When launching this exchange,  I first posted a poem about my son and his mother, how they were alike. My daughter loved the poem and shared it with her friends. Her oldest friend Melei (whom I consider my other daughter from another family), complained and upbraided me in absentia for never having written a poem about my daughter. She denounced me for favoritism.  

Now, Melei can be very animated about some things. But, I took her criticism to heart. Still, writing a poem for my daughter was difficult because there is so much to her.  I false-started a couple of times, jotting down a few notes. Then, on a trip to NYC with her mother, I let it flow.

I’ve posted Molly today. You can read the poem about her brother Conor entitled Actually, posted November 24, 2015. I also wrote about them both in Reading Children, posted on April 16, 2016. You’ll find  two poems posted February 19, 2016, about their mother, my beloved Ivey, also daunting for me to write about:  Eyes, and right below it Waiting for the light while lying in bed.