CTDS Minutes 8/8/2016

In attendance: Margaret Granbery, Derek Brown, Sharon Westlake, George Young, Suzanne Ford

Treasurer’s report:

Next Dance: Riverdale will play and Vicki Herndon will call. Heather will host and George will run sound. George will announce need for more sound help. Sharon will print and bring flyers. Whoever hosts should add talent info to dance fact sheet.

Fall Schedule: No dance on Sept. 24 due to scheduling conflict. The September dance needs a caller. We will dance twice in October. Margaret will check with Deb at BUMC via phone about the possibility of English Country dances on Saturday afternoons.

Publicity: Dancers are publicizing contra dances on Meetup within other groups. Suzanne proposed that we have our own Meetup group in order to have an official presence there. Due to the cost, she will first create a free account and report back about the features and the pricing. Suzanne entered the boiler-plate ad with the CTFP, the Pulse, the Chattanoogan, American Towns, and the Visitors Bureau. Sharon suggested that the term “loose-fitting clothes” be changed to “comfortable clothes.” The Board agreed. Margaret is still working out the technical details of the website and newsletter. The Board discussed hiring a web designer to create a more professional and informative website. In the meantime, Margaret will organize a meeting to work on improving the current website.

Board policies: Each dance needs to have a Board member present. Board member will sign up via email for the rest of the year. Margaret will work on the “drop-dead” folder, which can be added to at the website meeting.

Business cards: Derek suggested each making our own business cards to hand out at dances.

Social dance in January: Celebration of 20th season of contra dancing in Chattanooga - Margaret will contact Steve Herndon and Bryant Haynes about honoring past Board Members/helpers. The Board will ask Steve to book a special band/caller. Derek will speak with Deb at BUMC re: an afternoon dance and potluck in addition to the regular evening dance.

Sharon’s presentation to BUMC: Sharon spoke briefly and showed a short video. She handed out flyers and connected with a couple other groups who use the space, including Girls, Inc. and a new dance studio that has moved in next to BUMC.

Misc: George bought a Square reader. Wendy Carson will run for Treasurer in January.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 6 at 6pm at Yellow Deli