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Supply Wish List: September, 2016

We love to have visitors, so you are welcome to drop off items from 2:30 pm - 5:30  Monday – Friday!!


For questions or to set up a time to drop off donations, please contact Lupe Ortiz ( or call us at 815-322-2357.  


Household Supplies

Office Supplies

School/ Arts and Crafts/ Recreation Supplies

Paper Towels

3-Hole Punch - Qty: 2

Plastic folders 

Toilet Paper

File cabinet - Qty: 2; 4-drawers, with a lock

Dixie Cups – 5oz or 9oz

Office printer- medium-sized (new or gently used)



Dry Erase Markers

Paper plates

Wite- Out w/ brush applicator

Vacuum Cleaner