A-Z of Starter words when planning Bloom’s Taxonomy activities

Find or remember information, factual answers

Make sense out of information

Use information in a similar way

Take information apart, unpack, break into parts

Critique information, make inferences

combining information with new situations to create new products ideas

cite, define, describe, find, identify, label, list, locate, memorise, name, quote, recall and recognition, recollect, record, relate, relive, repeat, select, state, write,

conclude, contrast/compare, describe, discuss, estimate, explain, extend, express, generalise, identify, infer, interpret, locate, outline, paraphrase, predict, recognize, relate, reorder, report, review, show, summarise, tell, translate,  understand,

apply, calculate, choose, complete, construct, demonstrate, dramatise, draw, experiment, illustrate, interpret, implement, , modify, operate, practice, produce, schedule, sketch, shop, solve, translate, use,

analyse, appraise, calculate, categorise, compare/contrast, criticize, debate, diagram, differentiate, distinguish, divide, estimate, examine, experiment, explain, inspect, investigate, organise, question, relate, resolve, separate, solve, study, test,

appraise, assess, calculate, check, choose, classify, compare, criticise, critique, decide, defend, eliminate, discuss, estimate, evaluate, gauge, figure out, judge, measure, rank and substantiate, rank, rate, revise, select, score, survey, test, use , valuate, value, verify, weigh

arrange, assemble, author, build, collect, compose, concoct, construct, create, design, devise, fashion, forecast, formulate, imagine, invent, invest, manage, organize, perform, plan, prepare, produce, propose, setup, start