194. Obaa-san's feelings

 Aya didn't have any injury, but since her hair was gone......

 we decided to suspend our adventure and went back to japan.

 Aya had Elena and Hilda washed her in the bath in various ways.

 It's enviou-...outrageous, it's not at all.

『The way you're using your hands Elena-chan~!!』

『Well, I have to confirm that there aren't any injury all the way to the back......』

 I've heard a strange conversation from the bathroom.

 Where is she going to confirm, I wonder......

『Aya onee-chan, smooth~.』


 It's surely the skin which is『smooth』.

 Surely, that's gotta be it!


 When Aya finished changing clothes―

 She and I headed toward Mai-san's house.

 It's to inform her about the matter of the previous Demon Lord.

 I feel sorry about Elena and Hilda but they're going to be house-sitting again.

 It'll be troublesome if we intrude in large numbers.

 I stopped by the convenience store along the way and had the pictures taken by the smartphone printed.

 And, went to Mai-san's house.


「Yo, welcome.

 You seemed to have already found my ojii-san!?」

「Yes, we found him.」

「*Thud thud thud* What kind of person is he?」

 Mai-san has become unusually excited.

「Well, I have to report it to obaa-san first.」

「I-, Is that so, that's right, isn't it.」

 I've been lead into living room―

 and greeted by Obaa-san.

「To have gone through the trouble of going to a far-off place, thank you.」

「No, it's nothing.」

 However, Mai-san's obaa-san is quite young in spite of her age.

 That is if it is compared to Mai-san and her okaa-san......

「This is the picture of that person.」

 When I showed the picture―

 Mai-san's obaa-san was surprised.

「He's surprisingly young......」

「Yes, like Mai-san and her okaa-san―

 he seems to be aging slowly.」


 Obaa-san looked sorrowful.

「He has truly grown a horn.」

 Mai-san is also surprised.

「But, why is there 30 pictures?」

 That's because the previous Demon Lord kept on pestering me to take his picture. orz

「Uwa, this sword is cool!」

 It's the picture of the previous Demon Lord who struck a pose with his sword.

 Obaa-san is also staring at the picture, she's probably feeling nostalgic about the olden days.

「Where does this person live?」

 What to do......

 I can't say the truth......

「I can't tell you where this person lives―

 I can lead you there if you can promise not to divulge it to anyone.

 Actually, I was told『I want to meet her by all means』by the other party.」

 Obaa-san has been lost in thought.

「Obaa-san, let's go to meet him!」

「T-, That's......」

「He's my ojii-san, right?

 You should meet him by all means!」


 I can't go to meet him after all.」


「Although I'm such a obaa-san―

 that person is so young.


 I'm embarrassed to go and meet him.」

 Umu, obaa-san is quite young too―

 Appearance-wise, they seem to be well-matched but......

 girl's feeling is complicated.

「Obaa-san is a coward!」

 Being told so by Mai-san, Obaa-san―

 looked sad and hang her head down.

「Weren't you saying that you want to meet him all this time!?

 And yet......」

 Even if Mai-san has said such a thing―

 Obaa-san just shakes her head.

「Then, instead of you―

 I'm going to meet him!」