International Journal





Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Audiences: Measuring the Positive or Negative Influence of Popular Twitterers

 Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology

 배영규, 이홍철

Control Variables of Remote Joint Analysis Realization on the M2M Case

 KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems

 임성렬, 최보윤, 이홍철


Optimal cost estimstion for improvement of product design

 International Journal of Industrial Engineering

 이홍철, 이재명

Design and improvement of product using intelligent function model based cost estimating

 Expert Systems with Applications

 이홍철, 이재명, 서지한


Fast hologram generation method for interactive holographic VR-CAD system


 김선희, 이홍철


Efficient Generation of Holographic Video of Three-Dimensional Objects using Spatio-Temporal Redundancy of Three-Dimensional Video Imagery and Novel Look-Up Table Methods

 Journal of Imaging Science and Technology

 김선희, 이홍철

A simulation-based optimal design and analysis method for designing a train overhaul maintenance facility

 Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part F

 엄인섭, 이홍철


Delvelopment of a PPM(Product Portfolio Management) Algorithm for Design and Improvement of Product


 이재명, 이홍철

Wavelet-Based Collaborative Filtering for Adapting Changes in User Behavior


 Hyeonjae Cheon, Hongchul Lee, Insup Um  


An Intelligent Diagnostic System for A Manufacturing Process Using Hybrid Data Mining


 Joon Hur, Hong-Chul Lee, and Jun-Geol Baek  

Opinion Leader Based Filtering


 Hyeonjae Cheon  


Calculation methodology for contributive managerial effect by OEE as a result of TPM activitieas

 Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering  



A Hybrid Neuro-fuzzy Approach to Generation of Measuring Points for Knowledge based Inspection Planning

 International joural of production Research


Integration of process Planning & Scheduling using Simulation Based Genetic Algo

 The international journal of advanced manufacturing technology

 S.-S. Kim  


Reconstruction of Composite Surface by Reverse Engineering Technique

 The international journal of advanced manufacturing technology



A Heuristic For Scheduling on Nonidentical Machine to minimize Tardy jobs

 International Journal of Industrial Engineering


A New Approach for Automated Part Recognition Using Time Series Analysis and Neural Networks

 Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing

 Y.-H. LEE  

An Operation Scheme for the Make-To-Order Job Shop Production System

 Computers and Industrial Engineering

 K. Choi,S. Kim  


Neural Computing based Design of Components for Concurrent Engineering

 Interantional Journal of Production Research


Network Flow Partitioning Procedures for the Analysis of Cellular Manufacturing System

 IIE Transactions



An Industrial Application of Network Models in Cellular Manufacturing Planning

 Design and Analysis of Cellular Manufacturing System


A Network Flow Approach to Solve Clustering Problems in Group Technology

 International Journal of Production Research  


Self-Organizing Neural Network Approach for the Design of Cellular Manufacturing System

 Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing