which would have meant that the man in front of me would be the last to speak. He turned to me and said, "I know you have something you really want to say; so, you can have my spot". With that, he stepped out of line. The person who was in front of him spoke and I should have been the last one. However, the HUD exec said, "We are out of time". The man who gave up his spot looked at me and said, "What was that all about?!" I was as baffled as he was. I'd been advocating for three years at the time (having just had my 10th anniversary as an advocate this month) and I've never said much about HUD. That leaves me to wonder what they have against me.


Then, in early March 2016 I was told by the National Coalition for the Homeless that HUD had sent NCH an invitation to a March 22nd meeting that was about shelters. With me having just walked into the 2009 meeting, HUD has since changed the way that people gain entry to its meetings. So, NCH informed HUD that I would represent NCH at the 7-hour meeting. HUD sent me an e-mail invite in which I was instructed to fill out a Survey Monkey security application. I did. Then, on March 21st I received a call from the DC NCH office and was told that a board member who lives in Indiana had called DC to say that a shelter consumer should not attend this meeting. Though I can't prove it, I suspect that HUD couldn't find a legitimate reason to bar me from the meeting. They then called this board member who made up a lame reason for keeping me out of the meeting. Taken together with the 2009 incident, I'm left to wonder why HUD is so scared of me.


It doesn't end there. DC Gov is now making efforts to keep me out of meetings. On Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 I attended an ICH committee meeting which was held in the DHS building. I stopped at the security desk as I always do when entering this building. I signed in and everything seemed normal. A security guard had gotten up from his seat as I signed in and had moved toward the elevator so as to use his key card to send the elevator to the sixth floor, as he always does. After signing in, I began to walk toward the elevator. Then things got weird. Instead of letting me on the elevator with his key card and hitting the floor for me, he said, "Take a seat". I said, "Take a seat???" He repeated himself a little more emphatically, "Yeah, take a seat". I turned around and went to the seating area a few yards from the security desk. A few minutes later the security guard called me back to the elevator. he then did something else he'd never done by accompanying me upstairs. After I entered the meeting room, he left.


A couple of days later a homeless man who was sitting in the seat next to mine in the DHS lobby told me that a petite, older woman with black and gray hair entered behind me and moved her hand horizontally in front of her neck in a chopping motion so as to indicate to security not to let me in. All of a sudden, security's behavior made sense. This woman was a short distance behind me where I didn't see her signal. However, she didn't know that a homeless man who is attending UDC was watching her and would tell me. She, being an employee, was allowed to bypass security so that, by the time I looked up from the sign-in sheet, she was gone. I'll do what I can to find out who she was. I have my suspicion, though I wouldn't call her petite.


Long story short, some people in DC Gov and the non-profit community are scared of me and it's not because I get upset occasionally. It's because I call their game. [I have had the habit for many years of offering solutions and ideas whenever I complain about a problem. I often frame my comments by saying "Why don't we do such and such in order to solve such and such a problem???". As indicated in a recent blog post of mine,

Now that the administration is beginning to do things that I support and have (along with others) called for over the past 10 years, I am committing myself wholeheartedly to doing all that I can to help and to push things to the next level.


That probably has a few people in DC Gov (including the mayor) fuming and wondering how they can color me bad and discourage me from attending meetings before I have another wave of media coverage or a new advocacy victory -- either of which would make it hard to blackmail or blackball me. See the blog post below ]...



Tick Tock Sheptock: DC's Mayor Bowser Has A Feasible Plan to End Homelessness – Maybe.


Tick Tock Sheptock: DC's Mayor Bowser Has A Feasible Plan to End Homele...



[I'd be remiss if I failed to mention my latest soap boxes. I tell people that:


1 -- Mayor Bowser's political future rests on whether or not she's able to vacate the DC General Family Shelter and give that property to developers. If she fails in this capacity, developers and others in the business community will see to it that she doesn't get re-elected. In early 2008 the DC General campus was part of a planned subdivision called Hill East. Then the economy went south and the plans were scrapped. After the economic downturn, Hill East became Reservation 13. That plan went nowhere. Then Mayor Bowser wanted to put the 2024 Olympic Village where the defunct hospital sits; but, we never got the Olympics. That said, DC General is prime real estate and developers want it badly -- badly enough to ensure that a mayor who can't give it to them doesn't get re-elected. That said, all of the talk about creating smaller family shelters is not ENTIRELY because the mayor cares for homeless families. This begins to explain why the conversation is centered around the 250 or so families at DC General while nothing is being said about how to improve the situations of the 1,200 families being kept in hotels on the city's dime. These hotels are not prime real estate being sought after by greedy developers.


2 -- I also tell people that the CCNV Shelter (based on info gathered since my ICH confirmation testimony) probably won't be closed for six or seven years. The 2.2M sq. ft., $1.3B Capitol Crossing development will take at least seven more years to complete. So, what DHS told shelter residents on April 27th about how they have no plans to close the shelter is probably true. The next administration (if Bowser doesn't give DC Gen to the developers) or Bowser in her second mayoral term could begin to move forward on a CCNV Shelter closure in 2020 and have it closed before Capitol Crossing opens for business. Besides, the CCNV parking lot and the footprint of the building (which is sure to be torn down) together are worth $80M and will be worth much more in 2023 after the construction across the road is complete. By waiting to close the shelter, the city is avoiding an advocate-induced headache and allowing the property value to skyrocket. Smart move on their part.]



Eric Jonathan Sheptock

Cell phone: (240) 305-5255 

425 2nd St. NW

Washington, DC 20001-2003  My Blog

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From: "Silla, Theresa (EOM)" <>

To: Eric Sheptock <>; "Info, ICH (EOM)" <>

Cc: "Zeilinger, Laura (DHS)" <>

Sent: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 3:53 PM

Subject: RE: Canceled: 6/14 Interagency Council on Homelessness (ICH) Meeting



The calendar invites that are managed via the account are limited to official members of the ICH and their support staff.  They are not for the general public and stakeholder list because I have to track responses and provide feedback to the CA on who will be attending based on the official membership list.


So prior to each meeting, I update my calendar invite list to reflect changes in members (e.g. add newly appointed Directors and/or remove individuals who are no longer on the ICH).  I removed you and Luis Vasquez who is no longer working in Homeless Services in the District from the official calendar invite for the upcoming meeting.  It must be Outlook translates the removal from the list as a cancellation.


I assure you the meeting has not been cancelled.  I am sending out an email to the ICH Stakeholder list and I have the updated information for 6/14 posted on the website:


Hope this answers your question.  Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any other concerns.

Sincerely, Theresa


Theresa Silla

Policy Advisor | DC Interagency Council on Homelessness |

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 223 | Washington, DC 20004 |

Phone: (202) 724-7271 |  Website: |


From: Eric Sheptock []

Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2016 3:42 PM

To: Info, ICH (EOM)

Cc: Silla, Theresa (EOM); Zeilinger, Laura (DHS)

Subject: Re: Canceled: 6/14 Interagency Council on Homelessness (ICH) Meeting



Behold the email I received on June 3rd. The message is in the subject line. I'm not one for conspiracy theories but will develop suspicions when given enough reasons. If the 6/14 ICH is NOT cancelled, why did I receive the following???

It would be funny if someone lied to keep me away as I'll be working from 6 AM to 9 PM that day and can't attend anyway. That's why I asked u about a make-up date but u said the 6/14 mtg is still on. Hmm. See below.....


From: Info, ICH (EOM) <>;

To: Eric Sheptock <>;

Subject: Canceled: 6/14 Interagency Council on Homelessness (ICH) Meeting

Sent: Fri, Jun 3, 2016 9:44:45 PM




Get involved! The New Columbia Statehood Commission invites residents of the District of Columbia to participate in the Constitutional Convention on June 13th (6:30pm) at the DC Taxicab Commission and June 17th-18th at Woodrow Wilson High School. Register today!


Get involved! The New Columbia Statehood Commission invites residents of the District of Columbia to participate in the Constitutional Convention on June 13th (6:30pm) at the DC Taxicab Commission and June 17th-18th at Woodrow Wilson High School. Register today!