Mr. Trotter’s Educational Path

Elementary School:

I began my education at a  neighborhood school just like Parkway. I walked to and from grade school everyday. I remember my first teacher. Her name was Ms. Susan and she taught kindergarten. She let us take naps and eat snacks.  I remember some of the class sizes being very large  in grades 1-4.  The teacher had to teach at least 40 or more students so I had to really pay attention because my teacher couldn’t give me a great deal of attention. In 5th grade I moved to a different  school in Wauwatosa. It was hard getting used to all the new students and teachers but the class sizes were much smaller.  The school was much harder so I had to work really hard at catching up.  I remember the  great physical education teacher who loved to play dodge ball. As a new student it was hard fitting in so it’s important to make new students in your class feel welcome. The best part of grade school in Wauwatosa was being asked to be captain of our  5th baseball team.

Middle/Intermediate School:

After grade school I was enrolled in the middle school in Wauwatosa. This school had a pool just like Glen Hills but the water was very very cold. I remember that is also had a great big gym just like Glen Hills. The middle school was very different than grade school. I had at least 6 different classes and only a few minutes to get to class. I also had my own locker. It was here at the middle school that I learned how to play soccer. The German teacher invited anyone interested to come and learn from his German buddies who were very skilled at soccer. I also learned how to play the French Horn. Just like Glen Hills this middle school had a band and orchestra teacher. I was so fortunate to have this opportunity to learn an instrument as I was able to take advantage of many opportunities in high school and college. Check out the band and orchestra opportunities at Glen Hills. The classes at the middle school were difficult so I had to make sure that I completed by homework. My mother always made sure I completed by homework and practiced my French Horn. I was grateful  to my mother for instilling academic discipline at an early age so listen to your parents when they want you to focus on your school work.

High School:

Going to high school was an exciting but challenging time in my education. It was very important to stay focused on the many classes I was taking. The classes required hours of study at home after school and on the weekends.  I was heavily involved with playing in the band in high school and had the opportunity to march in the Rose Bowl parade. Flying to California to march in the parade was very exciting. I also played at all the football and basketball games for our high school teams. In my senior year I was grateful to be accepted to Marquette University. I also learned that my draft number was 265 which was a very high number. I was relieved that I was not drafted to serve in the armed services but would have done so for my country.

Post Secondary Path:

Attending Marquette University was by far the most exciting time on my education path yet required an entirely different approach to learning. For the first time in my life the art of reasoning and critical thinking was something I was pushed by my professors to develop. I studied philosophy, theology, english, french, history and science in my freshman and sophomore years before focusing on learning how to become a Speech and Language Pathologist. I also had great fun in the MU band and played at all of the Warrior games during the Al McGuire years.  After graduating from undergrad I entered graduate school at Marquette where I earned my  masters. Soon after I earned my masters I was offered a job by the Glendale River Hills School District. I felt extremely fortunate to be hired by this wonderful school district.

A Message From Mr. Trotter

Dear Boys and Girls,

It is very important to be the best you can in school but it is equally important to dream big at an early age. Ask your mom or dad to help you create those dreams. The end goal is to be a productive citizen who contributes to our community. There are many careers to consider. Consider all of them. Remember our society needs skilled people who study to be  doctors, electricians,  plumbers,welders,teachers,carpenters,nurses, architects, policemen and firemen just to name a few. The opportunities you have before you are endless.  Mr. Trotter