The Chewing Social Story

When I am in the yellow zone, I feel nervous or stressed.  

To help me calm down and get into the green zone, I like to chew on things.  It is OK to chew on things to help me calm down.


It is not safe to chew on the pencil. I could get hurt. It is not good for my teeth. Mom and the dentist do not want me to do harm to my teeth.  

It is unexpected behavior to chew on my shirt or the string or strap of my chewy.  Mom is sad when she has to buy new ones.


 I can chew on the Chu-buddy, chewy pencil topper, or a chewy snack.  If my teachers let me chew gum or a chewy snack, I have to keep it in my mouth or I will have to put it in the trash. This is expected behavior for chewing. Mom and my teachers will like it when I use expected behaviors for Chewing.


Developed by – Tamika Harris, OTR/L