BCMS PTO Minutes

April 2017

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November 2016

October 2016

September 2016

April 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:49 am.

Attendees: Kim Seelinger, Melissa Chapman, Heather Blackwell, Kay Wolf, Billie Watson, Michelle Rundell, Todd Jachimiak.

The March 2017 minutes were approved.

Teacher Liaison Report:

Ms. Williamson still needs photos from over 100, 8th grade students for the 8th grade celebration slide show.

BCMS teachers are very appreciative of the teaching supplies and equipment the PTO purchased from their wish lists.

Rising 6th graders will be visiting the school on April 27, 2017.

Teacher Appreciation week is the 1st week of May.

The Buy-One-Get-One Book Fair will set-up May 3rd, open for sales on May 4th and will last 5 days.

May 4th is the Rising 6th Grade Open House. Participants will be invited to the Book Fair.

Officer’s Reports

1. President: Melissa represents the PTO at the PAC meetings and reported that there has been a compromised email at the school. Officers are investigating. The PAC and PTO will combine efforts to provide a lunch for the teachers on May 2nd. A sign-up Genius will be sent to PTO members.

A letter with details for the 8th grade celebration will go out on April 24th. This

Celebration will be on June 7th at Croatan High School. Each student will have 3 tickets to the event. If you need more tickets, your student should ask around to see who isn’t going.

Athletic Awards will be held May 18th

National Junior Honor Society will now be the Beta Club. Their first inductions will be during the Fall of 2017.

Ms. Judy (receptionist at BCMS) will be organizing food for the EOG proctors.

2. Vice-President: Of the $2000 set aside for the teachers’ wish list, $1390.11 has been spent. $300 is set aside for 3D filament and Chromebook licensing. Almost $310 remains, suggest using that to purchase books at the Book Fair. Currently we have no nominees for next years board. Summer Sullivan agreed to continue as the Volunteer Coordinator and Jeannie Gray agreed to continue as the Box Tops Coordinator. We now are a 501 3c (federally recognized non-profit organization).

3. Secretary: no report.

4. Treasurer: The Monthly Treasurers Report was distributed to attendees and is available on the school website. Balance: $3,347.52.

Box Tops Coordinator: no report

Scrip Program: Since March 1st we made another $174.81.

Upcoming Events:

April 11th at 6 pm, “Internet Safety for Parents”, discussed food being brought, we purchased

a $25 restaurant Scrip card for the guest speaker. The following vendors are coming: 31, Lulu La

Rose, Pampered Chef, Dog Island Artwork and Bowls and Boxes.

May 20th, Yard Sale: We were unable to obtain a coordinator for this event, so it was cancelled.

June 8th, 8th Grade Picnic: Discussed the superlatives and limiting the number to 5 per team and

making the categories more gender neutral, so girls have an equal chance of winning. Mrs.

Blackwell will put the list on the Google drive and have one subject teacher from each team have

their students fill out the form. Google will then tally the results.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 am.

Our next meeting is May 9, 2017, at 7:45 am.

March 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:55 am.

Attendees: Judy Suit, Kim Seelinger, Michelle Rundell, Heather Blackwell, Melissa Chapman, Kay Wolf,

Billie Watson, Cindy Compeggie

February 2017 minutes were approved.

Teacher Liaison Report: The next Book Fair will be May 4th through May 9th. This is the BYOGO free

Book Fair- a great time to purchase books for reading this summer. Look for a Sign-up Genius for this

event. The Parent-Student Book Club will read, Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli, and meet April 11th in the

Media Center. Mrs. Blackwell requested educational supplies from the PTO.

Officer’s Reports

1. President: At our April meeting we will be nominating PTO officers. None of our current Board

members will be seeking positions next year. Please consider an officer position for yourself or

encourage a friend that may be ideal. Our PTO just formed in the fall of 2015. So much has been

accomplished in this short time. We want to see our work continue and grow.

2. Vice-President:

Kay submitted the application for a 501(c)(3) status to our state so our PTO can be

designated as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization.

Teacher’s Wish List: We want to leave a $1,000 balance in our treasury. We discussed

Donor’s Choose options, ways we may be able to reduce item costs and voted to spend

$2,000 on teacher’s wish list items.

3. Secretary: No report.

4. Treasurer: A detailed monthly report was distributed. As of 2/01/17 we have $4462.13 in our

account. $409 of that is from Officer’s Spouses’ Club- Cherry Point and can only be used for

technology purchases. $807 is set aside from Box Tops, leaving $3396.08.

5. Box Tops Coordinator: No report.

Scrip Program: All but 5 gift cards have sold, bringing in $121 in income since February.

Upcoming Events:

April 11th at 6 pm, “Internet Safety for Parents” and Vendor Night: An expert from Cherry

Point Air Station along with our local Sheriff Department will present the program. We discussed

arranging vendors and possibly food before the program. The vendors will donate 10% of the

sales to the PTO. We voted to spend $600 on Scrip gift cards to sell at the event.

May 4th Rising 6th Graders Open House: The schedule has not been determined.

May 20th, Yard Sale is being planned on a Saturday morning in the lot by the gym. We will sell

tables and collect donations for a PTO table. Advertisement was discussed. We need someone to

help coordinate this event.

June 8th, 8th Grade Picnic: We seeking someone to help coordinate this event. We’d like to keep

the Superlative Awards that were very popular last year.

Old Business:

Hat Day: We made $81, down from last year, but still an excellent way to earn money with

minimal expenditure of resources. Melissa will coordinate with administration about the

possibility of additional Hat Days this year.

New Business:

Upcoming Appreciation Days:

o April: Month of the Military Child

o April 26th Administrative Professionals Day- We voted to give a $10 gift card to each of

our 3 Administrative Assistants.

o April 23rd to 29th Volunteer Week

o May 6th Nurses Day

o May 1st

-5th Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week- Kay and Melissa will talk to

administration so our PTO can contribute to the festivities.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 am.

Our next meeting is April 11th at 7:45 am.

December 2016

December 13, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:55 am.

Attendees: Lori Phillips, Michelle Rundell, Kim Seelinger, Melissa Chapman, Heather Blackwell, Kay Wolf, Billie Watson, Cindy Compeggie

The November 2016 minutes were approved.

Teacher Liaison Report:

Ms. Blackwell thanked everyone that participated in the December Scrip Shopping Night. The teachers were very excited about the event.

Winter Book Fair: 2 Feb to 13 Feb 2017. Volunteers will be needed to set-up on the 1st and pack up around the 13-14th. The exact length will be determined soon. A sign-up Genius request will be sent.

Stem Night: To be announced soon. February 2nd from 5-7 pm. Students will travel through different rooms to perform science, technology, engineering and math activities.

Officer’s Reports

1. President: Thanked everyone that volunteered their time and brought in food to the Robotics tournament and Scrip Night. We had very positive comments about the food that was donated at both events.

Robotics Tournament: This was well staffed. Our profit was over $300, which is less than last year. Last year we were able to sell hot food at our concession stand and we had donations of several items that we sold. We discussed other hurdles that effected profit, although it is unlikely BCMS will host the event another consecutive year.

Penny Wars: Great success, raising $1,100. This was very popular with students. We discussed ways to make it easier next year.

2. Vice-President:

Scrip: 9 people are signed up with Presto Pay, 43 people have signed up online, and we are considering adding an order form on the school website, since most people pay with checks. Additional ways to increase sign-up discussed.

Robotics: We need to thank the following donors: Lowes Foods gave us 10% off sandwiches, Ben & Jerrys gave us 20% of their profit and Quiznos gave us 10% of their profit.

Box Tops: The program is going well; please continue to send in Box Tops.

3. Secretary: The monthly walk is cancelled due to lack of participation.

4. Treasurer: We had $6,394 in out account and $900 in expenses, leaving around $5400 in our account.

Upcoming Events:

Winter Dance Party will be Friday, February 10th from 3-5pm. We discussed adding a

“selfie booth”, options for a DJ (Kay will check if Todd Jachimiak is available since he was

such a great success last year.)

New Business/Input from Members

“Lowes Foods Back 2 Schools”: Kay Wolf provided information about the program. You

can link your Lowes Foods Reward Card to our school and be rewarded based on your

Private Brand purchases. To participate, enroll at: lowesfoods.com/back2schools

Similar programs are available at Food Lion as well.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 am.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, January 10, 2017.

November 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:55 am.

Miss Terri, the manager for the cafeteria honored our PTO with a beautifully decorated fall table and a delicious breakfast of lemon pound cake, brownies, nuts, tea and autumn candies.

Attendees: Judy Suitt, Lori Phillips, Michelle Rundell, Amede ́ Hanson, Danica McLeod, Summer Sullivan, Heather Blackwell, Kay Wolf, Billie Watson, Cindy Compeggie, Jeannie Gray.

The October 18, 2016 minutes were approved.

Teacher Liaison Report: Ms. Blackwell is still selling Little Caesar coupon books to staff members. She designed a spreadsheet and continues to forward teacher wish lists to the PTO.

Officer’s Reports

1. President: Melissa could not attend the meeting. Her report was included in the V.P. report.

2. Vice-President: Thank you to all the people who donated food or volunteered at the Teacher Scrip Luncheon. 15 staff members signed up that day.

    a. Teachers’ Wish List: The school district does not provide Chrome Books to classrooms. Over the years teachers have written grants or obtained donations for Chrome Books. Many newer teachers do not have Chrome Books for their classrooms. The Board wanted to discuss Chrome Books request with administration. Many teachers have requests for Chrome Books on DonorsChoose. Any new Chrome Books will need licensing. We will try to purchase as many licenses as possible.

3. Secretary: Meeting minutes are available on the school website. Our next walk is Thursday, 11/10. The first walk had a small, but enthusiastic turn-out.

4. Treasurer: The Monthly Report was distributed. We had $289.95 in income and $260.12 in expenses, leaving $1990.11 in our account.

Box Top Coordinator: Submissions are going well. We are projected to receive about $799 in December. Last week a popcorn party during lunch was given to Ms. Briley, Ms. Meno and Mr. Godette’s students for bringing in the most Box Tops this past 9 weeks. Teachers win gift cards that have been donated from area businesses.

Scrip Coordinator: We raised $151.00 from just 6 families participating in the Scrip Program last week.

Thank you to the teachers and parents that have signed up with Scrip! We discussed options for selling Scrip gift cards and agreed to consult with administration. We will sell Scrip Gift cards in the pick-up line before the Thanksgiving early release on Wednesday, November 23 and at the Robotics tournament on 11/19/16.

Santa’s Secret Scrip Night on Thursday, December 1st will give parents an opportunity to purchase gift

cards for their holiday shopping. This evening event will be in the Media Center, with the exact time to be determined soon.

PTO Events:

Penny Wars: Monday, 11/14 to Friday 11/18 at lunch time. Student teams will compete to collect the most points from change being deposited in their jar in the cafeteria. Students at pennies in their own jar and silver in their rival team jars. Each penny counts as one point and silver coins subtract that value from the total. The team with the most points wins.

Robotics Tournament: BCMS hosts a Robotics Competition on Saturday, November 19th. Our PTO coordinates meals and snacks for the event. We donate food for the judge’s and sell to the students and parents. This year we will arrange food trucks to prepare meals, with 10% of the sales going to the PTO and we will run a concession stand for snacks and drinks. Amede Hanson has arranged the Food Trucks. Summer Sullivan will be sending out another request for volunteers. We need parents to work at the concession stand and to donate salads and desserts for the judges.

Old Business: We are trying to purchase inexpensive PTO T-shirts for our volunteers to purchase at-cost and wear at our events. Photo ID cards are available from Ms. Williamson in the Media Center.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 am.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, December 13th

October 2016

Dear BCMS PTO Members,

Thank you for volunteering at the Book Fair, Open House and athletic events and for supporting our Family Nights, sending in Box Tops and Labels for Education, purchasing Little Caesar's Coupon Books and for providing input at our meetings.

Summer Sullivan, our Volunteer Coordinator will be recruiting volunteers soon for Penny Wars and the Robotics Tournament in November.

Please check out the Scrip Gift Card Fundraiser link is on BCMS website.

We had a gorgeous morning on the beach for the PTO walk last week. I'm scoping out a cool trail that overlooks the White Oak River for the November walk. If you prefer a particular day or know of a great trail or setting please let me know.

Attached are the October meeting minutes. 


Cindy Compeggie


Broad Creek Middle School PTO

2382 Highway 24, Newport, NC 28570

252-247-3135 Phone | 252-247-5114 Fax

September 2016

Dear BCMS PTO Members,

I am happy to report that in our second year as a PTO, we now have 86 members. Please like our Facebook page to see events. New members will now receive meeting reminders and minutes. We hope to see you at the next meeting on Tuesday, October 11th at 7:45 am. Sign in at the office and you will be directed to the meeting location.

The September meeting minutes are attached. Below are a few of the upcoming events:

September 29th, 4-8p Ben & Jerry's of Emerald Isle, Family Night.

October 3rd, 4-8p Quiznos, Cape Carteret, Family Night.

October 11th 7:45a PTO Meeting, BCMS

October 7-17th Book Fair, Media Center, BCMS

We receive 10% of proceeds from Family Nights when customers sign-in at the register and identify themselves as BCMS. Please look for upcoming flyers and emails regarding volunteer opportunities for many daytime AND evening events. If you can't attend the meetings you can still be involved. An evening meeting can be scheduled this fall if we have enough parents request this. If you are not a "meeting person" you can also send me your input, comments or questions.

Thank you for sending in Box Tops and Labels for Education.

September 2016 Minutes attached here


Cindy Compeggie

BCMS PTO Secretary

Broad Creek Middle School PTO

2382 Highway 24, Newport, NC 28570

252-247-3135 Phone | 252-247-5114 Fax