WALT: understand information by looking at graphic features

Link to: ISH book

ISH page 2

Let’s recall.

What was page 1 about?

That the main character Ramon likes to draw

What do you think was the purpose of page 2?

What did it tell you?

That ramon likes to draw any time,place and anywhere

Identify the picture and the colour that was used to emphasise the text or the idea this page is trying to tell you.




  • Identify the pictures and the colour
  • describe/explain how it was used to give more meaning to the text.


Ramon in bed drawing



Ramon drawing a trash can



Ramon is sitting on the toilet drawing somethin


ISH page 3

Something changed from page 3 compared to the last two pages. What changed?

The colour changed to red. Red is also the anger colour


In one sentence describe what colour is used on the page where ramon is drawing?

The colour red is the colour of the picture

What do you think that use of colour tries to make you feel or think about?

That Ramon is angry.

What colour is used on the page where Leon turns up?

Red the colour is red

What do you think that tells you about what Ramon is feeling?

He is feeling angry

Someone else is also introduced in the page. What is that person doing?

His sister is looking at Ramon drawing

The author did not just draw her in there for no reason. What role do you think she might play in the story?

She says i was watching you draw