Westwood Village Rotary Club Programs

January 11

Religious Panel

A priest, minister and rabbi, were discussing……….John O’Keefe and Mike Newman will put together the forum.

January 18

Harry Chandler

Harry Chandler, son of Otis Chandler the former publisher of the Los Angeles Times, will discuss the history of the Chandler family and its relationship with the newspaper. In addition he will comment on the growth of LA during the Chandler years.

January 25

Dr. Karen Miotto

The Opioid Crisis: Dr. Karen Miotto of UCLA will bring us up-to-date on this controversial and important subject. President Trump has made this a national issue of critical issue of addiction to our citizens. Causes? Solutions? Come and hear what she has to say!

February 1

Investment Advisor’s Day

Steve Scherer has put together a team of our financial expert members in the WVRC. Prior year forecasts have a perfect record of consistently being half right and half wrong. Let’s see where they believe the stock market and interest rates will end up 11 months from now.

February 8

Stephanie Tran

Stephanie will discuss ”How are generations defined”; that is, contrasting the Silent Generation (born 1925-1945), Baby Boomers (1945-1960),Generation X (1961-1980), Generation Y Millennials (1981-1997} and Generation Z (1997-?). Her talk will generate interesting discussion about the differences and challenges of the generations working together in the marketplace. Where do you fit?

February 15

John Zellar

John is a political science professor at UCLA. He will be analyzing “Trump and the Party System.” Will the truth come out?

February 22

Martin Wachs

There is no more controversial subject in California than the “Bullet Train.” This day we have one of the most knowledgeable transportation experts on this and many transportation subjects, Martin Wachs. Martin is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley, where he directed the multi-campus CA Transportation Center. Dr. Wachs was appointed to the Peer Review Group of the California High Speed Rail program. He will be giving us the real lowdown on Gov. Jerry Brown’s pet project, the Bullet Train as well as other transportation issues facing our congested California roadways and byways.

March 1

Jorja Leap

Jorja Leap is an anthropologist and Adjunct Professor at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, Department of Social Welfare. She is recognized expert in gangs, violence and crisis intervention. MS-13 gangs have become a national issue, but are especially prevalent here in Los Angeles, and known for their extreme violence. Professor Leap will provide an inside view of MS-13 gang activity and organization structure. Although a prolific writer, her scholarship isn’t in the library or on a computer, rather her focus is on the street where LA gangs hold sway.

March 8

Gregory Pierce

In September 2012, California became the first and only state in the US to officially recognize the human right to water. Subsequent legislation, signed by Gov. Brown in Oct. 2015, directed the State Water Board to submit recommendations by Feb. 2018 for a statewide “Low Income Water Rate Assistance Program.” Writing in the LA Times, columnist Michael Hiltzik infers the cost of water will be the State’s next crisis. Dr. Gregory Pierce,  a senior researcher in the Luskin Center for Innovation, is leading the Sustainable Water and Advanced Transportation initiatives. A crisis in affordable water? Come and listen, you will be paying for it!

March 15

It’s Irish Week

As a prelude to St. Patty’s day on the 17th, we will have a speaker from the “old sod.”  History, culture and Irish lore will be the focus of the day.

March 22

Scott Abramson

Scott, a historian of the modern Levant, is doctoral candidate in the UCLA’S Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and a fellow at the Israel Institute. His research will give us an insight into the “Plight of Christians in the modern Middle East.” Scott’s focus, in equal parts, will be historical and contemporary, touching on the deep roots of Christians in the region where their faith emerged, followed by an overview of the Christian role in modernizing the Middle East. Scott will then discuss the sufferings of Christians in the region at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists and the flight of Christians from their homelands. Scott claims he can discuss these issues without offending anyone. We’ll see. Let the fireworks begin!

March 29

Matthew Thornton

Matthew is the Western Director of the Boy Scouts of America. This speaker and subject should be as non-controversial as they come. So, why did the Boy Scouts allow girls into the organization? Why was it necessary to respond the Trump’s comments on the Boy Scouts? Where is the scouting world headed when the younger generation does not seem to b interested? Nothing to talk about here, is there!

April 5

Dr. James Salz

Dr. Salz is one of the most respected eye surgeons in Los Angeles, becoming the first to perform “all Laser LASIK” and serves as the CEO and founder of Trusted LASIK Surgeons and is a clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, USC Roski Eye Institute. More importantly, however, Jim joined the non-profit Flying Doctors of mercy, serving as a volunteer performing eye surgery in Mexico. In addition to telling us about his role on the Mexico Mission Surgery, Jim will, for us older folks, will cover “Common Eye Problems as we Age.”

April 12

Joke Day is here

President Tom promised the “joke day” will return. This is the day. Ed Gauld, with his humor-filled, outgoing personality, will handle the chore. Get ready, you have plenty of time to prepare. A panel will judge!

April 19

The Emerson debate team

The Emerson debate team will be giving us a preview of their presentation into the District competition

April 26

Stephen Dickey

Get ready for Shakespeare, William that is! Stephen Dickey, a UCLA professor and expert on the greatest author and poet of all time, will give us an interesting insight into the works of Shakespeare.

Upcoming Programs (To be scheduled)