2013 Lightning Safety Policy for the Key West Pool

At the first sign of lightning or thunder, the pools will be evacuated. ("If you can hear it (thunder), Clear It (suspend activities)." The pool will remain cleared for 30 minutes after the last observed lightning or thunder. Patrons should immediately leave the pool and the surrounding area. Seek shelter inside a fully enclosed metal vehicle with the windows up or their homes.

*AVOID* waiting under tall trees, umbrellas, or near electric power lines.

*AVOID* use of showers or other contact with water.

*AVOID* use of the telephone.

*AVOID* contact with metal objects.

The entire pool area shall be cleared at the first sound of thunder or sign or lightning. The guards will blow their whistle or an air horn after 30 minutes to re-open the pool. Do not stand under trees in the pool area.

This policy was developed by the National Lightning Safety Institute.




In the event a storm approaches or it becomes very windy, please do the following…

The second guard should be able to carry out Items 1. 2. and 3. this prior to the arrival of a storm.

  1. Turn any music/radio off and listen for thunder and look for lightning.  Warn patrons or non-working personnel that a storm is approaching and they should be ready to leave the pool area.
  2. Then take down the umbrellas, close hot tub, and secure any other items that would be affected by heavy wind and rain.
  3. Call Mr. Chapman at 409-4021 or another person with access to weather radar or forecast for advice.
  4. Clear the deck of all non-working people after thunder is heard or lightning is observed.  Write down time of last thunder or lightning near end of storm.
  5. All non-working personnel should seek shelter in their cars if information is received that the storm is severe. Lifeguards and/or other working personnel should try to make it to their cars if possible.
  6. If there is heavy thunder or lightning or wind or rain and you cannot make it to your car, lifeguards and/or other working personnel proceed directly to inner portion of snack bar - Do not try to move anything else.  Stay away from pool.
  7. Reopen pool 30 minutes after last recorded thunder or lightning. Three air horn blasts or whistles will signal that it is safe to return to the pool area.