Happy Earth Day Tushu!

In a land far, far, away, there was a boy named Tushu. He also went by Tissue, T.J., Tisue, and Tutu.

When Earth Day was coming along Kush was recycling like recycle man. Tushu didn’t really care about Earth Day. In fact, he used more water and littered more than ever. Then, on the night before Earth Day Kush came and into Tushu’s dreams. First he went in as the Earth Day past ghost and took Tushu to the past and showed Tushu what he did to hurt the Earth, but Tushu wasn’t convinced. Then Kush came as the Earth Day present, Kush showed Tushu what will happen on Earth Day morning. Tushu still wasn’t convinced by Kush. When Kush came as the Earth Day future, Kush showed Tushu his future and he showed Tushu how there are no houses, T.V., or video games because he always littered. Then Tushu vowed always to clean, and so he did.

The End

(For Now)

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