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July 2016

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The discussion  between function and form is essentially the argument over aesthetic pleasure and the usefulness of an object.

However, the distinction is one that is quite useless. In financial terms, it is a waste. In planning terms, it is inefficient.

When you are getting organized you must take into consideration:

You must discuss with yourself your needs and your wants.

Is the usefulness of this object the most important, or is the aesthetic appeal a higher priority?

The great thing about getting organized is that to do it effectively you must address it as the project that it is. Projects take time and active planning. The goal is to not have to repeatedly  address the same issue by wasting resources. So when you are addressing the issue of function over form you must clearly address the various facets of the project.

The function may be what you need at this moment, but will you use the functional item if you hate it?

The form may be more useful, but if it isn't functional will it reverse all organizational progress you have made.

So the important concept is, what mixture of functions and form work for you. Don't settle.


So Shalyse, why do processes matter?

Well, time management of course. One of Design and Scheme's major themes is how controlling your schedule truly benefits your life. What better way to control your schedule than to create processes (or a thought out game plan for tackling the project).time 2

When you have a busy schedule, you need to do everything you can to make it productive. So that can mean establishing a before bed and morning routine combo to make sure you get out of the house on time with everything you need or even creating a detailed cleaning schedule to train yourself to continuously and consistently reduce clutter and keep items in established locations for easier accessibility.

Processes simply help with the removal of redundancy and controlling time-squandering habits.

Hello beautiful people and econuts. What are your opinions about function over form? How do you feel about creating processes? Drop a comment below.

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