The origin of Lacksidacksical, in a conversation about expanding the ‘Big Sib, Little Sib’ program with themed ‘Houses’:

Let's suppose I create House Santa's Little Kinslayers, which is a highly traditional house for people who love Lord of the Rings to death. A newbie (let's call her Lacksidacksical) shows up who says 'I'm a really big fan of Tolkien - my favourite character is Finrod - so I guess I'm in Santa's Little Kinslayers'. Heck, in accordance with your multiple-Houses idea, she can also join (as secondary) House Catastrophe Theory, who love the minutae of PPC History.

So here's me, and I say, 'A Finrod-loving PPC History buff? MINE! I am your Big Sib, bring me your questions!'

Right away Lacksidacksical emails me. 'Hey, Hunesoron' (yeah, people never get the name right) 'Hey Hunesoron, I'm really interested in this IRC thing. Seems like great fun. Can you give me some pointers on how to use it, what sort of people I'm likely to encounter, what the rules are and so on?'

And I say, '... um, no. Sorry. Here's ChatNobot's email, she can answer your questions'. And we are right back where we started.

Lacksidacksical attempts to create an agent:

Lacksidacksical frowned at her screen. "Well, that's a good start," she murmured, "but what if people think Agent Remora is a Sue? I mean, she's friendly, cheerful, chatty... tends to the dramatic, and has that lovely straight black hair... hmm."

Lacksi tapped out a few more lines of description - more as something to do than because they were worth writing - and then beamed as a thought struck her. "Flaws!" she exclaimed. "Remora needs flaws! Now, what's a flaw...?"

She thought back over the PPC stories she'd read, and nodded firmly. "Liking pink," she decided. "And, let's see, she can be vain - that's a good flaw - and, ooh! Bossy!"

And so Lacksi crafted Agent Remora, blissfully unaware that her new agent had a completely contradictory personality...


The genesis of PPC ‘facts’ explained, with a bit of cross-fandom slippage:

The Doctor: With a little bit of jiggery pokery...

Rose Tyler: Is that a technical term, jiggery pokery?

The Doctor: Yeah, I came first in jiggery pokery. What about you?

Rose Tyler: No, I failed hullabaloo.

-'The End of the World', Ninth Doctor TV story

"Hullabaloo?" asked Rose, frowning at the PPC Agent. "No, I failed hullabaloo..."

-'DMS: Slippery Slope', by Lacksidacksical

"Don't be ridiculous," Agent Morrigan snorted. "Rose can't help us - she didn't even pass hullabaloo!"

-'DIC: Round The Bend', by Oaken Thorinshield

Rose Tyler is a companion of the ninth incarnation of the Doctor. ==Education== Rose is unapologetic about her low level of education, declaring at different times that she has not passed her A-levels, and that she failed her course in hullabaloo.

-'Rose Tyler' wiki entry by Lacksidacksical

"You would have failed hullabaloo too!" Rose spluttered at Agent Carpace. "Do you know how much work that course took?"

-'DBS: Topsy-Survy', by Summertide

So is hullabaloo a prerequisite for jiggery pokery on Earth? And do you think it's the same on Gallifrey? ~Oaken Thorinshield

>I think a more interesting question is, how did the rest of the canons do in their hullabaloo exams? I bet Martha passed. ~464646

>>Probably not Donna, though. I love her and all, but she was a bit thick... ~Summertide

-Exchange on the PPC Board

Agent Morrigan scowled at the paper in front of her. "This test is stupid," she muttered, knowing the invigilator was out of earshot. "I don't know how anyone manages to pass hullabaloo with this sort of exam..." Of course, she had to be fair to herself: she was taking it at a far higher level than Rose Tyler had tried.

-'Interlude: Going Loopy', by Oaken Thorinshield

Hullabaloo is an educational discipline in the Doctor Who canon, often seen as a lesser form of jiggery pokery. The exams are noted to be extremely difficult at higher levels, and even at lower levels are known to be something of a challenge...

-'Hullabaloo' wiki entry by Summertide

Wait... what's this 'hullabaloo' thing? I thought that was a joke in the original? ~OlderThanThou

>Well, the wiki says it's an important part of Whoniverse Earth culture... ~Lacksidacksical

A discussion on varying definitions of ‘Mary-Sue’:

Lacksidacksical (posting to the Board): Well, I define a 'Mary-Sue' as any powerful female character, whether they're well-written or not.

[You wait; time passes]

Oaken Thorinshield (posting to a different thread): Mary-Sues? Bah, I hate 'em, one and all. Not a single redeeming feature to their entire species.

Suesette (a random outsider): Wutuf?!

Suesette (posting to a blog): The Protectors of the Plot Continuum is an internet hate-group who despise powerful female characters; in their rampant misogyny, they declare that there is 'not a single redeeming feature' in any portrayal of a woman who is not passive and weak...

The PPC: Wutuf?!

Revising the Constitution.

AnyBoardy: My religion considers attraction to red-haired, left-handed people sinful, and so I cannot personally condone it.

Lacksidacksical: Hey, I'm attracted to a red-haired, left-handed person.

AnyBoardy: Then I personally cannot condone that, but I understand that not everyone feels the same.

StirrySpoon: Please stop hating on Lacksi. That sort of behaviour is not tolerated here.

AnyBoardy: Hating? What? I wasn't hating. I was just saying I personally can't condone that.

StirrySpoon: Look at this! I gave himer a chance to recant and heshe didn't! I demand that AnyBoardy leave forthwith!

Revising the Constitution again.

I also think we need some sort of protection for people falsely or mistakenly accused. The following situation (heavily anonymised and modified) has occurred:

Oaken Thorinshield: I think this movie sucks.

Lacksidacksical: Oaken, you are so right!

Oaken Thorinshield: Don't use that word, you scumbag. Apologise now.

Lacksidacksical: What word? I don't understand. I'm sorry if I upset you, all right?

Oaken Thorinshield: Apologise for saying That Word, or leave the Board, swine!

Lacksidacksical: I have no idea what's going on, but I'm still sorry something's offended you. Are we all right now?

Summertide: Due to your callous disregard for Oaken's feelings in continuing to use the word 'right' when everyone knows she hates that word because of what happened to her r*ght hand, Oaken has now left the PPC. You should be shot for this.

Now, we can't ask Oaken not to be upset - she was very attached to that hand - and asking her to calm down and stop insulting Lacksi probably wouldn't go very well... but equally, having her and Summertide demanding Lacksi apologise for something she's not even sure she did or be banned would be a perversion of everything the Constitution stands for.

You can create your own analogous situations which are less ridiculous (if 464646 says something in all innocence which OlderThanThou takes as an insult, should 464646 apologise for insulting OTT, when she never did so?), but the situation needs considering, at least.

Neshomeh explains why flaming is bad even if you don’t specifically say you’re doing it on the PPC’s behalf:

~*SuGaRhIgH*~ (a badficcer): OMG ur so meen! Your mamma was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! *flame flame flame*

Oaken Thorinshield (a PPC Boarder): Oh yeah? Well, I fart in your general direction, you empty-headed animal food-trough water! *flame flame flame*

Suesette (a random outsider): *GASP!* That person just flamed someone! I just found out they're with the PPC, so all PPCers must be terrible flamers who like to make thirteen-year-olds cry! I'm going to blog about it right now! The world must know!

PPC: Well, crap, there goes the last FIVE YEARS OR SO of WORKING REALLY HARD TO IMPROVE OUR IMAGE. Thanks for nothing, Oaken.

The intricacies of Wiki editing are explored.

Lacksidacksical: Wow, I got to co-write a mission with Oaken! *starstruck* I'll just add it to the wiki... oh, hey, Oaken wrote that Morrigan has exactly the same colour eyes as my Remora! I'll add that too!

Wiki article on Agent Morrigan: Morrigan's eyes are exactly the same colour as Agent Remora's.[3]

Summertide: Lacksidacksical! You villainous fiend! How dare you edit Oaken's agent's article! You are now banned from the Wiki!

Lacksidacksical: Wha- buh- I- wha'?

(... we should never have made Summertide an admin. She gets way too angry about things)

Poor, hapless Lacksi is just adding information written by Oaken herself, specifically sourced - but is she allowed to do so? What about if 464646 reads their mission and tries to add that snippet? Will Summertide ban her too? Will OlderThanThou have to revoke Summertide's admin privileges? Find out next week on- no, sorry, scratch that last.

Phobos explains the etiquette of name-use at Gatherings.

OlderThanThou might call Oaken Thorinshield "Janet" because they know each other pretty well. In other instances, it could be a case of "Hi. I'm Oaken Thorinshield, but you can call me Janet."