This competition will be played by teams as an individual handicap competition. Teams will be drawn into two groups, and will play each other once, with the top two in each progressing to the semi-finals.

The aim of this tournament is for it to be a fun competition but to also raise some money for charity. Therefore, we would suggest all players to put £2 on the table at the start of the match with some being used for table money and the remainder to be given to the away captain who can donate the money to a charity of their team’s choice. Donating is not compulsory of course, but it would be nice to match last year’s contributions despite the fewer number of games.

The Charity Cup will be played under the following rules:

·         In the first two group games the first named team will be at Home

·         The away team will have the break in games 1, 3 and 5 with the home team having the break in games 2 and 4

·         Games will not be equal breaks

·         The third group game, the semi-finals and the Final will be played at neutral venues with the order of breaks decided by the toss of a coin

·         The order of play will be decided by a random draw before the start of the match

·         Handicaps to be decided by individual averages as at the end of last season and will remain fixed for the duration of the tournament.

·         These handicaps will be published and distributed to all captains and players before the start of the competition

·         The player with the higher handicap would have to concede the difference as a start to their opponent. For example if Player A has a handicap of 5000 and Player B has a handicap of 2000, then Player B would get a start of 3000. This start is to be placed on the scoreboard before the opening shot of the match

·         In the event of the Player with the handicap start knocking over the black peg their score will go back to 0 and not the handicap they have been given at the start

·         A team will earn 2pts for a win, 1pt for a draw and 0pts for a defeat

·         The following criteria will be applied to determine the rankings within each group:

1.       Highest number of points

2.       Highest number of legs won in all games

3.       Head-to-Head result

4.       Highest number of legs won involving tied teams

5.       Toss of a coin

·         The top two in each group will qualify for the semi-finals, with the winner of Group A playing the runner-up in Group B and the winner of Group B playing the runner-up in Group A

·         The winners of the two semi-finals will meet in the Final

·         If any of the semi-finals or Final ends as a draw the players who contested the drawn leg will replay the leg under the same conditions as the original game




The Horsham League’s CHARITY CUP (after re-dedication as the Runner-up trophy following its donation by the discontinued Crawley League and purchase of an impressive new Winners Trophy) was fought for from 1991/92 to 1995/96 and Crawley Club A made it all the way to the first Final, but were defeated by Horse and Groom, Horsham.

In 1993 it was the turn of Crawley Club B to achieve honours, and here are all the results from the Last 16 stage onwards:

Roffey SSC 3, YMCA 2; Rowfant House 3, George & Dragon B 2; Blue Ship 2, Plough 3; Crawley Club B w/o Partridge B; George & Dragon A 4, Fountain H/X 1; Rising Sun 5, Tanners Arms 0; Limeburners A 3, Windmill C’y A 2; Eight Bells 4, Dog & Bacon 1.

Quarter-finals: George & Dragon A 4, Eight Bells 1; Plough 3, Rising Sun 2; Rowfant House 0, Crawley Club B 5; Limeburners A 1, Roffey SSC 4.

Semi-Finals: George & Dragon A 2, Crawley Club B 3; Roffey SSC w/o Plough.

The two finalists, Crawley Club B and Roffey SSC, had met two years previously in the slightly differing but equally tense circumstance of a relegation playoff, with Roffey then running out the winners by a single frame after having it handed to them on a plate courtesy of a peg…..This time the scoreline was far more convincing and capped a strange season for Crawley Club B in which they were once more relegated from the First Division – whilst appearing in two Cup Finals, winning one and losing one.


Scorecard for Final of 1992/93 Charity Cup, played at the Edwin Hall, Horsham on Saturday 26th June 1993 as part of Horsham League’s Summer Finals Gala:

Crawley Club B 0, Roffey SSC 5

Richard Deadman 1380, Geoff Porter 3140

Alan Downs 2810, Brian Marten 4830

Graham Daniels 3130, David Vizor 5090

Sheelagh Green 3260, Mick Tanner 5370

Darrell Skinner 1680, John Miller 3180

The Competition was revived in 2016 - after a gap of 20 years - and winners were The Bull, with Windmill CC (with links to the now-closed Crawley Club) runners-up.                                                                              - Clive Thompson, Aug 2017