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Amy Hartwig


608-434-9876 (cell)

608-355-3860 (school)

April 22-27

Monday, April 23:

Eli-Q  treat

Tuesday, April 24:

Christ Light Book A, pages 15-16-God Takes Elijah to Heaven-God took Elijah to heaven in a whirlwind while he was still alive! God has promised a wonderful heavenly home to all who believe in him.

Memory Treasure: Psalm 23:6-I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Wednesday, April 25:

Return the practice pages  with the Q words, sight words and story called, Drip, Drop.

Q words: 

quack, quick, quilt, quit, queen

Sight words:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Chapel 8:00-Parents are welcome to come to our chapel devotions!

Early Dismissal 1:00

Thursday, April 26:

Christ Light Book B, pages 15-16: Elisha and the Kind Woman-Elisha used God’s power to bring a woman’s son back to life. We praise God for his power over life and earth, knowing that when we die, he will raise us to eternal life.

Memory Treasure: John 14:19-Because I live, you also will live.

Friday, April 27:

Library Day

Looking Ahead:

Monday, April 30-Address and phone number(s) should be learned.  Return the form.

Kindergarten News: Please help your child learn their address and phone numbers. Once their phone number is learned, I will let them use my phone to call either Mom or Dad, or both. As it gets closer to April 30, I will send home a sign-up sheet for when it would be the best time to call you.

Eating Our Way Through the Alphabet:

Hadley brought Kix Mix for the letter K. Thank you, Hadley!

April 23-Eli-Q treat

April 30-Colton-J treat

May 7-Katie-X treat

May 14-Connor-Y treat

May 21-Catherine and Matthew-Z treat