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Amy Hartwig


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Week of October 22-28

Monday, October 23:

Christ Light Book A, pages 17-18: God has a Plan for Joseph

Memory Treasure: Revelation 7:17-God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.



Tuesday, October 24:

Picture retakes-If you want different  pictures, please return the envelope and the first set of pictures.

Return Christ Light Book A

Christ Light Book B, pages 17-18: God is With Joseph in Egypt

Memory Treasure: Psalm 124:8-Our help is in the name of the Lord.

Wednesday, October 25:

If you are choosing to order from the Scholastic Book Club, book orders are due on Wednesday.

Return Christ Light Book B

Chapel 8:00

Fall Party 12:00-1:00. No costumes, please! There is a sign-up sheet on the door if you would like to send cookies, crackers or grapes for the party. Thank you!

Early Dismissal 1:00

Thursday, October 26-No School

 Friday, October 26-27-No School

Some things we learned last week:

Christ Light-

1. God Blesses Jacob with Riches:

God watched over Jacob and blessed him with a family and riches. God also watches over and blesses us.

2. God Takes Jacob Home Safely:

God brought Jacob back home safely. We can trust that God will guide us on earth and will also lead us safely to heaven.



Something new! They are learning ending sounds of words and also the middle vowel! Please remember to keep all the Superkids books during the year for practice and review.


They learned words like second, third, fourth and fifth. Some of the class stood in a line and faced the door, and their classmates said who was standing in which position. When the line turned and faced the window, it was a challenge not to say the leader was now at the end, and to change the name of the positions!


We did a few more things with apples, and learned the four stages of growing an apple which are the blossom, fruitlet, small apple and full grown apple.

Looking ahead:

Wednesday, November 1-First quarter report cards come  home.

Friday, November 3-Family Fun Night 5:00-7:00-There is a sign-up sheet on the classroom door to help with the games.

Sunday, November 5-10:00-Grades K-4 sing at St. Paul’s Church, 106 S Maple Street, North Freedom

Kindergarten News:

I am asking the kids not to bring little cars and trucks anymore. There were some problems with the toys being left outside at recess and some were broken. I tried having them use the cars and trucks inside during playtime but I have decided that it would be better just to leave them at home. Thank you!


Myles-October 19

Eating Our Way Through the Alphabet:

Francesca brought little apple pies with the letter A on them! Thank you, Francesca!

Monday, October 23-Hunter-D treat

Monday, October 30-Hadley-S treat

Monday, November 6-Eli-S treat