b. 1972 New Hampshire

inclusive: digital identity Misprint Thursday

* SL indicates a virtual art component



1990-1994 B.A. Fine art and French, Bennington College, Vermont

1993 Bennington College, Paris France, studies under Daniel Abadie and Janos Ber

Awards and Honors

2012 University of Western Australia Centenary Honorable Mention prize, SL

2011-2010 University of Western Australia 3d Builder Challenges, multiple top awards, SL

2009 Roboexotica, Vienna, Austria 1st annual virtual cocktail robot award, SL

1994-1996 Board of Trustees, Bennington College

1993 PLAN New Hampshire Artist Fellowship

1992 PLAN New Hampshire Artist Fellowship

1990 League Of NH Craftsman Award


2018 Near Enough? Near Enough? – 3rd NFCDAB, Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam. 3rd Near Field Communication Digital Art Biennale

2017 Leap Second Festival, screened at Venice Biennale Research Pavilion in conjunction with Jeanette Doyle CF

2017 Leap Second Festival screened in Brussels in collaboration with Yami-ichi.

2017 Institut Francais, Copenhagen Denmark, Leap Second Festival screened in collaboration with 60sec.org and "Kulturnatt".

2017 Leap Second Festival in collaboration with Browserbased and Rietveld Art Academy, Amsterdam

2015 The Bridge-augmented and virtual reality collaboration, Linden Endowment For the Arts Artist in Residence in conjunction with Membit, NYC

2015 Sounds Images and Data 2015 NYU

2015 Leap Second Festival 26, 2015

2015 Art Map Moving Art Project, Museum of Aveiro, Portugal

2015 Artist in Residence, Linden Endowment for the Arts

2014 The Sex Offensive, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto, CA

2014 Moving Islands, Linden Endowment for the Arts, collaborative exhibit,  SL

2014 Philosopher’s Stone, Linden Endowment for the Arts, in connection with UMass Boston, SL

2014 What Makes Us Human, University of Western Australia, SL

2014 The Freedom Project, University of Western Australia, SL

2013 Bottlerocket, interactive collaborative installation, Burn2, SL

2013 Echo’s Reflection Pool, University of Western Australia centenary, SL

2012 Paper Moon, Zuckerman Museum, Kennesaw University, Georgia, [catalog]

2012 ISEE, Linden Endowment for the Arts, SL

2012 Mausoleum, Linden Endowment for the Arts, Second Life, [catalog]

2011 Future Fluxus, DonauFestival, Krems, Austria, [link] [1] curated by Pink Pink Sorbet featuring performance by: Second Front, Bibbe Hansen, Larry Miller, Patrick Lichty, pixel Reanimator [link] [1] [2]

2011 Art and Poetry, Metaverse Museum, Accadamia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan Italy, SL

2011 Interact!, Is it Real?, Linden Endowment for the Arts, LEA4, SL

2011 Digital Glove, Split Screen, SL

2011 White Shirt, Split Screen, SL

2010 The Nature of Art, H.A. Rey Center Gallery, Waterville Valley, NH [link]

2010 Innovation Festival, Rientrare, Milan Italy,  2lifeCast;  Featuring also: [Jeffrey Schnapp and Stelarc]

2010 Paranormal Frottage, Privy, SL

2010 c h a i r s, IMOPCA Invisible Museum of Post Contemporary Art, SL

2010 Housebugs, Cyland Media Lab in SL and presentation/performance/exhibits Russia, [catalog]

2010 Micromapping Temporal, Pirats Art Network, SL

2010 The Pop Explosion, Pop Art Lab, SL

2010 White Line, Pirats Art Network, SL

2010 Artbreaker, Pop Art Lab, SL

2010 Outsider Art, University of Delaware, SL, [link]

2010 Through the Virtual Looking Glass, Boston Harbor Art Gallery, UMass Boston [curator-Gary Zabel, PhD]

2010 01.10.10 A Wedding, Immerczivich Labonov Luna, New Vladivostok, SL, [link]  featuring performance by Micha Cardenas and Elle Mehrmand

2009 Roboexotica, Vienna, Austria with virtual and real cocktail robots [link]

2009 Vennscapes collaboration, Art Box, Pirats Art Network, SL

2009 How We Play, Neutral Ground Contemporary Art Forum, Regina, Canada, [link]

2009 Brackish Gears, TejanoTech, University of Texas At San Antonio, SL

2009 Snap to Grid, LA Center For Digital Arts

2009 Archival Signal, Odyssey Art and Performance, SL [catalog]

2009 The Roof Is Gone, Burning Life Big Art Plots, Burning Life, SL

2009 “@”, College Art Association Conference, Southern California Institute of Architecture, (SCIarc), Los Angeles, CA

2009 Cyberflavor Mashup, CounterPart Gallery, Lowell, MA  

2009 Cellular Sunshine, Peter Jones Gallery, Chicago, IL

2009 Gossamer Logic Interactive Installation, Chilbo Museum, SL

2009 The Final Five, collaboration with Selavy Oh, Jack The Pelican Presents, NY and SL

2009 Imagine Festival, endorsed by Yoko Ono, Artspace, University of Texas At San Antonio, SL [link]

2008 Pages, X One Gallery, Stillwater OK

2008 Wings Exhibit, WREN Gallery, Bethlehem, NH

2008 Gossamer Logic, Man-A-Hatta Gallery, SL

2008 Cirque!, Galerie de la Vie, SL

2008 Life is Bowl of, Sound Installation, Caerleon, SL

2008 Stop Making Sense, Angle Dorei, SL

2007 Now/Then/When, Northern Forest Heritage Park, Berlin, NH [curator]

2005 Recent Drawings and Paintings, Drake Farm, Rye, NH

2005 Gallery Artist, Millbrook Gallery, Concord, NH

2001 Twenty Something, Appleton Art Center, WI

2000 Spring Symphony, Ironstone Vineyard, CA

1998 Exhibiting Artist, San Diego Art Institute Museum of the Living Artist (3 juried shows 1998)

1995 Recent Drawings and Paintings, Mocha Joe's, VT

1994 Senior Exhibit, Usdan Gallery Bennington College, VT

1993 Recent Drawings and paintings, President's Gallery, Bennington College VT

1992 Solo Exhibit Recent Drawings and paintings, President's Gallery, Bennington College VT


2010 Visualizing Theorem, University of Texas at San Antonio, SL [catalog with foreword by Lori Landay, PhD]

Selected Exhibit Publications

How We Play [featured Chad Vangaalen]

Paper Moon [including artists Mark Hogancamp, Eleanor Antin, Alan Parker Smith]

Artist Mention in academic article for Dartmough College by Lori Landay, PhD  Halen, R. (2009) "Prim Perfect Images of Burning Life 2009

Tijerina, L (1995) Brattleboro Reformer June 22, "Two Painters who transcend fashion"

Rez Magazine, May 2015

Events and Presentations

2014 California State University at Long Beach artist in residence talk, Mixed Reality Cabaret, SL [link]

2014 One Billion Rising, artist exhibitor, SL

2010 Learning in Virtual Worlds Seminar, Sibelius Hall, Finland, POP Art Lab Panelist, SL

2010 Artist Interview, Treet TV, Pop Vox http://www.popartlab.com/art-breaker-news/

2010 Soup Radio Artist Interview http://soupradio.blogspot.com/2011/03/march-2011-show-notes.html

2009 PLAN NH 20th Anniversary, artist fellowship guest speaker

2009 SLCC Brooklyn is Watching LIVE, organizer and presenter, SL

2009 College of Santa Fe graduate studies, lecture and studio tour, SL

2009 University of Texas San Antonio graduate studies, lecture and studio tour, SL

2009 Boston Is Watching, Boston Public Library, Boston Cyberarts Festival [program]

2009-2010 Brooklyn Is Watching, ongoing guest panelist and co-collaborator [NYT]

2005 Gallery Artist, Millbrook Gallery, Concord, NH

2005 Chocolate Blues, Very Special Arts New Hampshire

2004 Chocolate Blues, Very Special Arts New Hampshire

2003 Chocolate Blues, Very Special Arts New Hampshire


Virtual Art Initiative, Gary Zabel, PhD, University of Massachusetts Boston as referenced in Oxford Handbook of Virtuality: Through the Looking Glass: Philosophical Reflections on the Art of Virtual Worlds

Gary Zabel [link] [book]

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