Monash University Biological Society


Newsletter 1.0


1.0 Welcome new and old members!

Welcome new and old members to the Biological Society. We thank you for joining this society and hope we can continue to work with you to make positive impacts on the environment. This is a club dedicated to ensuring humans minimize the effects they have on nature and the diverse flora that also inhabit the earth.

Old members please remember to renew your membership for the new year.

To keep up to date with our events and learn more about the club, you can visit our website and join our Facebook group and keep following this newsletter. If you have any questions feel free to contact the club on Facebook, email one of the committee members or shoot a question to

2.0 Welcome BBQ (This Thursday)

Come along to our first BBQ for the year from twelve to two pm on the Boob lawn on Thursday (outside the first year chemistry labs) to meet other Biological Society members; have a drink and free food.


3.0 Clubs day

Find our stall on clubs day to renew membership, buy t-shirts or hoodies or to talk to our lovely committee members.


4.0 OGM (Official General Meeting)

The Biological Society’s OGM (Official General Meeting) will be held in Week 3 on Thursday the 20th of March. There will be a BBQ from 12 to 2pm on the Boob lawn on Thursday (outside the first year chemistry labs). Join us for free food and drink and to hear an update about our upcoming events. Three committee positions are also up for election. So here is your chance to get more involved in the society and take on a leading role as:

First Year Representative:

Represent first year students and vote on general decisions within the committee.

Assistant Treasurer:

Help our awesome treasurer Ben in handling the clubs funds.

Assistant Secretary:

Help the incredible Annie organize meetings, camps and the rest of the committee!

These are especially good opportunities for first years and second years. All nominations go to (Nominations Close 12 midnight on the 19th of March).  



5.0 Nest-Boxing Weekends

Nest-Boxing Weekends are two day camps where we check if nest boxes are being occupied by various gliders and or other mammals in Benalla. The first will be over the 15th - 16th of March and the second over the 5th-6th of April with a possible third one in May  3rd to 4th. Food is the only expense (usually $20-30) and carpooling will be arranged to leave the Friday night prior. You can find links to sign up forms for each weekend on the website in the Events section, or on our Facebook page.

Queries go to


6.0  Zoo placements

Please email if you are interested in placements with Zoos Victoria, and information and application form can be sent to you.

7.0 Website, Facebook page, and contact details 

Website - 

Facebook -

Enquiries - 

Event registration - 

Committee member emails: