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September 21

Dear Discovery Families,

We hope you enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend! We appreciate your participation in Back To School Night. We have a few updates to share. First, we will hold Grade Level Chat’s to give parents an opportunity to ask questions. We will start with Kindergarten this Friday at 12 noon. We will send a Microsoft Teams link to the meeting a few minutes prior to 12 noon. Parents can raise their hand or use the Chat function to ask questions. We will record the meeting if you can not join us.

We hope your children enjoyed Mission Monday’s Choice Menu today. Moving forward, teachers will differentiate choices by grade level. The choices will grow in complexity.

We will not continue our monthly Teacher/Parent committees in the same way that we did last year. However, we still value these partnerships and we will continue the work. It makes more sense for committees to create meeting schedules that support the work that needs to happen. For example, the Health and Wellness committee will meet as we get closer to planning a Family Fitness Night or as we get closer to a hybrid opening and need to discuss allergy concerns. We do have exciting news for those interested in our Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Discovery and other APS schools will create a Teacher/Parent Equity Team and follow the No Place for Hate framework designed to make our schools more inclusive. More information will be forthcoming. Renita Upshur and Heather Clark are points of contacts for Discovery.

Lastly, this Friday is our first School Spirit Day. Scrabble Day is a fun and easy way to build words with friends and family members. Students just wear a letter! In the past, students have painted letters on shirts, taped letters, or pinned paper to their shirt with their favorite letter. The whole family can participate! What word will your family create?


Erin and Judy

Kindergarten Parent Chat

Dr. Seeber and Dr. Russo will host a virtual chat for Kindergarten parents on Friday, September 25th from 12-12:45PM. We look forward to getting to know you better.


Calling all Sustainable Explorers! The Eco Action Team is now accepting applications. Please complete the registration information (found here) by Monday, 10/5/20. Students will participate in “at-home green activities” found on Monday Choice Boards, and meet virtually once a month to continue our work in the broader community (tentative meeting date will be the first Monday of the month at 1:30PM, starting in November.) For more information email Ms. Annamreddy (katherine.annamreddy@apsva.us) and/or Ms. Fisher (virginia.fisher@apsva.us).


K-2 Literacy/Math Bag distribution

On Wednesday, September 23rd, we will offer K-2 Literacy and Math bag distribution from 2:30-4:30PM, the same hours as Library book pick-up. We will distribute on the car loop by handing each driver a bag that corresponds to the child's/children’s grade level. If families would like to pick-up at another time, please contact the main office (9AM-1PM) after Wednesday, September 23rd. Discovery staff created these K-2 Literacy and Math bags. These Discovery bags are in addition to the APS kits that we will distribute to families soon.

Discovery - Grab & Go Library Book Checkout

Where-The veranda outside of the Dining Commons

When-Every Wednesdays from 2:30 to 4:30  (this may expand based upon demand)

How-All library book requests must be made by Monday night. There are two options to get books. The books will be ready for pick-up on Wednesday.

Book Limit-Three (we hope to increase this in the future)

You can find links, additional information and how to videos on the school’s library page.

Recording Lessons with Students

Per Department of Teaching and Learning (DTL) guidance, teachers will record one-on-one sessions with individual students. If parents are present, teachers will not record individual sessions.

Upcoming Events

Dear Discovery Families,

We saw some great Mind Maps today. Thank you to those who shared. This was our first asynchronous Monday. Next week there will be similar choices. The following week, teachers will be creating more grade specific Must Do’s. The Monday Choice Board will slowly grow but still include inspiring creative options.

Tomorrow, at 6PM you will receive an APS School Talk inviting you to Back To School Night. You will use the Sign Up Genius to choose which teacher you would like to attend for Session 1 and which teacher you would like to choose for Session 2.


Session 1- 6:30-7PM

Session 2- 7:05-7:35PM

Teachers will email a link to the sessions on Wednesday. At the beginning of each session you will watch the team video, then you will have a live Q and A with your classroom teacher via Teams. If you only have one Explorer at Discovery you are invited to watch the Encore Team video during the second session. All team videos will be available for viewing if you can not attend Back To School Night.

We expect a large turn out for Back To School Night. Our experience is that with large numbers, Microsoft Teams gets too glitchy to understand. That is our rationale for creating our Welcome Message and Team videos ahead of time and asking you to watch them from your device. By uploading them to Vimeo, the content will stream flawlessly. We will send the Welcome Message with the Sign Up Genius tomorrow. We will send the Team video’s at the start of Back To School Night.

Back to School Night is an introduction to your child’s teacher and grade level content. Parent Teacher Conferences are around the corner. Please share individual information at that time. Parent Teacher Conferences are October 22 and October 23.


Erin and Judy

We Celebrate Dot Day - Tuesday, September 15th



Please notify the main office regarding the reason for the absence by calling the attendance line 703-228-2789 or sending an email to discovery.attendance@apsva.us.  

APS Attendance Policy

Discovery- Grab & Go- Library Book Checkout

Location - Veranda outside of the Dining Commons

Date and Times - Wednesdays from 2:30 to 4:30  (this may expand based upon demand)

Starting Date - Wednesday September 16

All book requests must be made by Monday night - they will be ready for pick up on Wednesday.

(All of this information is also posted on the Library webpage for frequent use)

How do I get books? pick 1 option

How do I pick up the books?

How do I return books?

See Photos

(1st photo) People will line up with masks on the ramp. There will be a rope/stanchion from the hand rails to the poles.

(2nd Photo) The line will continue along the right side of the poles and the glass wall of the dining commons. 

(3rd photo) In this area there will be a picnic table(s) for each grade level. Books will be stacked on tables with child’s name on a post-it note.

(4th photo) People will exit to the right of the pole and walk down the steps

(5th Photo) If parents bring anyone extra with them they can wait in this area keeping a social distance.

Virtual PTA Reflections: October 23 Submission Date

This year, Explorers can create original works of art in response to the student-selected theme 'I Matter Because...' in the following arts categories:

Student submissions must be saved to the Reflections GoogleDrive by Friday, October 23 to be considered. More information can be found on the Discovery PTA Reflections website. Please reach out to Amy Weinberg, 2020-21 Discovery PTA Reflections Chair, with questions.

Upcoming Events


June12, 2020

Dear Discovery Families,

A heartfelt goodbye to all our fifth graders. Seeing everyone Tuesday night was bittersweet. We are proud of your Explorers and cannot wait to hear of their middle school successes.

The staff prepared a special message for ALL Explorers. We’ve proven that our learning community can adapt and grow. We look forward to seeing smiles in person, but in the interim, …We Wish You More.

Thank you to our PTA and the community for all your support. The clearly defined roles of “teacher” and “parent” certainly shifted as we all adapted to virtual learning. Through the sharing of stories, we learned the multitude of ways learning took place at home. There was no one “right” way. We supported one another and did what was best for kids. We are stronger for this experience. We’ve all learned new skills and will be ready to pick up in the fall under any circumstance.

We wish everyone a wonderful summer. Keep reading!


Erin and Judy

(Parent News will return in August)

The Discovery Talent Show is here!

Arlington Historical Society Scavenger Hunt

The Arlington Historical Society is launching a series of activities to enhance Arlingtonians’ knowledge of our community. They have created a Scavenger Hunt for families and you can be eligible to win a prize if it is submitted by Wednesday, July 15.

Silver Linings

Teacher’s quotes shared at our last PTA meeting.

Thank you! For the returned books and other items

Equity, Race, and Diversity Resources

As you may have seen on the news or heard people talking about, there have been protests happening in our community and across the country. African American people are expressing their sadness and anger because they’ve been treated unfairly and have felt unsafe and inequal for a long time. The protests began after a black man named George Floyd died because of the actions of a white police officer. That should not have happened. Black people want their lives to be respected and valued as much as white people’s lives. Most people are protesting peacefully, but there are some people who act on their anger and damage buildings and property during the protests. When that happens, communities are coming together to clean up any mess and continue peacefully protesting and being seen/heard. Even if these protests are not affecting you or me directly, it is important for us to stand up for others who are being mistreated to help make the world a better place for everyone to live. The way to be an ally, or “strong bystander,” is by following the same steps you learned in your counseling lesson: You can use your empathy to listen, you can use your voice to share kind words of care, concern, and validation, and you can offer to help however you can. How can you be an ally? What are your hopes and dreams for the world? How can we as a family spread kindness and compassion?


Yearbooks will arrive later this summer and be available for parent pick-up..date TBD.   Distribution will look a lot like the ‘student items parent pick-up’...but hopefully without the rain :)

If you missed the online ordering deadline, you will have a chance to purchase a yearbook when they arrive later this summer. The cost will be $20, cash only, while supplies last! If you are unable to pick up your yearbook on the date provided, we will set up a make up day in the fall. More information to follow once the books have arrived...stay tuned! Enjoy your summer!

What is your summer reading plan?

You can find inspiration and information about summer reading on the Library webpage.

Summer VIrtual Learning Opportunities

In addition to the Online Opportunities on the Enrichment Opportunities section of our Gifted Services website, please check out these virtual summer offerings found on the APS Gifted Site:  https://www.apsva.us/gifted-services/summer-programs/

Enjoy your summer break! Keep learning. Keep thinking and creating!

Kindergarten Registration

Please contact sandra.amores@apsva.us for more information. We will have a sign-up genius that goes live in July for Kindergarten Meet and Greets.

The Whole Child - Social-Emotional Resources

Upcoming Events

June 5

Dear Discovery Families,

We  ask you to read, or re-read, Superintendent Duran’s and School Board chair’s message regarding recent events.


The events that have been occurring in our country, including the murder of George Floyd and the loss of so many African American lives due to violence and systemic racism, are traumatic. As educators we must consider the repercussions for our families, staff, and especially students.  We must unite and be agents of change in working to build a better world. We cannot and will not be silent. It’s our duty to provide support now, but also commit to actively engage to ensure equity for all. Discovery staff is committed to make the world a better place for all children. We will continue our courageous conversations this fall and look deeply at equity in our school and our community. We have many resources to share with you. Please reach out if you are looking for more.

Video: Helping Your Child Cope with Media Coverage of Community Racial Trauma: Tips for Parents (3:30 mins)

List of 31 Books to help teach anti-racism

How to talk to kids about race and racism

Child Mind Institute: Racism and Violence

How to Talk to Your Children about Protests and Racism & Navigating News Media Exposure

Releases “Talking About Race” Web Portal | National Museum of African American History and Culture


Erin and Judy

Student Items: Pick Up and Drop Off

On Thursday, June 11, student items will be available for pick up in the car loop from 9AM-3PM. When first in line, tell staff the last name. Staff will place a bag in your backseat. We will be wearing gloves and masks.

If applicable, have the following items in labeled bags

Any item you are returning must be clearly marked in a bag. Place the bag(s) in your rear left seat. A staff member will retrieve the bag(s). Depart the car loop. Please do not wait in the loop to sort through materials; do so when you return home. Parents choosing to walk, please walk up to the designated table and remain in line six feet apart. You are strongly encouraged not to bring anyone else with you to minimize the number of people on campus.

If you are not able to come to Discovery between 9 AM and 3 PM on Thursday, June 11th please contact Dr. Russo (Grades PK-2) or Dr. Seeber (Grades 3-5) directly to make arrangements for pick up.

If you have any questions, please first contact your student’s teacher directly.

Last Week of School

June 12th is the last day of instruction. Please know that the K-2 Continuous Learning Plans that were pushed out via ParentVue are available to you all summer. In addition, we have posted them on our Home Study page. If you wish to access learning opportunities for your child over the summer, these are great resources. In addition, teacher Google Classrooms and Canvas Course information will continue to be live. Please note teachers will not be monitoring these sites after June 12th.

Discovery Summer Reading

 Summer Reading Ideas to Love - Read and Grow!

  • You can find out more by clicking HERE

 Fall in LOVE with a new book series or author this summer!

  • If you are looking for book suggestions, you can click HERE
  • Mr. Re or Ms. Wine will be sharing a video overview with classes in Google Classroom
  • As always you can email - Mr. Re and Ms. Wine - for more suggestions.

Thank you to the 5th Grade News Team Crews

                                                Ms.Olmsted, Ms. Annamreddy, & Mr. Re

Thank you 2019-20 Safety Patrols

Next Friday, June 12 would have marked the last official day for our 5th grade patrols. At the conclusion of their morning shift, they would have symbolically passed their yellow belts to their 4th grade trainees, a tradition we began a few years ago. This official transition would have marked the end of their service and the beginning of the service for the rising 5th graders, as a Discovery safety patrol. During the following week, (what would have been the last week of school), those former patrols and I would have spent some time together for a mini party and they would have received an official certificate of appreciation for their year’s worth of work and I would have given them one last “thank you” before they moved on to middle school. Since I can’t do that in-person this year, I’d like to take the time now to congratulate this year’s patrols. Thank you for all that you’ve done, I’m very proud to see how much each of you have developed and matured over throughout the course of the year. You will be missed!

-Mr. Duffy


2019-20 Discovery Safety Patrols

Clara Amundson

Jackman Finnerty

Madeline Mangi

Nora Read

Samuel Antley

Grace Gagnier

Khai Marbley

Taylor Reardon

Jonas Balinang

Ainsley Gary

Erin McNally

TJ Reardon

Charlie Beck

Alexandra Gomez

Marley Neff

Kelsey Rucker

Lauren Beller

Rebecca Griffin

Claire O'Sullivan

Briscoe Ryder

McKenna Cameron

Claire Higgins

Gigi Obitts

Will Sanne

Nick Chase

Edith Labriola

Barbara Papantoniou

Blake Thorsen

Eliza Conway

Natalie Leung

Isabel Pereira

Maya Umerov-Todoroki

Cy Coons

Sophia Lin

Marcos Perez Angel

Andrea Warren

Mia DeFalco

Raika Louis

Julie Piedrahita

Ryan Zee

Suhani Desai

Alexander MacGregor

Ava Pierce

M.K. Zidlicky

The Lion King, Jr. Musical Tickets

Thank you so much for all of your support with purchasing tickets for the musical this year! We will offer 2 options for your contribution to the music program. You can choose to donate or receive a reimbursement. If you would like to donate your payment to the music program, you do not need to do anything. If you would like a reimbursement, please contact Tonya Senetre when school reopens in the fall. We look forward to your continued support for the music program in the future.

Eco Action

Hello Eco Action Families,


We have missed seeing you all the past few months! We are working on some exciting programming for next year. An exciting new development is that this spring we signed up to be an AFAC Plot Against Hunger garden. We plan on donating harvests from our vegetable garden as well as extra greens from our hydroponic garden.Currently AFAC is not accepting fresh donations, but we want to be ready for when they are back up and running with that program.

We do need your help this summer to help maintain what we have started this school year and what some amazing volunteers have continued during our time out of the building.

We wanted to say a few thank you’s to PTA representatives who have helped this year with our garden: Thank you to Jackie Rotz for acquiring pavers to go in the paths to help with weed growth and helping to plant with classes and over the summer, Lisa Harper Chang for her time and guidance with how we should manage the garden and Adam Simkin’s for weeding the garden!


Please use this link to sign up to care for our garden this summer. We have broken it down to 1 week time frames. Care includes weeding, watering and harvesting. Volunteers are working to plant some items in the next few weeks so we will continue to have a functioning garden.


Thank you in advance to those that sign up to help in the garden! We look forward to continuing our green work next school year!


Ms. Annamreddy and Ms. Wine

Eco Action Leaders


...no worries!  Yearbooks will be delivered later this summer and available for parent pick-up! If you missed the online ordering deadline, you will have a chance to purchase a yearbook when they arrive later this summer. The cost will be $20, cash only, while supplies last! If you are unable to pick up your yearbook on the date provided, we will set up a make up day in the fall. More information to follow once the books have been delivered...stay tuned! Enjoy your summer!

Upcoming Events

May 29, 2020

Dear Parents,

We hope you enjoyed Memorial Day! We are excited to announce a new virtual talent show. If your Explorer has a special talent be sure to submit a photo and/or video to your Explorer's Google Classroom. We will be sharing our talent show with you before the end of school on June 12th. Are looking for something different to do this weekend, check out the 100 ways to Virtually Experience DC during the pandemic. Don’t forget to purchase a yearbook!


Erin and Judy

Middle School Transition

Dear Rising 6th Grade Families:

Managing the transition from elementary to middle school can be a challenge for students and parents.  Due to school closures related to COVID-19, the WMS staff has had to condense what we would normally provide while still trying to meet the needs of our families. We are excited to offer a virtual orientation for our rising 6th grade students!  It will include information about the school day, teams, how to get involved after school, and messages from Mr. Boykin, Principal, and Ms. Brenckle, School Counselor.  We hope you find the presentation informative and helpful for your family in learning more about 6th grade at Williamsburg Middle School.

Additionally, we have updated our Rising 6th Grade Transition with a robust list of FAQs for our rising 6th grade students and parents.  Within the page, we have included answers about a typical school day, how lockers are assigned to students, etc. If you have a question and it is not listed on the page, please complete the “Welcome to Williamsburg!” Google Form, and we will respond with an answer.


Mr. Stapler

Director of Counseling Services

Williamsburg Middle School



Discovery’s Got Talent - Talent Show - June 5 deadline

Don’t forget to visit Google Classroom - for Encore!

Click here to see this week’s episode of “Exploring with Encore”

Library Buzz-There are many ways to hear and tell stories

Did you know we have over 900 e-Audio books in MackinVIA?

The Whole Child - Social-Emotional Resources

Yearbook - Order deadline June 1st!!!


Contact Jennifer Taylor with questions: jennifer.taylor2@apsva.us

Upcoming Events

May 22, 2020

Dear Discovery Families,

Please be sure to scroll down to see attached opportunities and items of interest like the Social and Emotional Resources for your child. The School Board voted and approved a change to the school year calendar. June 12th is the last day of Distance Learning for elementary students. Teachers will continue to work until June 19th in preparation for school reopening in the Fall, 2020. This weekend we remember the men and women who have died while serving in the military. Thank you to all our military families for your service. We hope you enjoy the longer weekend break.


Erin and Judy

Don’t forget to visit Google Classroom - for Encore!

Also be sure to view our newest weekly Fun Video Update of “Exploring with Encore”!

Library Buzz - Hey what is cooking with your explorer?

Did you know we have close to 300 e-books on food and cooking in MackinVIA?

Elementary Summer Learning Model


Cost: $15   Deadline: June 1st  Order your Discovery yearbook!!!!

Contact Jennifer Taylor at jennifer.taylor2@apsva.us with any questions.

The Whole Child - Social-Emotional Resources

All videos can be found HERE.

Upcoming Events

May 15, 2020

Dear Discovery Families,

We hope you have had a GREAT week of learning. As the weather improves, we encourage you to go outside and soak up some Vitamin D. Children learn through play, as well as learning through the classroom. Check out the cool library books that teach about the outdoors. Start a garden in your yard. This is a wonderful experience for your child to learn about plant life cycle, bugs, soil, and the importance of our ecosystem. Growing your own food may even help with vegetable consumption.

Enjoy this weekend!

Erin and Judy

Don’t forget to visit Google Classroom - for Encore!

PE, Art, Music, and Spanish teachers have grade level lessons posted in each classroom. You will also find Library read-alouds and information from our counselors.

Be sure to view our newest weekly Fun Video Update of “Exploring with Encore”!

Be Sure to Check Out the Virtual Field Trips!

Just a reminder that there are lots of fun virtual field trips on the Enrichment Opportunity Page.

This week coming up you can learn about Shakespeare or learn how a copper mine works, visit the Smithsonian Zoo, Colonial Williamsburg, or learn about the stars. All pretty cool stuff and a fun way to learn something new.

Library Buzz - Get Outside and Explore!

Did you know we have over 150 e-books on insects and spiders in MackinVIA?

We also have over 100 e-books on gardens, vegetables, and plants.

Attention Grade 3 Families: Is your child interested in learning to play an instrument?

Mr. Glasner posted demonstration videos of current fourth- and fifth-grade students playing various instruments. All current third-grade students are invited to play an instrument in fourth-grade (SY20-21). Please share "Mr. Glasner Instrumental Music" Google Classroom with your children. They can join Mr. Glasner’s Google Classroom with this Class Code: 7dw5dtc. They go to the Classwork Section to view videos of current fourth- and fifth-grade students demonstrating all the instruments offered to rising fourth-grade students. Mr. Glasner’s Google Classroom is populated by students from Nottingham, Discovery, and the Montessori Public School of Arlington (MPSA). In the near future, Mr. Glasner will add a form to his Google Classroom for students/parents to sign up.


“I’m late, I’m late                      

For a very important date…”

Don’t be like the White Rabbit…

Order your Discovery Yearbook TODAY!!

Deadline June 1st!!

Contact Jennifer Taylor with questions:


The Whole Child - Social-Emotional Resources

Upcoming Events

May 8, 2020

Dear Discovery Families,

Make some popcorn, attach your computer to your TV, and watch this PHENOMENAL performance of The Lion King Jr. A huge shout out to our Ms. Krupa and Ms. Neiderlander (formly Ms. Harris) and every Explorer and family member whose contribution made this outstanding show possible. We are blown away! Our deepest regret is that we can not see the musical performed live, but watching it today just goes to show the beauty that is possible when committed teachers, students, and families collaborate. Kudos to all!

A heartfelt thank you also goes to our PTA for their efforts in making this Teacher Appreciation Week one to remember! Personal touches and Explorer notes and video were just the right lift! We are proud to work with these educators and continue to be proud of all Explorers.

We will not host a Town Hall this up-coming Tuesday, but we look forward to the Tuesday evening PTA meeting.


Erin and Judy

The Lion King Jr. Cast                                                                

Young Simba: ​Cy Coons

Simba: ​Thomas Adams

Young Nala: ​Taylor Reardon

Nala: ​Edith Labriola                        

Mufasa: ​Caleb Davis

Scar: ​Maya Umerov-Todoroki

Zazu: ​McKenna Cameron

Rafiki: ​William Dennis
Sarabi: ​Isabel Pereira

Sarafina: ​Alexandra Gomez

Shenzi: ​Eliza Conway

Banzai: ​Marcos Perez Angel

Ed: ​Grace Gagnier

Timon: ​Will Sanne

Pumbaa: ​Marley Neff


Lioness 1: ​Julie Piedrahita

Lioness 2: ​Kelsey Rucker

Lioness 3: ​Barbara Papantoniou

Lioness 4: ​Rebecca Griffin

Lioness 5: ​Finley Reese

Lioness 6: ​Claire O’Sullivan

Lioness 7: ​Nora Read


Hyena 1:​ James Jones

Hyena 2: ​Ryan Zee

Hyena 3: ​Henry Snyder

Hyena 4: ​Natalie Leung

Hyena 5: ​Mia Defalco        


Zebra 1: ​Sophia Meinert

Zebra 2: ​Lena O’Geen

Zebra 3: ​Tucker Sullivan

Antelope 4: ​Alex MacGregor

Antelope 5: ​William Martin

Antelope 6: ​Claire Higgins

Giraffe 7: ​Sophie Charlton

Giraffe 8: ​Gigi Obitts                

Giraffe 9: ​Faris Kiamie


Elephant 1: ​Owen Atkins

Elephant 2: ​Jonas Balinang

Elephant 3: ​Lauren Beller

Elephant 4: ​Mary Zidlicky

Bird 5: ​Raika Louis


Bird 6: ​Liam Zurcher

Bird 7: ​Jackman Finnerty

Bird 8: ​Brisco Ryder

Bird 9: ​Evie Nguyen


The Lion King Jr.

Crew Backstage Support

Kinsley Williams

TJ Reardon



Zach Bodenstein



Darius Teel

Yael Lopez Herrea

Charlie Beck



Liam Finkel                                


Ainsley Gary


Set Design        

Nicholas Chase

Suhani Desai

Alex Perrelli

Madaline Mangi

Clara Amundson

Ava Pierce

Ashton Kim

Evan Reilly

Blake Thorsen


A Special Message from Encore

Thank you for participating in Virtual Field Day. Tennis Shoe Tower and Hand Wash Relay made us laugh. Please play this message for your Explorer. It features our Encore teachers and some Explorer Art.

Musical: The Lion King, Jr.

Discovery Elementary School 5th Grade Virtual Production of Disney’s The Lion King Jr. is complete! We are so proud of all members of the cast and crew for their hard work on this year’s performance. Although we wish we could have performed live for you, we hope you enjoy the show!

Please note the following restrictions due to copyright:

Please enjoy the performance!

Link: https://vimeo.com/415640850

Password: LionKing2020



Thank you for your fabulous distance learning photos!!!

They have been uploaded and ready for the yearbook!  


Get your yearbook now!          

Better hurry,

Better scurry,

Before the time runs out!

They’re not that hard to find,

They’re all right here, online!

Yearbooks Available

Contact Jennifer Taylor with any questions at jennifer.taylor2@apsva.us

Mental Health Awareness Month

With the unprecedented times that we are in right now, it

is more crucial than ever to recognize the importance of mental health. One in five people experience a mental illness and many more experience challenges in their life that can affect their mental health. Modeling strong coping skills to children is so important for helping them to learn and feel empowered to be able to tackle any challenges they may face. We recognize that many parents are facing more stress than ever to encourage distance learning, while also working themselves. However, many of the things parents are already doing encourage resiliency and support mental health. Never discount the impact of small actions or mindset shifts that encourage moments of mindfulness, gratitude, kindness, and connection, which can increase positive emotions that are so important during this time.

Looking to consciously create more of these moments? Look no further!

Below are resources and activities  that may encourage a conversation in your home about the importance of mental health & resiliency:

Upcoming Events

May 1, 2020

Dear Discovery Families,

Today is the first day of May and the sun is out!

We recognize that this is a challenging time for all members of our community. We understand that being away from Discovery’s students and teachers may create sadness, stress, anxiety and loneliness for your children. We have this AMAZING message for them that is sure to bring joy, smiles, laughter, giggles, cheers, and happiness! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


Erin and Judy

Monday Message

Show your child our Flipgrid and invite him or her to respond.

Virtual Town Hall: Tuesday, May 5th

During our Town Hall on Tuesday, Ms. Harmon, Ms. Spierto, and Ms. Jesukiewicz will showcase their Pre-K programs. They will offer insight on how to keep learning fun with our youngest Explorers. As usual, we welcome school-wide questions here. We will begin at 11:30AM.

Bike and Walk to School AND Field Day!

Bike and Walk to School - From a Distance!

Bike and Walk to School was supposed to take place on Wednesday, May 6. We’re still planning to partner with Safe Routes to School and are encouraging students and teachers to take part in virtual biking or walking to school events outlined below. Each day has something fun planned:

Virtual Field Day!

On Friday, May 8, Discovery is joining thousands of schools from across the country and participating in a Virtual Field Day! The event is kicking off on Sunday, May 3, with a “Torch Run”. You can also check out a live “Opening Ceremonies” on May 7 at 7:30PM.

In case you haven’t noticed, we uploaded practice activities to your child’s Google Classroom (in the PE folder) for our families and students to complete. Checkout the complete Family Packet for students (and families!) to be used on May 8. Feel free to Tweet any photos at us!

K-2 Continuous Learning Plan

Please check out the below supports. The videos are fun, engaging, and align with the daily lessons.

“At Home with APS” schedule

Parent Guide to K-2 Packet


ORDER your 2019-2020 yearbook!!  


Yearbooks are $15.

Order online here:  Yearbooks Available   

Contact Jennifer Taylor with any questions jennifer.taylor2@apsva.us

The Whole Child - Social-Emotional Resources

Panel from the William & Mary School of Education

Topic: Mindfulness for Families during the Pandemic

Virtual Calming Room

Miscellaneous Resources

25 Tips and Activities to Make Quarantine Fun for Children

(including making a time capsule)

Upcoming Events

Dear Discovery Families,

At Tuesday’s Town Hall, we will feature a teacher from each grade level team. They will highlight their team’s learning platform and offer tips for educating children at each age level. Untethered to SOL’s and mandatory curriculum, we encourage students to embrace this time to follow their passions. Several students have shared with us amazing projects and interests. We will also highlight a few websites that have inspired Explorers. Please use this link to ask questions.

Many parents are organizing virtual playdates. It is helpful when your Discovery Directory information is up to date. It’s never too late and it’s always free.  

We understand that there is uncertainty with next year’s learning. All students have been affected by the school closing. In the fall of 2020, Teachers will meet all learners where they are and guide them through new content, as well as teach fourth quarter content. Please know this applies to our fifth graders moving onto sixth grade.

Looking forward to next fall, please know that we are going to take care of placement for your child with their next year’s teacher. We will not be able to take teacher or friend requests for class placement for the upcoming school year. Please trust us to make a proper placement for your child. We are collaborating with staff, including your child’s current teacher, Ms. Nawojchik, Encore teachers, and our coaches.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Spirit Week! We loved all your spirit and pictures!


Erin and Judy

Monday Message

Show your child our Flipgrid and invite him or her respond. We celebrated Earth Day this past Tuesday, April 22nd. Did you know that Earth Day is a global event that began in 1970?

The Whole Child - Social-Emotional Resources

Michael Swisher & the Arlington Partnership for Family, Children, and Youth

Topic: Organizing Structured Space & Limits & Expectations

How parents can protect kids’ mental health during the pandemic by Katie Hurley

My OOPSpace journal from Big Life Journal: Assembly instructions & Free printables

Podcasts for Kids - Episode 26: How to Find Beauty in Imperfection

7 Ways to Help Your Child with Perfectionism

The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives by William Stixrud and Ned Johnson

The Happy Kid Handbook: How to Raise Joyful Children in a Stressful World by Katie Hurley

Kid Confidence: Help Your Child Make Friends, Build Resilience, and Develop Real Self-Esteem by Eileen Kennedy-Moore

Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World by Michele Borba

No More Mean Girls: The Secret to Raising Strong, Confident, and Compassionate Girls by Katie Hurley

Happy Color - Paint by Number

Stop, Breathe & Think

At Home with APS

The first APS videos designed to bring teacher-led instruction into the homes of APS students debuted this week in kindergarten and first grade. Moving forward, the Vimeo ad YouTube video will be pushed out in Google Classroom. Next week’s video will be appropriate for second grade.  

The videos are accessible via Comcast AETV channels 70 and 1090 (HD) and Verizon FiOS AETV Channel 41. They will also be shared online via YouTube and Vimeo. Closed captioning is available on YouTube. At Home with APS is scheduled to work alongside other educational programming developed at the state and local level. The K-2 episode is repeated throughout the day for accessibility. The following links will go live tomorrow:

At Home with APS: Early Literacy Edition (Episode #1) · Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/406882119/2e6bd448bc  · YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flH05TGXGUA

Social-Emotional Learning – (Episode #1) · Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/408041606/5a62051498  · YouTube:https://yout.be/MB69_qQE4QQ

SchoolTalks will also alert parents of when the new videos are available.


Other resources:

April 23-24 and April 27

Schedule Target Audience Content Channel

9-10 a.m. K-12 Outside the Classroom via WJLA Comcast Channel 808 FiOS 508

10-10:30 K-2 At Home with APS: Early Literacy Edition (Episode #1) Comcast Channel 70/1090 (HD) FiOS 41

1-2 p.m. K-3 VA TV Classroom via WHRO Public Media Comcast: AETV-channels 70/1090 (HD) WETA/PBS Kids - channels 266 and 1147 FiOS: WETA/PBS Kids - Channel 472 AETV Channel 41 Over the Air: WETA-3

2-2:30 K-2 At Home with APS: Early Literacy Edition (Episode #1) Comcast Channel 70/1090 (HD) FiOS 41

5-5:30 K-2 At Home with APS: Early Literacy Edition (Episode #1) Comcast Channel 70/1090 (HD) FiOS 41

7-7:30 K-2 At Home with APS: Early Literacy Edition (Episode #1) Comcast Channel 70/1090 (HD) FiOS 41

Upcoming Events

Dear Discovery Families,

We are energized by the students’ participation in our online learning, and we are grateful for your support as we continue to navigate this uncharted territory. We thank you for participating in our third Virtual Town Hall this past Tuesday. We appreciate your feedback. We will host our next one on Tuesday, April 21st at 11:30AM. We plan to devote this time to sharing instructional resources, as well demonstrating how to access them.

This week we have participated in virtual team meetings via Microsoft Teams with all teachers, and we are pleased with the work they are doing with students and families, given the circumstances.

Please give your children our very best and let them know we miss being with them tremendously. We hope that each member of your family continues to remain safe and healthy.


Erin and Judy

Monday Message

Show your child our Flipgrid and have him or her respond! We celebrate National Poetry Month.

Stixrud Presentation:

Here’s the recording of Stixrud’s talk from last night: https://vimeo.com/408675112. Again, we thank our PTA and Whole Child Group for making this event possible. If you are interested in reading more, The Self-Driven Child is available on Amazon, including in Kindle and audiobook formats.

PTA Message

Trying to "virtually" connect with other families?: If you have not already, please create an account on the PTA's website (it's free!). Discovery’s PTA is allowing ALL parents to access the online family directory (no PTA membership required). Once you've created your account, you can access the family directory. You can likely find their information in the directory. Start here: https://discoverypta.membershiptoolkit.com/home

Please note: You MUST create/update your account via the PTA website on a computer browser. It can not be done on your phone browser or in the app. Once you have updated your account via a computer, you should have access to everything else via the app (called Membership Toolkit).

Encore Virtual Spirit Week: April 20-24th, 2020

Join Discovery’s teachers and staff by participating in Virtual Spirit Week, April 20-24th. Each day is a separate Encore subject-themed day. Discovery families and students are encouraged to post images or videos on Twitter using #DiscoveryHomeSpirit and tagging @DiscoveryAPS, as well as the designated Encore teachers for each day.

Virtual Field Day: May 8th, 2020

The PE team is planning to join “National Field Day” coordinated by OPEN Phys Ed., Friday, May 8th. This is a “virtual” Field Day with activities students complete at home. More details to come!

The Whole Child - Social-Emotional Resources

Additional Resources (re-posted):


ORDER your 2019-2020 yearbook!!  


Yearbooks are $15.

Order online here:  Yearbooks Available   


Be sure to include your photos of the Virtual Encore Spirit Week, April 20-24! We will close out the link for photos on May 1st. https://photos.app.goo.gl/W2Gpuhwvf1vXdAH47

Contact Jennifer Taylor with any questions jennifer.taylor2@apsva.us

Intent to Return

Help us plan for next year by letting us know if your child(ren) is returning to Discovery next year. Please fill out this form.

Conditional Online Registration for 2019-2020

Students new to Discovery can now register for this year. We will let you know when Kindergarten registration is available.

Easy Access to 10,000+ ebooks, audio books and the APS databases - MackinVIA

How do I access MackinVIA? There are now 2 ways to access.

Due to the situation we are in, MackinVIA recently created a universal login for us.

New Simple Way - if you are looking to read shorter books in one sitting.

  • You probably want to use the new universal login.
  • Go to MackinVIA.com You will see 3 boxes. Ignore the top one and fill in the bottom 2 as seen in the image on the right.
  • Here is a quick video to guide you through it and how to search for books.

If you are looking to read a longer book. 

  • You probably want to use your regular student ID number and password and check out the book as students always have.
  • Here is a video to help.

Upcoming Events

21 April           Virtual Town Hall (11:30AM, Google Meet or MicroSoft Teams)

21 April           Virtual PTA Meeting (7-8PM)

20-24 April      Spirit Week

8 May              Virtual Field Day

Town Hall Summary 4/14/20

Good Morning Everyone!

We hope you found a creative way to staycation last week. We are grateful we had some beautiful weather. Today we have many questions on the Continuous Learning Plan that we want to answer. We also have an exciting event we want to promote. We hope you will all be able to join us for this Thursday at 7PM. We typically start meetings with celebrations, so let’s start by thanking Music Teacher Caitlin Harris and all staff for sharing their dance moves before Spring Break. That was an awesome video even if Elton John didn’t retweet it. We’ve got some other really fun spirit lifting ideas coming soon! So please stay tuned.

Dr. Bill Stixrud, author of The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives, will virtually meet with Discovery families on Thursday, April 16th at 7PM. This is a new time then we previously scheduled. We will send a School Talk with the link to join the session- Google Meet. Dr. Stixrud’s areas of expertise include anxiety and stress management, self-motivation, and resilience.

We thank our PTA and the WHole Child Committee for making this event possible.

Yesterday was a designated Grade Preparation Day for teachers at Virtual Discovery. Progress Reports will be made available through Parent Vue on April 29th for 1st -5th grade students. Teachers did not write personal comments because school closed five days after conferences. If there was a standard that was not taught due to closure, it was not included on the Progress Report. Please remember, you have access to all quarterly reporting standards on our website under Standard Based Reporting. Kindergarten families typically receive Progress Reports second and fourth quarter. There will be no fourth quarter Progress Report this year. Kindergarten families can have conversations with teachers about student progress up until closure. Again, Progress Reports will be live on Parent Vue on April 29th.

Our hope is that as we move forward with the APS Continuous Learning plan, your child engages in activities to receive feedback from teachers.

As a quick summary, the Continuous Learning Plan focuses on numeracy and literacy with the integration of science and social studies.

K-2 Learning is delivered by parents through paper packets available on Parent Vue and for pick up at food distribution sites. Discovery teachers will continue to hold Morning Meetings through synchronous and asynchronous means and to support the packet learning through SeeSaw and Google Classroom.

3-5 Learning is delivered by teachers through Google Classroom and Canvas. Teachers will continue to hold Morning Meetings to support social emotional connection through synchronous and asynchronous means.

For grades 3-5, learning will continue through Google Classroom and Canvas.

Office Hours: All teachers are required to hold office hours. We will publish the Office Hours on our website. If you wish to speak to a teacher during office hours, please email the teacher and they will give you a call. Please know that this is a county wide requirement and that Discovery teachers will be just as responsible as they have always been. Just keep in mind that there may be background noise or interruption as we all try to work from home.


The guidance from APS is disappointing to say the least. It is frustrating that other districts in the area are doing guided learning and online instruction and we are not following similar structures. Is there a plan for teachers to do any guided instruction over the course of the next few months via video? We parents are aching for this for many reasons, to include greater interaction with their teachers and classmates as well as to relieve some of the burden from us as full time instructors while also working full time.

In grade 3-5, teachers will be teaching through video and posting for students to view at a time that works best for the student. This might be a video of the teacher talking to the camera, it might be a Google Slide the teacher has created with voice over, it might be the teacher writing on paper with voiceover. Teachers have gotten very creative and been able to construct doc cams with canned vegetables and iPads.

Morning Meeting is the time for students to connect with teachers and classmates. At times this will by sychronous and times asychronous.

How do you apply for Kindergarten without a scanner to scan in documents and the application to submit online?

APS is not accepting new registrations. Here is the link for information


(1:45PM) We just got word that APS has figured out remote registration. They will be sending out the information shortly.

Do you have any leeway to add social studies and science into the lessons?

Yes, the Continuous Learning Plan specifically says that science and social studies will be incorporated with choice boards that are on the APS site.

Now, this is a good time to remind people of where resources are located.

Core learning is coming from your classroom teacher.

Our Encore teachers are delivering learning through classroom teachers

Our Home Study page is still up and active. You will find Spanish, art, music, and Gifted opportunities there. Check out the Smithsonian History Explorer Activity.

In addition, you can find Science and Social Studies and Encore lessons on the APS website

When we summarize this meeting, all links to these resources will be live.

Will we be getting lessons from the encore teachers? PE/Music/Art/Spanish? 

The continuous learning plan has choices boards that are on the APS site and our teachers have been and will be checking in with your students in their Google Classrooms.

Before school closed my child was receiving a reading intervention. Will Reading Teachers be able to work with students directly to deliver interventions? 

The hard answer is no. Trust me, it pains our teachers. Our Reading Specialists have been asked to call the families they worked with and offer suggestions for parents at home. We do believe that more information on reading interventions will be forthcoming, but at this time, we do not have clearance to deliver intervention remotely. Our reading specialists care deeply about your child’s reading progress and will do their best to offer suggestions to parents.

For students who are in gifted services. Can additional content be made available? My 3rd grader is very blue about having to repeat assignments she has already mastered. Can the gifted services teacher provide some extensions (ideally through the Gifted Teacher for ease of working parents?)

Gifted material will be supplied through the classroom teacher with support from Ms. Olmsted as it is normally done during the school year. The classroom teacher and Ms. Olmsted are working together to provide students with extended learning opportunities around content that has already been taught. Your teachers will add extension opportunities into their lessons.There are also many activities on the Enrichment Opportunity Page on our Home Learning site.

For language arts and math for grades 4-5, will the teachers post on Canvas the required daily work? For math, what is a Reflection?

Fourth grade assignments will be posted in Google Classroom and fifth grade assignments will be posted through Canvas. These are the platforms the students are most familiar with. The math reflection is a question a student is asked to respond to about math learning. A second grade reflection question after a number line activity might be

If you had 100-47 what is the least amount of “hops” you can make?

For 4th grade, will teachers have lessons/review for VA studies and Science? If yes, how often?

Science and Social Studies lessons are available on the APS website. 

As the news begins to talk about opening up public restrictions, what is the status of Summer School for 2020?

APS is looking at what options there should be for summer school or before the 2021-21 school year begins. While we would not hold school for all students, options for those who may need additional support are being considered.

I realize teachers are not going to grade new material for the final term, but can you post that information as optional in case parents want to try and cover it.

Yes. Many parents have asked about VA Studies and the fourth quarter standards. You can find that on our Standards Based Assesment page.

Are there any plans to end the current school year earlier than June 19 or to start the year earlier in the Fall?

No definite plans that we can speak to right now.

How will parents register their children for kindergarten for the 2020-2021 school year, and when will registration begin?

We will get you this information as soon as it is ready. APS is working on a plan to accept registrations.

Will my 5th grader be hearing from their science and social studies teachers (whom he adores!) again? Also, what about PE? It would be helpful to have “assignments” from Mr Duffy as well through either canvas or google classroom! My children respond better when things come as assignments from their teachers rather than “asks” from me!

Yes, Mr. Bridges and Ms. Montana . Encore teachers are also popping up in teacher’s Morning Meetings and will activities. Fifth grade teachers will adress how to see all students, not just their homeroom.

Good morning! I am very disappointed that APS has invested so much money into technology for our school, yet when the time has come to step up and use the technology in place, we are left with math video games to teach our children.

Teachers will follow the APS CLP. There is more to the plan than video games. There are some really good activities in the K-2 Math Workshop section. Our teachers are planning the math instruction for 3-5 students.

Are encore class assignments “mandatory”?


Will Discovery 2nd grade teachers use technology to its full potential for our 2nd graders? I'm concerned APS lumped K-2 together as not having tech devices.

Second grade teachers will continue Morning Meetings on Google Classroom. Students will submit work and teachers will respond.

Can Discovery determine for itself whether teachers can provide synchronous or asynchronous interactions with the children?

No. Discovery can not make that decision. It has been made it very clear instruction will not be synchronous.

Will Ms. Olmstead be providing work for the students she was working with in quarter 3?

Ms. Olmsted, GT teacher, will work with teachers to provide extensions. Teachers will label extension opportunities with Extension.

Is there a list of topics for 5th graders that align with the SOLs that can be posted for parents? It would help focus additional educational time we are spending with them.

Yes. Standards-based on the Discovery website. Also VDOE lists the state standards.

What kind of preparation can the 5th grade team work to provide the 5th graders to get them ready for differences coming in middle school?

Yes. The middle school counselors did already come and talk to the fifth graders. WMS will also have their transition events.

Why can't our children's teachers interact with them more? One hour of content with minimal interaction with the teacher really is challenging for children and parents alike.

We are following the plan which DTL created based on VDOE. Also, our teachers need to be with their children.

We know that distance learning is not ideal for anyone. It’s difficult and it’s stressful. We want more than anything to be back at our building, and not at the cost of anyone’s health. I’m proud of all the staff who have worked tirelessly to connect with students. We have fun spirit lifting activities coming up and we are going to continue making the best out of this time.

We will do another Town Hall next week, but it will be a new format. We will not take and answer questions. Instead we will be sharing resources. We will walk you through some really great resources you can use to support learning at home. Please tune in if you are available.

We would like to end by reiterating our hope that you can join us Thursday evening to learn from Bill Stixrud at 7PM. Thank you PTA and the Whole Child Committee for supporting and planning this event!

Friday April 3, 2020

Dear Discovery Families,

Thank you for all your support of Discovery teachers this past week. We are looking forward to unplugging next week and hope you enjoy fresh air too.

We “Will Be There For You” after Spring Break!


Erin and Judy

Weekly Message: Virtual Tour of the U.S. National Parks

Ask your Explorer to reply to this Weekly Message over Spring Break.

Dr. Bill Stixrud: Virtual Presentation After Spring Break

Dr. Bill Stixrud, author of The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives, will virtually meet with Discovery families on Thursday, April 16th at 7PM. This is a new time then we previously scheduled. Please look for a School Talk that will contain a link to join the session. We will use the Google Meet platform.

Dr. Stixrud’s areas of expertise include anxiety and stress management, self-motivation, and resilience. If you would like to read more about Bill Stixrud and The Self-Driven Child, including more information about the book, please access his promotional pamphlet. See also this article from Scientific American. If you are interested in purchasing the book, it is available on Amazon, including in Kindle and audiobook formats.

The Whole Child - Resources & Webinars

Gifted Referrals

We will not be having any further gifted eligibility screening meetings this year. All testing for students in grades 1,2, and 3 was cancelled for this school year.  We cannot find students eligible for Gifted services without a nationally normed universal screener. Any parent referrals already received this year will be pushed to Fall 2020. Once we begin school again, we will be given directions on when testing will take place for grades 1, 2, and 3. We will keep you posted moving forward.

Making the most of MackinVIA - now almost 10,000 ebooks, audio books and the APS databases

The majority of the new multi-user books are nonfiction.  

How do I access MackinVIA? There are now 2 ways to access.

Due to the situation we are in, MackinVIA recently created a universal login for us.

New Simple Way - if you are looking to read shorter books in one sitting.

  • You probably want to use the new universal login.
  • Go to MackinVIA.com You will see 3 boxes. Ignore the top one and fill in the bottom 2 as seen in the image on the right.
  • Here is a quick video to guide you through it and how to search for books.

If you are looking to read a longer book. 

  • You probably want to use your regular student ID number and password and check out the book as students always have.
  • Here is a video to help.

Once I am in MackinVIA, how do I search for a book?

  1. 1st option - click on the red “GROUPS” bar. There you will find ebook groups by grade levels and specific topics. We have also recently grouped some of the new multi-user ebooks.
  2. 2nd option - Use the search feature in the upper right hand corner. The Advanced Search menu will pop up below the main menu bar on the left for additional filtering.
  3. 3rd option - click on the purple categories bar in the upper left.

What else do I need to know about all this?


Due to COVID-19, our deadlines have extended…

ORDER your 2019-2020 yearbook!!  


Yearbooks are $15…order online here:  Yearbooks Available   

PHOTO SHOUT OUT...THANK YOU!!!  We have received your fabulous distance learning photos…keep ‘em coming!  We will close out the link for photos on May 1st. https://photos.app.goo.gl/W2Gpuhwvf1vXdAH47

Contact Jennifer Taylor with any questions jennifer.taylor2@apsva.us

Upcoming Events

6-10 April Spring Break

14 April- Virtual Town Hall (11:30AM, Google Meet)

16 April- Bill Stixrud Presentation: The Self-Driven Child (7PM, Google Meet)

21 April- Virtual PTA Meeting (7-8PM)

Dear Discovery Families,

Below is a summary of the 3/31/20 Town Hall. The questions asked during the Town Hall are capurtured in the recording.


Erin and Judy

Good Morning,

We hope everyone is doing well. As more people in our area test positive, we want you to know those dealing more intimately with coronavirus are at the forefront of our hearts and minds. We appreciate this chance to gather together and hopefully create more clarity.

New this week: Teachers are virtually connecting with students. They are also making phone calls to check in with families. We’ve asked teachers to focus on building classroom community. Teachers miss their students and each other just as much as students miss their teachers and classmates.

Within the last few days, APS has stated that Microsoft Teams is the only approved platform for using with students. This contrasts with what we understood and shared with you previously. Parents, please do not reach out to teachers to ask them to use a different platform. We must follow APS directives, and we are actively seeking clarification on what we can and cannot use. We have communicated our concerns to APS, including asking about other platforms. If anything changes, we will let you know. Whatever we land on, Keith will develop instructions for everyone.

Please know that students have the capability of creating and inviting other students to Microsoft Team meetings. We just became aware of this last night. Some parents have expressed concern. Our advice is to monitor your child’s device usage. As the adults, it’s our role to monitor device usage. There are a couple of resources that may help you reinforce expected behaviors using technology at home. One is the “Be Internet Awesome” digital citizenship curriculum, available as a link on all Discovery-issued iPads, or by searching for “Be Internet Awesome” in your web browser. It is presented by Google. Another great resource is our new Expectations page on our website. Keith will now show you how to find that resource. (Ask Keith to present the Expectations page.)

One other note on technology. If you are feeling frustrated, we understand. We are also trying to become an expert on everything from Google Classroom to Flipgrid and Seesaw. It’s not something we’re  used to using every day, so we too experience frustration. But, here’s the thing, there are people here to help. I reach out to teachers, to Judy, to Keith. Please know that we are here for you.

Soon, DTL will publish the recommended number of hours and minutes for students to engage in school work per grade level, as well as what online learning will look like. In preparation, we ‘ve asked all classroom teachers pre-k - fourth to set up a Google Classroom. You as a parent can log into Google Classroom using your child’s credentials. Encore assignments for art, music, PE, and Spanish, are found inside your classroom teacher’s Google Classroom. You will also find information from instrumental music and chorus.

Moving forward we will offer times for parents and students to ask questions. We will also address CARES and our behavioral expectations when engaging with each other virtually.

Lastly, we are planning uplifting celebrations and other ways to support students. With that, let’s jump to some q and a’s. We will publish a summary of this meeting for those unable to connect now.

Q: Will Discovery (3rd grade specifically) have live virtual classroom teaching for the entire class or groups using Zoom or other technology?

A: The Department of Teaching and Learning (DTL) has directed us to use Microsoft Teams, but remember what we said a moment ago: this is a changing situation, we have expressed our concerns and asked our questions, and we are awaiting further information.

Q: Can we get a list of all learning requirements for each grade, so we know where to focus in preparation for September and our next grade?

A: Yes, this information is on our website under Standard-based. Keith will display for you how to access now.

Q: Will there be a plan for the fifth graders to do the WMS tour that was planned for April over the summer?

A: I spoke with Bryan Boykin this morning. His team will work on a plan to thoughtfully transition fifth graders. He will communicate a plan when he has one.

Q: No question - just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work! Launching a virtual school is a mammoth undertaking and to have to throw it together on the fly must be exhausting. We appreciate your hard work!


Q: Have you heard about summer school plans yet?

A: Summer school is canceled. We have no summer school updates at this time.

Q: Can you narrow down all the emails/technology platforms to ONE that describes exactly what we need to do as we balance homeschooling our kids and work full time? You have too many different places to go, different platforms to log into, different websites to click on. Other school districts are doing video learning with teachers for 2 hours a day and providing email homeworks...sounds a lot more simple than what Discovery is doing.

A: Yes. All classrooms Pre-K- fourth grade are using Google Classroom. Through Google Classroom, students will use other applications, such as Flipgrid and Seesaw. All you or your child need to do is log into Google Classroom using your child's ID. Inside Google Classroom, you will see assignments from classroom and encore teachers.

Q: Can we have a schedule for the school day? Can we please work physical exercise into the schedule?

A: Yes and yes. APS is going to release information and guidance regarding the amount of time it's appropriate for students of different ages to remain on task. 

Q: Do you have any suggestions for spring break online content? Trying to balance work demands with no camp options…

A: Yes, many businesses like TKD, Karate, art, and piano are offering virtual classes. It’s a great idea for parents to share information with one another. Please, please take advantage of the resources under Enrichment Opportunities under Home Study.

Q: If live virtual teaching will not be provided, please explain what the specific barriers are as this is occurring in other schools in the area. Thank you!

A: We’ve had several meetings with Arron Gregory, our Chief Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer, and I can share that access to technology and adult supervision are the most frequently cited concerns.


Friday, March 27, 2020

Dear Discovery Families,

Happy Friday! We hope the warm weather allows for outside exploration. We are feeling more confident and productive in our new Collaborative Learning Team meetings. APS has provided more communication technology, and we are striving to build a solid virtual classroom community as quickly as possible. Next week, teachers will use the Learning Plan provided by the Department of Teaching and Learning. We will hold our Virtual Town Hall on Tuesday, March 31st at 11:30AM. We will provide overall updates and offer a chance for parents to ask questions. We ask you to submit questions here or to ask questions during the Virtual Town Hall via chat. Please look for an APS School Talk with the Google Hangout link to join the Virtual Town Hall at 11:25.


Erin and Judy

Monday Message

Ask your Explorer to reply to us on Monday! Here is our first virtual morning message on Flipgrid!

Digital Citizenship Reminder

Keith Reeves is restructuring the "Technology" section of the Discovery Website to address our new school environment. He redid the "Policies & Practices" section to include a page called "Expectations," invoking Responsive Classroom language and techniques. Several CLTs have asked about expectations, related to language, when using various applications and platforms, such as Google Classroom. We invite you to check out https://discovery.apsva.us/techexpectations/, available by navigating to Technology -> Policies & Practices -> Expectations.

We hope this is a useful resource for families to help their children stay in the Green Zone while using online learning tools.


While we are on this crazy, unfamiliar journey together, the yearbook team is plugging away and reserving a spread of pages to document your adventures. We hope you have fun with this...

​           ...here's where you come in...

Please drop us your 'distance learning' photos in the google photos link below for the yearbook.  Whether your children are at a desk, a table, under a tree, or riding a bike, they are learning and we want their pictures. The yearbook team hopes you are staying safe and healthy. Feel free to reach out with questions to Jennifer Taylor at jennifer.taylor2@apsva.us

Please use this link and add your photos:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/W2Gpuhwvf1vXdAH47

The Discovery Virtual Library is Open

Need access to online ebooks, eAudio books and APS databases in MackinVIA?

Where else can I find free online ebooks and eAudio books?

Social-Emotional Learning

Please check out the Student Wellness and Social-Emotional Learning portions of the Home Study webpage! In the Student Wellness section, you will find community resources, information from the APS Department of Student Services, and resources to help answer questions and address children’s worries when discussing the coronavirus and resulting closures/cancellations.

In the Social-Emotional Learning portion of the website, you will find numerous free, online resources to continue your child(ren)’s SEL practice at home, including online comics about bystander power, mindfulness/yoga videos, read alouds, and activities designed to combat anxiety, stress, and worry. There is also information for parents of students with disabilities, and instruction on how to handle a mental health emergency.

In addition, families can access curriculum materials including “home links” from Second Step/counseling lessons using these instructions. Family “activation keys” are available to access curriculum materials for each grade level. Please Note: The Second Step online dashboard provides parents with access to curriculum materials (such as visuals and songs used to accompany lessons, book lists, etc.) rather than stand-alone lessons. These resources are not intended for children to engage in on their own. The “Home Links” (Found when you click on Resources > All English Home Links) provide a summary of main lesson concepts and an accompanying activity for your child to complete.

Upcoming Events

31 March- Virtual Town Hall (11:30AM)

6-10 April Spring Break

March 23, 2020

Dear Explorer Families,

As we begin week two of building closure and working from home, we wanted to check-in with you. We hope you and your family are doing well and staying healthy. We want to encourage you to continue to do your part in not spreading the virus by staying home. We hope that all the social distancing and staying home will get us back to school sooner.

We wanted to touch base with you to make sure you have access to the current optional learning lessons. Currently, APS has asked that we stick to the two weeks of Department of Teaching and Learning lessons that are on our Home Study website. As we are now in the second week of that plan, we will finish this week by using the Department of Teaching and Learning lessons.

This morning Superintendent Cintia Johnson messaged that families should not expect direct instruction via virtual meetings. She reminded us that elementary teachers will not introduce new content when schools are closed. While virtual learning can never replace classroom instruction, teachers are providing instructional activities meant to help students maintain their skills and knowledge and prepare for what’s coming next.

At Discovery, we are working to clearly define age appropriate choices for students to engage as we move into the next phase of school closure.

At this time, we want to remind you that the lessons are optional learning opportunities. Be sure to check out the many fun and interesting learning suggestions, such as the STEM activities. On the Enrichment Opportunity page, there are activities that the whole family can participate in, such as virtual museum tours, and Broadway shows.

Teachers will work to create additional plans for the coming weeks. Please be sure to read Parent News each Friday, as this is the primary way for communication.

Please continue to take advantage of the Department of Teaching and Learning resources and other opportunities from APS:

Listening to your concerns is important to us and so I invite you to join us tomorrow, March 24, for a Virtual Town Hall at 11:30 AM to answer questions regarding learning. Look for an email invite Tuesday morning. Please feel free to submit questions in this Google form ahead of time.  

The Town Hall will be held using Google Meet, a free video conferencing platform we use. We will send the link via APS SchoolTalk upon creating the meeting Tuesday morning. Please stay tuned to the email address(es) you have on file with APS. When you log in, please mute your microphone. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see a small icon that looks like a chat bubble. Click that to open the chat “backchannel,” which we will monitor, so you can ask any and all questions that you have. You do not need to turn on your camera if you do not want to; in fact, leaving your camera toggled off will help others have a smoother experience. If you cannot join us, we will post the recorded Town Hall on the Discovery Website later on Tuesday.

Please stay safe and look for our next Friday Parent News.


Erin and Judy

Friday, March 20, 2020

Dear Discovery Families,

Hello! We miss seeing you and your child(ren). We recognize this has been a very unsettling time for our community and our nation. Thank you for your patience as we navigate and adjust to our new duties and responsibilities. As we end our first full week of building closure, we hope you are also adjusting to your new home reality. Together, as partners, we can support our Explorers.

We would like to provide an update on our work over the past week. Under the Department of Teaching and Learning direction, teachers fulfilled many responsibilities. Teachers:

We hope you are engaging with the resources on our Home Study page. There are many fun engaging opportunities. A personal favorite is Art Camera under the Enrichment Opportunities page. This is an excellent time to consider learner choice. Encourage your child to explore a passion. No assignments are mandatory. We are asking students to read, write, and review already learned material. Anything else would not be equitable. Please do not feel that you need to homeschool your child. This would likely feel frustrating. Remember, teachers spend the first month of school building and practicing routines, and helping students understand their role as a learner. Your child(ren) may resist you as the new primary educator. Feel free to read a story together, build a fort, or go for a bike ride. Finding a balance between encouraging skill practice and acknowledging that schools are closed, is important. All of the learning opportunities are designed for the next two weeks.

Other Discovery personnel have worked diligently to ensure all students have access to technology and basic amenities. I can not thank these folks enough. We’ve received many inquiries from people wanting to know how they can help others. We direct you to supporting the Arlington Food Assistance Center. They are in need of cash donations.

People have also kindly asked about hourly and part-time staff. Arlington is continuing to pay these members during our closure. Thank you for your concern. Lastly, we’ve welcomed a new custodian to our team. Our entire team has been more than flexible as their hours and duties have gone through several different iterations. While our building is closed, it is clean.

Both teachers and parents have asked, “What happens if school does not open April 14th?” We do not have an answer today, but know that our colleagues in APS are working on a plan. Perhaps we move into a distance learning realm? We will provide answers as soon as we can.

Let’s take advantage of the warm weather and do some outdoor learning!


Erin and Judy                        


Here is an article that discusses how to help your child build resilience in the face of problems.

Enrichment Opportunities

We have added some family opportunities for watching Opera, Broadway Shows, and visiting virtual museums on our website. These are great opportunities to do things as a family. There are also some STEM challenges for students that you might also find fun to complete as a family. Please check out our learning from home page as we are adding new items as we receive them.

Social-Emotional Learning

*New Update!*

Please check out the newly-updated Student Wellness and Social-Emotional Learning portions of the Home Study webpage! In the Student Wellness section, you will find community resources, information from the APS Department of Student Services, and resources to help answer questions and address children’s worries when discussing the coronavirus and resulting closures/cancellations.

In the Social-Emotional Learning portion of the website, you will find numerous free, online resources to continue your child(ren)’s SEL practice at home, including online comics about bystander power, mindfulness/yoga videos, read alouds, and activities designed to combat anxiety, stress, and worry. There is also information for parents of students with disabilities, and instruction on how to handle a mental health emergency.

In addition, families can access materials including “home links” from Second Step/counseling lessons using these instructions. Family “activation keys” are available to access curriculum materials for each grade level. Opportunities for social-emotional growth are abundant at both home and school, and we hope your family enjoys some of the above learning opportunities together.

Ebooks, eAudio books and Databases

Access using MackinVIA app or MackinVIA.com

Connect with books, Authors and Illustrators Online

Up-coming Events

14 April - Return to School

16 April - Self-Driven Child Presentation by Bill Stixrud (6:30-8PM, Dining Commons)

22 April- Earth Day- Green Shirt Day

23 April - Family Fitness Night (6:30-8PM)


Friday, March 13, 2020

Dear Discovery Families,

Thank you for your patience as we change, postpone, and cancel activities based on APS guidance. Staff have focused on teaching and learning, as well as the social-emotional well being of our students. In anticipation of this closing, teachers and coaches worked with the Department of Instruction to provide learning opportunities for families. Please reach out to us with any questions.

We are working on editing a virtual World Heritage Celebration video and hope to make it available soon. It saddened us to miss this event and appreciate the displays, dress, and performances. A special thank you to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and parent volunteers.


Erin and Judy

Social-Emotional Support

Current events may cause an anxious response in our children. Arlington Public Schools’ Office of Student Services has provided guidance and resources for talking with your children about the coronavirus and/or school closures. Please access the Student Wellness portion of Discovery’s Home Study web page for information about addressing social-emotional needs and talking to your children about COVID-19. See also the National Association of School Psychologists Parent Resource and information for parents from the CDC.

ASAP Walk For Homeless

Discovery has successfully raised $1,190! Our students walked on Wednesday. It’s not too late to donate. 


Would you still like a signed Lulu Delacre book?

Lulu Delacre - Creativity Challenge  

Yearbooks On Sale Now!

2019-2020 Discovery Yearbooks - On Sale Now!!

To get yours, click the link here...or you can find it on the Discovery homepage or Discovery PTA website. Complete the online order form. Yearbooks are $15. Contact Jennifer Taylor (Jennifer.taylor2@apsva.us) with any questions.

Up-coming Events

19 March - Committee Meetings (4PM, Various rooms)

25 March - Author/Illustrator Visit - Lulu Delacre - more found here (Library)

26 March - Lion King Jr. (7PM, Gym) (Trying to reschedule)

27 March - Lion King Jr. (7PM, Gym)

27 March - Delacre Creativity Challenge Deadline

28 March - Friendship 5K (8AM, Until You Cross The Finishline)

28 March - Lion King Jr. (3PM, Gym)

1 April - Second-grade Folk Dance Night (6:30-7:30PM, Gym)

13 April - Grade Prep Day- No School for Students

16 April - Self-Driven Child Presentation by Bill Stixrud (6:30-8PM, Dining Commons)

22 April- Earth Day- Green Shirt Day

23 April - Family Fitness Night (6:30-8PM)

March 6, 2020

Dear Discovery Families,

Thank you for helping to make our largest fundraiser a huge success. The PTA will be sharing the final outcomes soon, but we can say for sure it was a fun, entertaining evening and proceeds will help make Discovery a better place for all Explorers. This week we have two more activities we would like to highlight. Thursday evening is Discovery’s World Heritage Night. This is an awesome opportunity to share your family's heritage with our community. We welcome food (no nuts please) and displays. It is not too late to sign up. Performers have been hard at practice and we are eager to see their creations. Discovery families represent 32 countries. We want to celebrate customs and traditions through dance, music, food tasting, and traditional dress. We hope Explorers will have fun and experience world travel without leaving the steps of their school. Help us transform the halls of Discovery and celebrate World Heritage Night.

We are also hoping you will join us the next morning for a Principal Chat to discuss phonics, spelling, and literacy instruction at Discovery. This chat is scheduled for Friday, March 13th from 9-10AM in Blue Sky Studio. Sip coffee and ask questions.

Lastly, please know that we take health and handwashing seriously. Just as we have encouraged parents to take precautions by keeping sick children home, we are taking several precautions at school to keep our community healthy. The following was distributed to all teachers from APS:

We need your help to ensure every staff member and student is educated about proper handwashing during the school day, including when and how it should occur, and why it is important. Frequent and thorough handwashing is one of the most effective ways to protect our staff, students and community from the possible spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), flu and other illnesses. We recognize schools already have established routines in place for handwashing throughout the day, and you should continue this practice.  Additionally, under the guidance of the Arlington County Public Health Division, elementary schools are specifically being directed to ensure that students wash their hands regularly, including when they arrive to school and when they leave to go home. Elementary students need more support and guidance to develop the habits of thorough handwashing.


Handwashing guidance, as outlined below, should be incorporated into your operating procedures and communicated to staff and students as soon as possible in your morning announcements, an assembly or other means, and reinforced frequently. Please be prepared to share how you communicated this to staff and students at your upcoming principal meetings, or as requested. The attached infographic illustrates the expectations for proper handwashing. Display it in your schools, restrooms and/or classrooms, as you see fit.


Handwashing Guidance (Expected for elementary but may be helpful to secondary as a reminder)


Everyone should wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds per handwashing. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer only if soap and water are not available. (See five steps attached.)


Handwashing is expected when students arrive to school and when they leave to go home. Staff should reinforce this and model it for students. Per CDC guidance, below are additional times handwashing should occur:




Additionally, below is a link to the COVID-19 guidance that was shared with school counselors, social workers and psychologists, as mentioned in Admin Council:


Next Steps

COVID-19 planning is ongoing. APS continues to work closely with Arlington County Public Health Division to monitor new developments and adjust procedures accordingly. A leadership meeting is being held today to review the APS communicable disease plan and additional measures that may be necessary based on guidance from health officials. We will follow up with additional guidance and provide an update to the community following the meeting.


In the meantime, if you have further questions, please consult with the frequently asked questions (FAQ) webpage, or contact School & Community Relations or the Emergency Manager. Thank you for your support and cooperation.


Cintia Johnson, Interim Superintendent


Erin and Judy

Self-Driven Child

Save the Date! Dr. Bill Stixrud, a clinical neuropsychologist and the author of The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control Over Their Lives, will present to families at Discovery at 6:30PM on Thursday, April 16th. Dr. Stixrud will also be presenting to staff earlier in the evening, and the staff presentation will replace committee meetings for that day. His areas of expertise include anxiety and stress management, self-motivation, and resilience. Flyers were distributed during Parent-Teacher Conferences to advertise for the event. Read more about Bill Stixrud and The Self-Driven Child, including more information about the book. See also this article from Scientific American. If you are interested in purchasing the book, it is available on Amazon and in most bookstores, and will also be available for purchase during the event on April 16th - Discovery is planning to partner with the local bookstore One More Page Books. Child care will also be available during the event.

March is Youth Art Month

Strong arts, strong schools! Please join us in celebrating Youth Art Month through a variety of performances and displays throughout APS. More information can be found here. Our very own production of Lion King Jr. is selling tickets now!! (You can buy tickets before and after school in the main lobby).

 on Sale!

Musical tickets are currently on sale every weekday from 8:30-9:00 and 3:40-4:00. A table will be set up inside the main entrance. Tickets cost $3 (cash or check made out to Discovery Elementary School). We are currently limiting the amount of tickets per show to 10 tickets/show per family. If you have any questions or concerns, please email kathleen.krupa@apsva.us.


On March 11, 2020, students will participate in the A-SPAN Walk to End Homelessness, as we do each year at Discovery Elementary School. The “recommended registration fee” is $20, but any amount is welcome and we are grateful for it! To pledge online, visit www.a-span.org and click the “Donate” button in the top right corner. Be sure to list “Discovery AND Classroom Teacher Name” in the special purpose box near the bottom of the page, to make sure your donation counts toward our tally!

Extended Day

The Extended Day Program has adjusted the registration process to make it easier for families based on input received from the community and best practices in other school divisions. Registration runs April 1-15 for returning families, guaranteeing slots for students currently enrolled. Registration for new families begins April 16. For more details on registration, visit the Extended Day Program webpage.  

Club Photos & Grade 5 Class Photo

On Thursday, March 12th students will smile for the camera. We will take club photos and the Grade 5 class photo on this day. We remind Grade 5 students to wear their promotion T-shirt.

APSGo! Survey Goes Live Next Week

Please complete the 2020 triennial APSGo! Survey. The survey window is March 2-April 3, 2020. Parents will receive an email with the link to take the survey, but you can also access it on the APSGo Survey page. This survey helps APS understand how students, families and staff commute to and from school. APS uses information from these surveys to develop plans and programs that increase safety, reduce traffic congestion, and improve air quality around schools.

Up-coming Events

6 March - Middle School Course Request Forms Due

11 March - Early Release Day

11 March - A-SPAN Walk (12:45-1:15PM)

12 March - Club Photos and Fifth Grade Class Photos

12 March - World Heritage Night (6:30PM-8PM)

13 March - Principal Chat- Phonics & Spelling Instruction at Discovery (9-10AM, Blue Sky Studio)

19 March - Committee Meetings (4PM, Various rooms)

25 March - Author/Illustrator Visit - Lulu Delacre - more found here (Library)

26 March - Lion King Jr. (7PM, Gym)

27 March - Lion King Jr. (7PM, Gym)

27 March - Delacre Creativity Challenge Deadline

28 March - Friendship 5K (8AM, Until You Cross The Finishline)

28 March - Lion King Jr. (3PM, Gym)

1 April - Second-grade Folk Dance Night (6:30-7:30PM, Gym)

13 April - Grade Prep Day- No School for Students

16 April - Self-Driven Child Presentation by Bill Stixrud (6:30-8PM, Dining Commons)

22 April- Earth Day- Green Shirt Day

23 April - 5th Graders Visit Williamsburg Middle School

23 April - Family Fitness Night (6:30-8PM)

February 28, 2020

Dear Discovery Families,

This week we celebrated Kindness Spirit week. Hopefully, it got us in the mood for dressing up in 1920’s garb for the auction. Bidding has already begun! We are sure you have heard that there is no school for students on March 3rd due to Super Tuesday. We look forward to seeing you at Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday and Friday of this next week.

Kind regards,

Erin and Judy

Principal Chat

Please join us for a Principal Chat to discuss phonics, spelling, and literacy instruction at Discovery. This chat is scheduled for Friday, March 13th from 9-10AM in Blue Sky Studio.

Sponsoring Students for Summer Camps

Discovery would like to sponsor students to attend summer camps. If you’d like to sponsor a student, please send your donation to the main office, attention to Dr. Seeber, by Friday, March 6th.

Now due Wed. March 4: Lulu Delacre book order forms

Lulu Delacre - Creativity Challenge  

The Whole Child - Community Events

Mental Health 101: Navigating Mental Health Services For Your Child or Adolescent

Thursday, March 5th; 7- 9 pm; Cost: Free; Light refreshments will be served

Location: The Ross Center, Tyson’s Corner, Auditorium - 1st Floor

    1595 Spring Hill Rd, Vienna, VA 22182

To register, please go to: //www.rosscenter.com/event/mentalhealth101/ or call: 703-687-6610

Please join The Ross Center and Fusion Academy - Tysons for an interactive discussion to help

understand and navigate the continuum of child and adolescent mental health services. An overview of assessment and treatment options will be presented, including:

• Different types of therapy and how to choose a therapist

• Psychiatry, and a when a psychiatric evaluation or medication should be considered

• Psychological and neuropsychological testing and how to determine which test is necessary

Following the presentation there will be an interactive Q and A. Ross Center psychologists, Stephanie Posner, PsyD, Christina Tripodi-Mitchell, PsyD, and psychiatrist Daniel Pine, MD., will facilitate the discussion.

For more information please contact: Laurie Stern at LStern@rosscenter.com or 703-687-6610

Ann-Marie Stripling at AStripling@fusionacademy.com or 352-562-5088

Up-coming Events

29 Feb - PTA Auction (7PM- Midnight, Knights of Columbus)

5-March - Early Release

5 March -Parent Teacher Conferences (2:00-4PM)

6 March - Parent Teacher Conferences (8:30AM-4PM)

6 March - Middle School Course Request Forms Due

11 March - Early Release Day

11 March - A-SPAN Walk (12:45-1:15PM)

12 March - World Heritage Night (6:30PM-8PM)

13 March - Principal Chat-Phonics & Spelling Instruction at Discovery (9-10AM, Blue Sky)

27 March - Delacre Creativity Challenge Deadline

28 March - Friendship 5K (8AM, Until You Cross The Finishline)

1 April - Second-grade Folk Dance Night (6:30-7:30PM, Gym)

13 April - Grade Prep Day- No School for Students

22 April- Earth Day- Green Shirt Day

23 April - Family Fitness Night (6:30-8PM)


 February 21, 2020

Dear Discovery Families,

We continue to receive many students with fevers at 9AM. Please help us stop the spread of illness. If you suspect your child is sick, keep them home. If there is a confirmed fever, please follow APS guidelines.

Thank you to the parents who met with us yesterday. There are many upcoming activities. Join us Sunday for Share the Love at 1PM. Get excited for the Kindness Spirit Week that starts Monday. Look forward to the Discovery Auction and so much more!


Erin and Judy

World Heritage Night!

At Discovery Thursday, March 12th at 6:30 - 8pm.

Fun, Food, Fashion and more...

There will be spaces for families to display their familial culture, provide food for all to taste, a performance stage, and an exciting fashion show this year as well.

We will need your help to pull this off once again!

Last Year’s Festivities

Never Too Small

We thrilled to share the news that Mason Mirabile's film about climate change, Never Too Small, won 2nd place in the Film Production, Intermediate Division (grades 3-5) at the Northern Virginia PTA Reflections contest (the district-level contest)!  

A-SPAN Walk to End Homelessness in Arlington 

Discovery’s annual A-SPAN walk to help end homelessness in Arlington is scheduled for Wednesday, March 11th. We encourage students and families to donate through the following link. Be sure to click on the “$20.00 Discovery” button.

In the past, we’ve raised $2389 in 2017, $1665 in 2018, and $1945 in 2019. Our fundraising goal for 2020 is $2500! The Discovery Walk goal of $2500 will provide the funds necessary to purchase everyday household furnishings and supplies for five A-SPAN clients transitioning from the streets to a home. This will help A-SPAN turn an empty 1-bedroom apartment into a cozy place to call home. $3000 will help with the A-SPAN “Make it a Home Fund” that helps clients transition from homelessness to a home, from streets to stability. Think mattresses, pillows, bedframe, lamps, love seat, kitchen tables, cleaning supplies. Think Shower curtains and cleaning supplies. $3000 will also help their next 5 clients move into an apartment and have the everyday things we all need. These funds also allow clients of A-SPAN to purchase items for apartments so individuals have a place to eat, sleep, and rest.


Discovery In the News

Washington Kids Post

The Lion King Jr.: Ticket Sales

Tickets for the 5th Grade Spring Musical, Disney’s The Lion King Jr., will go on sale on Monday, March 2nd. Tickets will be sold before school from 8:30-9:00 am and after school from 3:30-4:00 pm. We will also sell tickets during afternoon extended day on 3/4, 3/10, and 3/18. Each family is limited to purchasing 10 tickets per performance. Tickets are $3 (cash or check). Buy your tickets early because we are likely to sell out!

Yearbook Online Order

2019-2020 Discovery Yearbooks - On Sale Now!!

To get yours, click the link here...or you can find it on the Discovery homepage or Discovery PTA website. Complete the online order form. Yearbooks are $15. Contact Jennifer Taylor (Jennifer.taylor2@apsva.us) with any questions.


Author & illustrator Lulu Delacre visits Wed March 25  

Book Order forms for Lulu Delacre - Due Tues. March 3

Kindness Month!

We hope you and your children have been enjoying completing the weekend challenges from the Kindness Calendar! Students showcase which challenges they’ve completed (either at home or school) by adding a star sticker to that challenge on the Kindness is Out of this World bulletin boards to celebrate their kind deed :)

Also, save the date for Kindness Spirit Week the last week of February!

Feb 24         It's cool to be kind: Wear a winter hat or scarf.

Feb 25                Try to be a rainbow in someone’s else’s cloud: Wear colorful clothing

Feb 26                Team Kindness: Wear Orange to unite against bullying & stand up for others

Feb 27                Tied together by kindness: Wear tie-dye and/or a necktie

Feb 28                Celebrate each other’s differences: Wear mismatched clothing

Upcoming Events

23- Feb - Share the Love Event (1-3PM)

24 Feb - Eco-Action Meeting (8:50AM, Dining Commons)

24-28 Feb - Kindness Spirit Week!

29 Feb - PTA Auction (7PM- Midnight, Knights of Columbus)

6 March - Middle School Course Request Forms Due

12 March - World Heritage Night (6:30PM-8PM)

28 March - Friendship 5K (8AM, UniYou Cross The Finishline)

1 April - Folk Dance Night (6:30-7:30PM)

20 April - Family Fitness Night (6:30-8PM