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End-year Appraisal Chat/Focus

Part 1: Practising Teacher Criteria (Note, when done well, teacher inquiry documentation provides evidence of nearly all of these.  To be recertified, it is now a requirement that there is evidence) From 2016 David needs to confirm this, for you to be re-certified.

Please prepare for this, making written notes, comments or paragraphs.  You will need all records to appear, as evidence of reflection, self-evaluation and discussion on your professional blog.


  1. Discuss Criteria 4 of Professional Relationships and Professional Values (from Practising Teacher Criteria)

Demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice

Reflective Question: How do I continue to advance my professional learning as a teacher?

This year I attended Ulearn16 where I immersed myself in workshops about “Makerspaces”, coding, gaming, 3D printing etc. These are all skills that I am constantly being introduced to through Twitter - my main source of PD outside of school. Through my Twitter connections and Ulearn, I continue to make connections with excellent educators from around the country and the world! Next year, I want to focus on the above skills to match the classroom in the 21st C.

The work with DInah in mathematics still number one. Man, this has been the best PD I have recieved to date (I bet I say that every year!) but she is!  I never got the rules and cheats to do maths back in my day - my brain doesn’t work that way... however, the way that DInah has helped us to use better maths through richer tasks has been revolutionary for me. I can’t wait to pull all of our knowledge together to create a year of awesomeness in maths!

Nathan Wallis, PMP, Brain Sensory PD: actually all the brain research developments have been awesome! Timely.

Carol and leadership.

 (B)        Discuss Criteria 11 of Professional Knowledge in Practice (from Practising         Teacher Criteria)

Analyse and appropriately use assessment information, which has been gathered formally and informally

Reflective Question: How do I gather and use assessment information in ways that advance the learning of my ākonga?

Criteria 11:

Reflective Question : How do I gather and use assessment information in ways that advance the learning of my akonga?

In maths I have been practising trying to set up a rich task and then using my skills as an educator to find the gaps and backwards map from there.  The PACT day has been interesting to use because now there is something to compare thinking to.  It was a very good process to go through.  Took ages though! Not to be used for summative data but as something to look at throughout the year...

I feel like an expert when using our writing matrix especially clearly know the next steps for a learner and how to get there - I love writing! I have my thinking hat on at how I might develop a similar concept in maths...? This year we have opened up the strand work within mathematics and there are many concepts and next steps to cover. However, when I brought up my idea at leadership - they thought it was a “too much for teachers to do” idea. :( But if it is a working document where I can easily plan for groups of kids to target then I disgagree! I just need tutu at it for a while...

Bring up your staff blog. Outline progress in your inquiry to date.  What has been your impact? What has been required to accelerate the learning of priority learners? What further learning is required (for you)?

Part 2: On-line Reflections/Other

What are you doing differently from 12 months ago?

Share any other successes from the year (individuals, creative approaches that have had impact, ‘a-ha’ moments?)

I am much more understanding of working with children with fight or flight mode.  

Learner agency.  I have the full circle, well my interpretation of it... I am looking forward to setting up my interpretation of an agentic learning environment next year (with Brenda!) - we are going to be amazing!

Maths! Definitely better maths!

Part 4: Final Summary

Is there evidence, or a growing body of evidence to support re-certification?

Preparation for 2017 (any dual teaching arrangements):  What arrangements are being considered to ensure the partnership/arrangement works to effect for all students, parents and colleagues?

Wow! I feel so lucky to be continuing my leadership journey; this at least tells me that people think I am doing a good enough job that they don’t want to take it off me :)