Delegate Information

Some information that may enhance your conference experience is listed below.

Please note this information will continue to be updated in the lead up to the Conference,
so check in again before the conference

Coffee                Certificates         Charging Devices         House Keeping & Safety 

Map & Program         Parking        Registration Desk        Wireless

Registration Desk


House keeping & safety

Recharging your devices

What you need to have on your device/s

Please make sure before the conference :-

Coffee Van available from 7.45am

Map of Venue & Program


Certificates of Attendance

Please complete your certificate details on the Certificate and Evaluation Form.  Certificates will be issued electronically on submission.



Fire Procedure

In the case of evacuation, participants will hear an alarm.  

When this occurs, all participants are to assemble in an appropriate manner to the basketball courts near the Lennon Hall.

Participants are requested to go to the Warden (wearing the fluro vests) that are aligned to their region.  
For example:

A roll call will be taken.  All participants are to remain in this area until further notification is provided.

Wardens are requested to bring the completed roll call sheets to Christine Stratford.

Lock Down

Once the lock down signal has been given, all participants are to remain in the room, locating themselves under desks or on the floor away from doors and windows.

The person closest to the door is to immediately lock the door. All windows are to be shut.

All participants are to remain in lock down position until notified by a CES representative identifying themselves by their name and role at CES.