Day sponsorships are a great way to share your special day and support WETS.

For a contribution of only $150 to WETS, you can be a day sponsor. When you are a Day Sponsor we will air four messages for you throughout your selected day.

These messages can be used to honor a friend or colleague, celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or announce a student’s graduation or other special date-related event.

Day sponsorships are tax deductible and reach listeners in SW Virginia, NE Tennessee, and eastern NC including Lenoir/Hickory.

Each day sponsorship is limited to one friend or occasion. WETS will air at least four messages that are less than 30 words, and are approved by WETS management.  

Messages will maintain the spirit of the noncommercial nature of public radio, and must adhere to Federal, State, and licensee regulations. Messages cannot be used as a means to further a political, religious, or social cause, to sell goods or services, or to endorse candidates for public office.

WETS has three day sponsorships available each day so a reservation is recommended. Please reserve your day sponsorship two weeks prior to your special day.

Contact Laureatte Loy at 423-439-4407 or to get your day sponsorship scheduled today.

Examples of day sponsorship messages:

  • Today’s day sponsorship is provided in celebration of John Smith’s 45th birthday. Happy birthday John, from the staff at WETS.

  • Today’s day sponsorship is provided by Anita Calhoun to celebrate the graduation of her son, Joseph Calhoun, from East Tennessee State University. Congratulations Joseph, from the staff at WETS.

  • Today’s day sponsorship is provided by Seth and Melissa McDonald to celebrate the birth of their grandchild, Sophia Marie Jamison. Congratulations from the staff at WETS.

  • Today’s sponsorship is provided by David Mulroney to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his marriage to his wife, Ruth. Happy anniversary David and Ruth, from the staff at WETS.

  • Today’s day sponsorship is provided by the family of Donald Smith to remember his life and leadership. The staff at WETS remembers Donald Smith.