Flying the Flag

School Journal Pt1 No1 2006

Write 2-3 sentences explaining what you have learnt about these flags:

This flag is called United Tribes of New Zealand flag until 1840.  You might see it flying at Waitangi Day celebration.

Our present-day New Zealand flag is made up of three

Main parts.  There’s the Union Jack, which reminds us that we used to be part of the British Empire.  The four red stars with the white border are meant to look like the southern cross which we can see in the sky at night.

The Tino Rangatiratanga flag is often referred to as the Maori flag, one which can be used to represent all Maori. Hiraina Marsden, Jan Smith and Linda Munn designed this flag in 1990. It uses black, white and red as national colours of New Zealand.

You might see other flags flags flying sometimes, too.  For example, there’s the green and white Koru flag, which Friedensreich Hundertwasser designed in 1983


Do you think we should change our official New Zealand flag?  Why or why not?

No, I don’t think we should change our official New Zealand flag because Jonkey have to agree and I like the flag right now.

Design your own New Zealand flag and explain the reasons for your design.

My own flags have 4 stars as 4 tribes and fern as silver fern and kiwi to represent new zealand.