Night Markets

Night Markets today 5pm till 8pm. Tell your Family and Friends to come and support.

Te Manu Ka Rewa

Meet in the hall at lunchtime today! All of you. Don’t be late.

Marae Committee

Today at interval is Victoria and Cinda. Monday morning for breakfast club is Shakira.

Friday Afternoons

Starting today, the school will be completely locked down from 3:15pm on a Friday afternoon.

The front and back gates will be locked, so you need to be OUT by 3:14pm!

Back gate

The back gate is locked at 3:15pm every day.

Do NOT jump it! If you are in school after 3:15 from Monday to Thursday, you need to use the front gate before it closes!

Back driveway gate

The gate by the skate park is not for you to use.

Do not use it!

It’s for trucks and heavy machinery - and is dangerous… that’s why it is out of bounds!

High School enrolments

The ministry of education will only be happy once ALL the MI Year 8s are enrolled.

If you haven’t enrolled yet - you need to do it ASAP!


Please return your permission slips to Mrs. Oh.

If you have lost yours, she has a few spares.

Eco Council

Eco council meeting straight after MiTV in room 69

Samoan group boys

All samoan group boys. You need to have a black pocketed lavalava (like the one Mr Peilua wears) for cultural night. Come see Mr Peilua if you have questions.

Curriculum Council

Meet in the Hub (Room 5) at 9.

Classroom Environment Shield

Easeeeey peaseeey….well done to a class that has rocked the awesomeness all year...Well done Rm 32!!!

Whanau Comp points

Attendance: 3rd kowhai, 2nd equal Tawa and Kauri and 1st Rimu

Late: 4th Rimu, 3rd kowhai, 2nd Kauri and 1st Tawa

Uniform: 4th Rimu, 3rd kowhai, 2nd Kauri and 1st Tawa

728 Dance crew

Meeting right now in Room 69. Head over there straight after MiTV.


We will conclude today with a look at Santa’s grandson singing a classic Christmas Carol. Enjoy. Bye