OSM Foundation Management Team meeting

21st May 2013, 19:00 GMT




Present: Henk, Michael, Paul, Dermot, Matt


Apologies: Andy

Agenda and Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting

April 23rd 2013

Proposed: Mike

Seconded: Dermot


Open Action Items

20130319-02        Matt to draft procedure to how to set up policy in the Management Team document (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o0PvtfljjyHDu6aku6CawwXY3bQEDZJNZ7EXn2tDlPo/pub)

20130319-03        Matt to add terms to MT document dealing with reporting of actual spend to MT & WGs by Treasurer >> Done

20130423-01        Dermot to interview Richard W as a human interest piece to promote CWG’s role and try to encourage people to join.

        Dermot is going to contact Harry to follow up on this item.

Highlights Current Status Working Groups









Action Plans 2013

Action Plans have been sent to Board.

From the Board minutes:

Approve all currently submitted WG action plans & budgets that are under 20k UK pounds; approve up to 20k for budgeting by OWG; anything above that will need to be raised from donations, and we will revisit OWG’s budget after the current fundraiser. We currently consider CWG’s submission (which didn’t have a number) to be £1k, but invite them to come back to us if they need any more - with a proper budget with a number this time.

For the next round of working group action plans, we should provide a short set of guidelines with regard to what should be in them, since they are very diverse at the moment.

Recruitment new MT Chair

What are our next steps in recruiting the MT Chair?

We need to work on general promotion our Working Groups and the Management Team. Also with trying to get people interested in joining a WG.

Action to us all to think of new and old ideas on how to recruit people.


Paul could not find the official OSMF financial numbers of 2012 on osmf.org.

Henk will ping the treasurer

Next meeting

June 18th  2013, 8pm BST

Meeting End

Meeting ended at 19:56 GMT